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I have a few bags on my current wish list that I’ll be sharing with you soon, but there is one bag that I decided I really wanted just this week, and ever since, I can’t get it out of my mind. It’s not a new design or a new take on an existing design; it’s just lovely and I realized I would love adding it to my wardrobe.

The bag I’m lusting after is the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Small Croc-Embossed Tote, and it’s everything I want in a bag right now. The Sac De Jour is a bag Amanda and I have different opinions on; she’s not a fan, but I am. [Ed. Note: I like the little versions! -Amanda] I’ve remained a fan, and when I saw this exact version, I knew I had found the one for me.

I love the small size of this bag, though Saint Laurent has plenty of sizes for the bag, including a Micro version. The one that I love the most is made with black matte leather that has a texturized, embossed crocodile finish.

I suppose it could be the fact that I’m currently in NYC and reminded of how much I love wearing black, or how lately I have a sneaker obsession and seem to only wear sneakers and jeans, but this bag seems to be the one that will complement my current style best. I’m not alone when it comes to loving the Sac de Jour; in fact, tons of celebrities are obsessed with it.

If you are also interested in a Sac de Jour, be sure to check out our ultimate Saint Laurent Sac de Jour bag guide. If this bag ends up in my closet, I will be sure to give you a full review. I won’t be buying it right away, though, because even though this is the small size (12.5″ x 4″ x 10.5″), the bag still comes with the high price tag of $2,990 via Net-A-Porter.

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  • Jess

    I love, love, love the SDJ and I would have bought one long time ago if it wouldn’t be open top. I know there’s a zip compartment, but for me this is not enough. I want a bag that can be completely closed.
    Apart from that, the bag is stunning, especially the matte croc finish. Go for it!

    • QueenPosh .

      This is why i barely use my small Saint Laurent Sac De Jour. The one size compartment is enough for me. I feel paranoid in crowded places as someone can easily slip their hands into my bag and take out or put something in. I normally don’t close my handbags, but if i’m busy or in a crowded place, i need the option of a fully zipped bag. That’s why i love my Celine and Balenciaga City bags.

  • 3 grand for a fake croc bag is a joke

  • Laura Hess

    They had this exact bag on Rue La La about a week ago for I think $2400. They often bring things back so may want to check.

  • Cbl

    I think these bags are super heavy

  • Sandy

    I think it is a beautiful bag. I thought about purchasing a SDJ…but I have not followed through, yet…

  • Leanna

    Omg – why did I come on here and see this!? My bank account is going to hate me very soon. This bag is GORGEOUS!

  • lavinia

    I love the bag. I think is really nice and refined and classic in a modern way. But, but.. I went to try it on…and it came out that is a very heavy bag!!! So if you are ready to have always some (big) weight with you, my compliments :)

  • InKarlwetrust

    I just love the SDJ! I have the large one in black croc, it is the perfect day bag, but yeah, kind of heavy… Go for it when you can, it is a really stunning bag! And I´m not troubled at all by the open top, many bags of mine are open und the SDJ has a really roomy zippered compartment in my opinion.
    An even my husband think´s it´s adorable and classy too.

    • Jlove949

      Do you have this exact croc? I love it but again Beverly Hills Ysl says that it has a greenish tint? Is this a matted black? Love it but want to make sure it is a true Black.

  • Antonia

    You could always buy pre-owned and save a few hundred but I do find this style to be so expensive-I don’t understand where the price comes from? Is it the fact that it resembles a Birkin? Michael Kors has similar style bags for less.

  • We love this YSL in the light gray color!

  • Dawne Strehl

    I do love that. Especially in the croc. It gives it more of an air of stature, for lack of a better word.

  • Lisa

    I have this exact bag and greatly recommend it! I’d been looking (and passing up) on the SDJ for 1 1/2 years until this came along. For me this is the perfect version, and a great everyday bag. And I honestly don’t think it’s as heavy as people say… Almost light in comparison to the Céline Luggage. I say; go for it, you will not regret it :)

  • Laura Hess

    Aaaaand… it is back on Rue La La now for $2,350. Still spendy but not quite as painful.

  • Jlove949

    This is the same style that I have been listing over as well. ???? The more pictures I see of this croc embossed skin, it looks almost greenish. Its a muted black. Have not gotten a chance to see it person :(

  • Kialee89

    I just bought this bag. LOVE IT!!