Mulberry Shimmy Tote in Purple
After Mulberry rep Jackie contacted us a few days ago and asked us to take a look at their bags on their own website instead of other retailer’s, not only did I update my opinion of the Mulberry Creased Patent Mitzy Hobo, but I spent some time looking around their website at the huge number of bags that they have in their line. I had simply never realized before, and I think that it might be a brand that a lot of Americans overlook. Well, I’ve been set straight now, and any of you guys out there that are big fans of simple bags with thick leather might want to peruse their website as well. Don’t believe me? Well, take a look at the Mulberry Shimmy Tote. When I saw it, it left me (as the Brits say) gobsmacked. This thing is gorgeous. And it’s gorgeous in a totally simple, understated way. It doesn’t scream at anyone about how expensive it is, it just looks really well-made and chic. It is exactly my style, and a perfect color for the navy (although Mulberry calls it ‘purple’) trend for spring. The bag is also made of sheep leather…I’m not quite sure what that feels like, do any of you know? I’m familiar with calf, lamb, goat…but I don’t know if I’ve encountered sheep. It LOOKS very soft, though. Mulberry has sold out of it on their site, but ShopBop still has it available for $995 (although their pictures don’t do it justice). Buy through ShopBop for $995.

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  • QueenMAB

    The leather indeed looks gorgeous and the color looks rich & deep, but the hardware is bugging me. Those loops and clips look like they came straight from a tool box. And why pair what appears to be a long nylon strap with such a nice bag?

  • lovelyinpink

    Ever since the bayswaters, I started noticing mulberry’s bag… i used to think their bags are known for the leather not the style… But not til these two years, especially this season, with the colorful creased patent mitzy boho, and this one, i just totally fall in love w/ it… “i heart mulberry”

  • I actually really love the rough-looking, chunky hardware, but that’s just a personal preference. And I’d probably remove the extra strap, since I hate extra straps anyway.

  • Merve

    Im really getting on board with Mulberry too. I think the metal hardware is very original and funky….and if sheep’s leather is anything like sheepskin coats im guessing its gonna be quite yummy and soft.

  • Merve

    Plus hello they are totally on board with the credit crisis…their prices are great.

  • Cate

    I fell in love with Mulberry the first time I saw the Bayswater. i love the extra strap on this one and the color is amazingly rich.

  • We are going to have some Mulberry bags in the Purse Blog office to review next week… looking forward to it!!!

  • holly

    Ohhh the leather look so pretty! The color is awesome and I do like the simple look of it!

  • Mmille

    I just love this bag; it’s sooo pretty! I just wish the shoulder strap had been a bit longer though, so it would be easier to wear the bag across the body too..

  • va_couturegirl

    The leather on this bag looks soft and yummy. I know that’s an odd word, but it looks comfortable and very wearable. It’s nice to see something unstructured for once!

  • mette

    I don´t like Mulberry bags. I know that I have expressed my dislike before and the bag pictured does not make an exception. The leather looks tired and the bag lacks structure. I admit that the bags are affordable, but that is not enough. I´d like to see something very special coming out from the house of Mulberry.

  • tracy

    I’m falling in love with these soft leather bags, I LOVE the lack of structure…it’s just so soft and delicious! Totally casual without looking sloppy!

  • Sofy

    Love it! It’s perfect in every way!

  • mette

    P.S Out of curiosity I went to our local Mulberry shop yesterday to see for myself what they had. As I feared, the bags were, in person, worse than in pictures. I didn´t like the leather used. The bags and accessories were rough and did indeed look cheap. I´m still waiting for Mulberry´s brake out.

  • Cakebaker

    I have to agree with mette. Some of Mulberry’s bags look so stiff and uncomfortable. Others are downright hideous. The Shimmy tote does look better than other Mulberry bags I’ve seen, but it’s still pretty “blah”. Nice colour though! Those big “tool boxey” rings though are terrible.