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Celebrities and Their Saint Laurent Bags

Here's all the stars who've been loving YSL bags recently

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Before social media and having everything at our fingertips at any given moment, there were weekly magazines that featured paparazzi images of celebrities and what they were spotted wearing. I’d always buy 2-3 magazines at the checkout at the grocery store and quickly flip through the pages to see the bags and clothing items stars recently wore.

Now, we have access to all of this at the hands of the celebrities and influencers themselves, and I love to see the moments that are more organic and even posed, just to get a glimpse at bags I already am eying.

I’ve seen more Saint Laurent bags being carried by celebs recently and thought it was time for a roundup. Now, I’d be remiss not to note that Hailey Beiber, who is featured on this list, is featured in YSL’s fall 2023 campaign, so her relationship with the brand runs deep. As does Blackpink Rosé, who in 2020 became the the first Saint Laurent’s global ambassador in 59 years.

From the oversized Icare to the tiny under-the-shoulder Le 5 À 7, there has been a resurgence in Saint Laurent bags as of late and I always think what the brand creates for fall and winter really shines. Many YSL bags are given a suede finish seasonally, and I personally am a huge fan of YSL Suede bags, as are many of my bag-loving friends.

Take a look at the celebs and their YSL bags below!

Hailey Beiber

Hailey Bieber Saint Laurent Le 5 A 7
Hailey Bieber Saint Laurent Patent Le 5 A &
HAILEY BIEBER 06 20 23 4
Hailey Bieber Saint Laurent Le 5 A 7 Patent Leather Hobo Shoulder Bag


Rose Saint Laurent Solferino Medium supple Satchel
Rose Large Saint Laurent Large 5 A 7

Kendall, Sophia, Rosie and More

Sofia Richie Saint Lauren Jamie 4.3
Kendall Jenner Saint Laurent Suzanne Small Shoulder Bag
Soo Joo Park Saint Laurent Icare Maxi Shopping Bag
Laura Herrier Le 5 A 7 Mini NBag
Rosie Huntington Whiteley Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Towel Bag
Rose Saint Laurent Manhattan Mini Crossbody Bag
Gal Gadot Saint Laurent Manhattan Mini Crossbody bag
Charlotte Lawrence Saint Laurent Jamie 4.3
Laura Herrier Saint Laurent Jamie 4.3 Bag
Kitty chicha Saint Laurent Jamie 4.3

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9 months ago

Unpopular opinion because I’ve seen people say this…but I love Saint Laurent because they’re boring :/

It’s about the leather, and yes maybe the logo, but it seems more classic to me. Like the French Girl of bags.

9 months ago

I appreciate you mentioning Hailey’s connection to the brand. You may also want to mention that Rosé is a global ambassador for Saint Laurent (their first in something like 60 years).

9 months ago

Like most of the bags but dislike the huge metal logo.

9 months ago

Love the Jamie bag!!!!

9 months ago

That big Jamie bag is nice. I love Saint Laurent.