A entire feeling of joy and excitement just came over me when I realized that the next round of Sample Sale season will be when Vlad and I live in NYC. That means I won’t have to post about these Sample Sales that I am dying to go to but can’t, rather I can bring you updated posts a-la-Racked style with photos and a play-by-play of the event.

One of the sample sales that is much awaited by PurseBlog and PurseForum members is Rebecca Minkoff‘s. Because of her huge PurseForum fan base, Rebecca continues to open up a VIP night for the members. The lines from what I have heard are long but the loot is good. Here are both sample sale invites: the one for the VIP night (you all) and the one for the public (if you cannot make VIP night). Make sure to pop over to PurseForum then to chat with other Minkettes about the sample sale madness!

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  • Shine

    Those in NY take advantage of this….

  • Jen

    So this is when I start kicking myself for moving from NYC to Chicago 5 years ago . . .

  • annabelle

    i should send this to my friends (fb)

  • cge

    Wow, I had no idea you and Vlad were moving to NYC!!! Lucky you!! Does that mean I can take you purse shopping with me the next time I’m in NY….PLEASE!!!? That way I’ll save myself from making costly mistakes!

    • Surely! :)

      • cge

        Lucky you for moving to NY!! It’s my favorite city in the world (well, Paris might be a teeny bit ahead)! You are going to get into such trouble at Hermes on Madison!!!

  • Karen in NL

    What is the name of that white bag? At first I thought it was the “mini-mini” but now I don’t think so. I saw the picture on her website but there is no name attached. Anyone?

  • Jocelyn

    Aw, I hope the RM sample sale comes to Cali soon! (fb)

  • Mai

    Yes! It just happens that I will be in NYC this weekend!!! wahooooo!

  • Donna C.

    I work nearby and hope to get there on my lunch hour although I’m sure it’s going to be a madhouse

    • practical diva

      Hmm.. wonder what price the MAB’s will be going for…

  • Karin bag4bag

    Sounds wonderful !! Sigh.. Do you think Rebecca Minkoff would ever do an online sale of her bags (for those people that live outside the USA but adore her collection)?

    • Merve

      Im with Karin….no fair….I live in Europe :(

      • Deborah

        Hi Ladies,

        She does an online sale of her bags. She had one last December, maybe she will do it again after this event.


    omg yea what is the name of that white bag?? its so cute!!!

  • CC

    Do I need to RSVP? Definitely will be stopping by tonight!

  • Mika

    wish i can join.. Have fun

  • ali

    Can anyone go to VIP night? Do i need to be placed on a list?

  • Tori

    Jealous of you NY Minkettes (and um, NY’ers in general XD). I shall wait not-so patiently for the San Francisco SS! Have fun ladies (and gents ;D). I shall live vicariously through you all. I read there’s some serious deals this time, you’ve no idea how jealous I am right now.
    Please Rebecca, do an SF SS before the June 13!! I will <3 you forever! XD

  • Jane

    I am so jealous of Mia that she will actually be able to go. I am only a few hours away, but that is a lifetime away this week. Why do I have to work all week :( I want to go so badly.

  • Nola

    again with the Rebecca Minkoff advertising

  • Lily

    I went yesterday and the bags were amazing. If you can make it I highly recommend going. I love my new bag http://www.stefanibags.com/rebecca-minkoff-stud-rocker. Originally $330 and only available for PreOrder online. I got it at the sample sale for $192 with tax.

  • laura

    I went yesterday too and there are great deals to be had! I got the mini mini MAB bag in auburn. Though, I’m wondering if its possible to exchange it for something more colorful. I know Returns are not allowed, but does anyone know if exchanges are allowed?

  • Karen

    I LOVE RM BAGGSS!!! how do I rsvp???