I’ll go ahead and answer my own question: that’s definitely a disembodied head. Is the rest of the body inside the bag? Is this sort of like the medieval stocks, where you’ve got a head poking out on one side and the rest of the body is attached on the other? There are so many questions. I’m so confused. Someone hold me. I think it’s looking at me.

I’m particularly disappointed in the Versace Sculpture Satchel because I’ve actually liked some of Versace‘s bags recently, which is pretty rare for me. They’ve done a pretty decent job stripping away some of the pretense from their designs and some of the prices have been more reasonable, but…a disembodied head? That’s just creepy, no matter whether the Medusa is a Versace signature or not.

Just because Medusa is something for which Versace is known doesn’t mean that it needs to be slapped on to bags with no context in the design itself. The covered studs are problematic enough (to me, they sort of look like blemishes), but adding what appears to be a decapitated babydoll head right in the middle really puts this bag in a league of its own. And not a good league. I generally like the sleek black leather and the hexagonal studs, but I would scrap the rest of the design and start again. Buy through Nordstrom for $1795.

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  • chandraisgreat

    I think the studs should definitely go but for my money, the head can stay.

  • Nat

    I also liked the head. But the bags made by Versace are pretty ugly indeed.

  • Ashley

    I have to disagree! I love this bag!

  • Andrea saucedo

    Don’t like it

  • Miss.Cherie

    Taylor Momsen can have it.

  • mochababe73

    Call me crazy, but I love it. I have a pair of Versace sunglasses with the Medusa on each arms.

  • Valentina

    It is a weird bag, it’s like a Versace mash-up. I don’t like the shape that much either.

  • Alana

    That is freaky!

  • annabelle

    everything about this bag is distasteful except for the medusa head. (fb)

  • Teri Dourmashkin

    I would have it in a minute…I love it!

  • Anne

    i like this bag. i always loved the medusa head, and i like the pattern on the leather. it’s taking me a while to get used to the contrasting smooth leather with the studs, but i like still. if no one wants it, i’ll wait until it goes on sale and snag it. :P (fb)

  • Janet

    It’s no worse than the ugly LV’s all over Louis Vuitton bags. It’s actually more subtle.

    • gpc

      Thank you Janet, your point is SO well made! As for this bag, I love the Medusa head and I have to say that the studded texture on the bag is quite creative. There is a hobo version of this bag that I like better. There was another new Versace hobo featured on BagPoor.com that is fab. I haven’t liked a Versace bag until these two came along. Also, isn’t the Medusa used by Versace in some of their designs, almost like the designer’s logo?

  • Lana

    Well I like it. It’s much better than any of those gawd awful Rebecca Minkoff bags.

  • Dorian Gray

    Amanda I like so much this blog but sometimes I think that you are easily “bad” with Versace. Ok, that’s not your style but, honestly, this bas is not so ugly and, believe me, the Medusa head is a trademark from Gianni’s days so this isn’t Donatella’s fault (I’m an italian fashion journalist and I’ve always loved Gianni Versace). I prefer they colorful bags but I kinda like it.

    • I wouldn’t hate it so much if it wasn’t raised. I mean, it has a nose. That you can touch. That creeps me out, no matter how long I think about it.

      I’m well aware that the Medusa head is a trademark, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be used injudiciously (IMO). Even trademarks have their place. The brand has been doing better recently, but they’re just missing something for me.

  • Marilee

    OMG, don’t get me started on Rebecca Minkoff. Those bags cost like $15 to manufacture and they’re made in China or Hong Kong – total crap.

    • James

      Sorry, you don’t know what you are talking about! China does not equal crap. Crap can come from any country, even our own. This comment belongs elsewhere and i hope it is deleted due to it being inappropriate.

  • Alyssa

    I dig it! I wish the hardware was silver instead of gold though.

  • James

    Medusa Heads, CC’s, Lions, Bits, Initials, Alligators, it is all so people know it’s a designer bag or designer inspired and used to impress.

    • James

      For Versace, this is a nice basic black bag!

  • Marilee

    $1795 for a bag that costs $40 (tops) to make. Kinda sick!

    • James

      I agree 1795 is hard to swallow but the leather alone costs way more than $40….are you a knockoff manufacturer by chance? Stop throwing out ridiculous quotes like that!

      • Marilee

        “The leather alone costs way more than $40”? Really? Have you never been to South America, Spain, Italy? One can buy a leather jacket for $100.

    • Marilee

      James, Before we continue this conversation I suggest you get yourself a copy of the Dana Thomas book, Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Lustre, and read it.

