Don’t worry, I have no more questions or dilemmas about my Saint Laurent bag. I’m here to tell you that I made my decision, and I decided to go with your helpful advice and exchange my python-embossed Saint Laurent Monogramme Shoulder Bag for the croc-embossed version! I actually decided a few days after writing that post to exchange my bag, but the reason it took so long to give you all an update was because I just received my croc version earlier this week.

When I walked back into the boutique, my sales representative wasn’t surprised to see me. He knew I had mixed feelings about the python-embossed texture, and he truly wanted me to be satisfied with my purchase. He said he would gladly run my exchange, but that my bag was currently sold out and they were expecting another shipment to arrive at the end of the month. (At this point, it was the first week of February, and I cringed when I heard I had to wait a month.) While it wasn’t an ideal situation, I have nothing but good things to say about my sales representative. He kept me informed about the status of my bag on a weekly basis while I waited.

Now that I’ve worn my bag for a few days, I’m happy I listened to my gut and to all of you and exchanged the bag for the texture that I know will wear well. I’m also glad I made this decision when I did, because I checked the Saint Laurent website earlier in the week and the croc-embossed texture is no longer available. I definitely got lucky, and it’s thanks to all of you.

Thank you again for all your input, and be sure to stayed tuned for a look at What Fits in my new bag, coming soon!

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