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  • jloe

    Their BLATANT RIP-OFF of others’ designs continues.

    • JJp

      Seriously, I see traces of Prada, Victoria Beckam, Fendi, Celine, and countless other premium brands.

      • Heidi

        Agreed. The Givenchy Antigona and Celine Luggage.

      • Lilay

        I was checking off these names in my head as I went down and wondering who they HAVEN’T ripped off yet

    • JJp

      oh forgot about about Givenchy, and Mulberry

    • Yo Momma


  • Marth


  • Arnav

    Picture number 5 is practically an Antigona sans the Givenchy label

  • EGlez ?

    So her spring collection is a rip-off of all the premium designers she could copy?
    I see Fendi, Celine, Victoria Beckham, that awful almost exact copy of an Antigona, Mulberry, Hermes, Chanel … not a pretty sight.

  • Jills

    damn! i want at least 3!!! argh!!

  • Courtney McAlexander

    I am really surprised by the Mulberry knockoff bag myself. I don’t think the Givenchy is even a new style for her, but I agree about that one as well. I was a total fangirl for RM back in 2009-2010, but the brand has changed SO much….

  • cc

    I see an exact copy of Mulberry’s Willow bag.

  • krisanti

    Not original design but nice. I want at least 5 of them, yellow with black white print, yellow + turqoise block colour really fresh for spring.

  • GlobalGirlyGirl

    I only like the baby blue satchel with the white stripe down the middle. I’m not feeling the others at all.

  • laura

    I was expecting more from Rebecca Minkoff. I agree with the other comments, total ripoffs. They don’t even look like inspired-by bags, they are almost identical to the premium bags, specially the Givenchy Antigona.

  • Steph

    2 pieces caught my attention but for the most part I’m very underwhelmed by this collection. I was a huge RM fan many years ago until she started knocking off other designers. Smh…….

  • Elaine Weiss Whitman


  • Jenny

    I wish she would go back to just making her classics in a few different amazing leathers each season, sure try a couple new styles, but stick with what you know.

    • Courtney McAlexander

      What classics? Her “classics” were knockoffs, too. The Morning After satchels were knockoffs of the Balenciaga Metro, and the Matinee is a knockoff of the Balenciaga Whistle. See the difference? The only original bags she had was the Nikki, MAC, and the Rocker and maybe a few other designs. She was never original ever since she started becoming a handbag designer. She is literally the female Michael Kors. Always knocking off left and right.

  • Soupir

    Hahahahaha, I thought I would drop a rare comment, to say that the only thing new about these bags was the Minkoff label, but noticed I am not the first one to have a deja vu- experience with these designs. I can only second you – like RM, moahahaha !

    • pe.riche.

      “I can only second you – like RM, moahahaha !”

      I literally laughed out loud to this! Thanks for giving me a morning chuckle!

  • BagMan

    News Flash, Most mid-level brands copy or take inspiration from other brands including Celine, Prada, Givenchy. They are not the originator of Shapes and most of the details they use, they also take ideas from more Quite luxury brands that most of you don’t know of. do you research before casting stones

  • Gerard Quintero

    antigona kelly and celine lookalikes

  • Yang

    I’m not big on the “premium designers” like Hermes and Givenchy but even I can spot the similarities! She should stick to SLGs…

  • Snakeygoddess

    Seriously beautiful items! What people don’t seem to be understanding, though, is just how trend works in the fashion world. Everyone does the same thing. They all take a particular concept or a trend and change it by putting their own stamp on it. This is how fashion evolves.

  • msgiven

    Being unaware of Minkoff because I generally carry Coach or Dooney, I adore these.

  • Robin

    I’m a serious fan of the Perry Satchel which is very similar to the Givenchy Antigona. But way more affordable! I will say this, the Celine Luggage and Phantom lines…with their bat-wings that are now being used in so many lines are very reminiscent of Birkins carried loose and open. I remember a discussion on the Purse forum’s Hermes section about bat wings. People either loved them or hated them. Now they are everywhere.

  • Ryn

    I like the new collection she has for Spring very Festive. Your crazy if you think Givenchy and other lines don’t copy off other higher end labels!! Everyone does, its the interpretation that matters. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. I have a Antigona, and I would still get the RM Perry Satchel!!

    • ROBIN


  • guest

    I’m sorry, but a lot of you sound SO snobby. So what if most of these bags are a rip, not everybody finds it rational to spend $5,000 on a flap or boy bag. The love cross body and quilted affair shoulder are lovely comparisons. RM now has given us budget conscious folks a look-a-like Antigona! As mentioned before, there are only are so many handbag silhouettes out there, what matters is the interpretation.