      • Calm down y’all. It’s just a handbag, and a silly handbag at that. No one forcing (or even asking) anyone to spend their money on anything that they don’t think is worth the price. No reason to fight with each other!

      • James

        You would not like the look, touch or the smell of a $100 leather coat in any country!

  • Marilee

    James, I’m not saying that because its made in China or Hong Kong it’s crap- I’m saying the bag is crap, no matter where it is made. It is cheaply made. Period.

    • Marilee

      Ditto the majority of these “designer” bags.

  • Sophie

    Think it would make more of an impact if Medusa was larger in scale and less studs.

  • Courtney

    I’m kinda liking it, myself.

  • Mama M

    Actually, I like this bag. The Medusa head is kind of subtle, especially for Versace, and the price is not bad (again, especially for Versace).
    Now if the little head were flesh toned, or hanging on a chain (like those awful fox tails on the LV bags), that would be creepy. But, as it is, I think it’s okay.

  • NK

    thats versaces logo. i have it on one of my shirts

  • 19yearslater

    I guess this is for die-hard Versace fans, because I really don’t get it. I can’t imagine wanting the raised, decapitated head of anyone on my bag. Anyway, as long as they’re going with that odd idea might as well make the hair look like snakes. Detail!

  • Priscila

    It’s not that bad… why purse forum is not a fan of Versace? I have seen much worse bags around that people pay thousands of dollars.

  • zippy14u

    No thank you!

  • MizzJ

    The shape is decent, but the bumpy texture is just ugly and I don’t really like the rubbery sheen of the leather in this photo.

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  • Marilee

    I think James needs to realize that he is not correct about his statement regarding the cost of the leather to produce this bag, nor the fact that “You would not like the look, touch or the smell of a $100 leather coat in any country!” Just for the record, there are companies like Zara and H&M (to name but two) which are producing/selling leather jackets for $99….and there are hundreds of thousands of people who do like the look, touch and smell of the leather. As i suggested earlier, James should read that Dana Thomas book. Thomas has been the fashion writer for Newsweek in Paris for 12 years and writes about style for the New York Times Magazine and other well-known publications. It’s not as if she is some dummy. And after all, an educated consumer….

  • MAX

    fot the first time I saw creepy Versace design under $2000 like I saw those run away bags for almost $4000 so ridiculous I think just plain leather with studs or some creative stitching is enough like Alexander Wang for example and it’s less than $1000 much more beautiful and reasonable. I feel sad for Versace.

  • Moonchild

    That definitely is a creepy bag!
    Is it Halloween yet? :-) Maybe then, the bag would come in handy, but otherwise, it is hideous.
    Versace, what were you thinking with this one? Just…no. :-)

  • Lulu

    I think its very contemporary. I Like it!

  • Tiffany

    I like this bag..but wouldn’t pay the price for it!

  • Sofia Nolan

    good thing they put versace`s symbol in the centre, that way I`ll hate it even more. lol.

  • Roxana

    I actually like it! (sorry! :p)

  • miko

    i love it, come on! lol

  • Jo

    i have a vintage versace with gold embellishment of the head on black leather. it’s weird and i kinda like it. i just think it looks weird on that piece because everything’s black and then you suddenly see a scary head in the middle. if you’re not familiar with that icon, it would definitely freak you out. hahaha

  • Madison C

    I absolutely love this bag because it’s simple yet rock n roll at the same time. I love the edginess of this back and the studs really adds to the tone-on-tone beauty.
    I am seriously thinking of getting the medicine bag version.
    Love, love this bag.

  • B

    I like this bag very much.

  • m.nasser

    i like the bag its black with black pattern and the black head of medusa , i’m going to buy formy wife so seh can carry in the night bcoz night is black with black dress.

  • Victoria

    Love it, love it, love it. I have it in purple. It is spectacular.

  • James

    I love the Medusa logo. If I was a women, this bag would be mine asap.

  • Coledamnit

    Love it…i got it last September in Milan, i think the embossed leather is creative…I only use it twice…The only problem was, the quality of the hardware was not as worth as it supposed to be —i lost a small part connecting to the strap..Went to the store and they had it fix for me. Then again i like the style

  • karen

    Are you crazy? the bag is breathtaking, it’s the medusa logo and the touch of grace and elegance the brand leaves as legacy. The bag is GORGEOUS

  • Rithanya

    that bag is damn awesome! you’re crazy

  • Vee Gonzalez

    I love this freak in bag! I want to buy it ! Anyone know where else to get this bag?

  • Vee Gonzalez

    I love it that it has the medusa head logo on the front! I was actually looking for the 2010 hobo black sculptured medusa head bag in black with silver