For our last business trip to New York City, we knew it was time to step up our game. For the purpose of showcasing wonderful new bag candy, images did the job, but video was definitely better. Without further ado, we’re proud to present our first official Purse Blog Video coverage. In full 720p high definition and then some!

Our first victim of this cunning stunt was successful designer and friend Rebecca Minkoff. She took her time to present her upcoming goodies for Spring 2010. In our next video, we will have a whole interview with Rebecca, along with a further preview of her creations.

Please let us know your comments and suggestions below and look forward to more reel-licious coverage from Purse Blog in the coming weeks.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Gaby

    I am in love with that leather jacket but everything else looks great also. I can’t wait for spring time!

  • Jane

    I will take one of each new bag. I am in love with that tie-dye bag. I need to start putting my pennies away now, so I can buy my new bags, well okay bag. I have to remember sometimes I am just a poor artist. I loved the bracelet in that green celedon color, I will would love to have one of those as well. She looked adorable by the way. How fun to have her life.

  • kiki

    that orange stud bag reminds me of Miu Miu f09 ;) cute thou!

  • Kara

    Meet Rebecca today and she is a doll!! Love the Roadie what color is it it looks purple but is it the royal?

  • Jackie

    I love the purses, they look perfect for the Spring! As much as I love the purses
    I love the jewlery even more they look fresh, young and very in style how do i purchase some?

  • chirpy_gal

    Love the bags especially the rider yellow one…. its awesome … :) …..

  • ingrid

    the studded darling looks an awful lot like the miu miu studded bag from this past season. otherwise i love love LOVE the easy rider day clutch.

  • Pamela

    Wow….I am seriously going crazy over her bags already and I was never a huge RM fan. That purple dye clutch is amazing, and I love the studded hobo..I definitely need to start saving up or I’m in big trouble!

  • carlotta

    she is rocking! one of the best brands this moment

  • ZJL

    First of all, congratulations to you on your FIRST VIDEO! I am really impressed to see how far you (I guess Vlads?) have come since your first snapshots of Megs and her bags. You are truely a professional. THe editing was great of this video with the music and all. The lighting was fabulous and flattering, and the presentation great. If I could offer a bit of constructive criticism, after a close-up shot of a bag or piece of clothing, a quick full shot of the item would be appreciated. You kind of did that, but with the clothing and bags, we the viewers didn’t often get to see the whole piece–kind of like we would want to look at it on ourselves if we looked in a mirror. I little more of the zoomed out shots would be appreciated!!! Keep up the fabulous work.

  • Keri

    I do love the look of her new bags; I loved the look of a lot of her past bags. But I have this to say. Her bags don’t hold up well as “daily use” bags (and I am not a tough daily user). I’ve been a fan of hers and own six of her bags, 2 of them Minis and one mini-mini. On my yellow Mini a screw holding the handle loosened and fell off, leaving the handle hanging. I wrote an email to the company to ask if they would just replace the screw (it was brass and tiny so hard to find at stores). They never even answered my email. Nordstrom offered to replace the entire bag but didn’t have another yellow. I finally had it fixed at a shop with a silver screw. I’ll at least say that this design flaw (tiny handle screws) doesn’t exist on my pink mini. I got a stunning little orange mini mini; one of the cutest bags I’d ever seen. Within about three weeks of use one of the brass feet went missing. This time I didn’t even bother to write them an email. The bags look terrific, but I just don’t feel I can trust the company to stand behind its product.

  • Sam

    I’m sorry but Miu Miu much??

    And she also stole the metal coil strap and side detailing from Alex Wang’s ‘Brenda’ bag on the first bag talked about.

    • sara

      Who cares. You talk as if only Miu Miu and AW could use those things. Every designer – low and high – steal other designer’s ideas and give their own twist to it. If you have a problem with that then that’s too bad. Don’t talk smack with RM about those little minor details. Grow up.

  • HandbagReport

    Your first video was FANTASTIC – the music, lighting, everything was perfect!! Thank you for giving us a preview of Rebecca Minkoff’s spring collection! I look forward to the next one!

  • alana

    OMG :]
    I am so excited for SPRING now!
    Her new line is amazing, i want one of each please!

  • Adrienne zedella

    beautiful hobos! fb