According to a graphic design professor I had in college, the vast majority of the US population chooses blue as their favorite color, and it’s relatively uncommon to find someone that chooses differently. Before she shared this factoid with us, she went around the room and asked everyone in the twenty-person class what color they liked best. Indeed, 19 people said blue. I was the lone holdout – my favorite color has been red for a long, long time (when I was very little, it was black). And not just any red – more specifically, scarlet. Not quite dark enough to be maroon, but darker and richer than a fire engine. I am endlessly in search of bags (and anything else) that fit this criteria, and in my experience, a good red bag is unfortunately hard to find.

Burberry Leather Satchel

Which is why I was so pleased to see the brand new Burberry Leather Satchel. Because of the nature of red pigmentation, in can be really difficult to get a rich color on leather and red bags often lack the pop that I desire. Not so with this purse, though – the red is deep and lovely (patent or glazed red bags usually have better luck getting this effect) and the bag’s design is simple enough to show off the great color. The hardware details are also great, but not overdone – the chain and the handle attachment are both subtly imprinted with Burberry’s signature check pattern. Buy through Nordstrom for $895.

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  • mette

    I do like the chain on this one. Burburry, unlike Mulberry, has lifted its profile. They have some very nice bags coming out rapidly and the price asked is usually sensible.

  • mette

    Sorry, Burberry ;)

  • Otter

    Nice design and appreciate the price.

  • Ingerid Prebensen

    This is a beautiful bag – the red is gorgeous.

  • renee

    Red has always been my favorite color, too.

  • MizzJ

    Very nice! I love the color. Blue has never been a fav color of mine either; I usually alternate between being a red or a purple.

  • Alexis Thorough

    I am LOVING this.

  • 19yearslater

    Ohhh, red is my favourite too. I’m shocked that this bag is less than $1000. I looove this. And I’m into Burberry now, especially as they chose slightly geeky model Emma Watson. (I’m a Potter devotee)

  • Mandy

    Red is my favorite color too! Love, love this bag and its price.

  • Rashida

    It’s not a pretty purse I don’t get the chain and the hardware on it.

  • LDJ

    Simple, a lil sheek and nice 2 the eye. I gives it a 10.

  • Mimi

    does anyone know the measurements on this bag? I love it but wonder if the price is under 1K because it’s a very small bag?

  • Eva

    LOVE this bag!! This red is gorgeous.
    The dimensions are: 15″W x 9 1/2″H x 6″D, according to Nordstrom


    Gorgeous bag. I love the red and I think it’s a resonable price.

  • Nadia


  • M

    I love this bag, I’m thinking about buying it.. :)

  • Nivia

    I have been looking for this bag since i saw it in Boston’s Burberry store in November and I cannot find it anywhere! Please help it is unavailable at nordstroms now….

  • Kendra

    No words, just wow. (fb)

  • Adrienne zedella

    very classy fb

  • Adrienne Zedella

    NiCE! (fb)

  • beanyce126

    love this bag plus its a deep redish color. (ipad)