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  • missarewa

    I love the write-up and yes, you are right, screws coming loose should not be an issue for a bag over $1000. You look really nice!

    • Thanks!

      I felt a little iffy about marking down quality for the screws coming loose, but it happened on this bag and hasn’t on any other bag I own – so I had to relay that info

  • HfromT

    I LOVE the birthday story….Vlad, you’ve now put every man out there to shame!! And this feature is quickly becoming one of my pb favorites. Love the photos of you Megs, and the bag ain’t too shabby either!

    • I know, my fav birthday ever!!

      I promised y’all more Purseonals and I’m sticking to it for 2015, glad you like it!

  • sev2108

    Are you standing in the rain with your Chanel?!

    • YES! My face is in shock in that pic because it started raining and I was yelling right before and after that shot! Ha

      • sev2108

        Too funny. I hate carrying my good bags when I think it might rain. That’s when the older ones come out… :-)

  • T Tara Bagnista

    My birthday is 1/15. Where can I find my own Vlad by Thursday? :-)

    • HAHAHA. Yep, his birthday day for my that year was on point

    • I was thinking exactly the same thought as I read this beautiful story.

  • AshleyG

    YAY for this post! Megs, your outfit is sooooo cute!!! And yes, the bag is nice, too. LOL.

  • Sarah

    Love this Megs!! More Purseonals all year!

  • What a great story and an amazing bag! The reissue is currently on my radar, but the price is a little steep (even in euros). It would make the perfect birthday gift indeed. Maybe my boyfriend should read this article for a little ‘inspiration’.

  • What a great story and an amazing bag! The reissue is currently on my radar, but the price is a little steep (even in euros). It would make the perfect birthday gift indeed. Maybe my boyfriend should read this article for a little ‘inspiration’.

  • Christina

    Stunning post, Megs! Horrray for more purseonal posts. The shoes are perfectly elegant as well. Where are they from?

    • Sergio Rossi, fairly comfortable for a pointed toe shoe I might add :)

  • Ana

    LOVE this bag and am hoping to add it to my collection at some point in the (probably very distant) future. I need to know though, where is your skirt from? I love it!

  • shueaddict

    The true star of this post is not the Reissue … it is Vlad!!!

    • Mya Wilkes

      Tell me about it! what a lovely story.

    • I know! I want to give him praise… just not too much LOL ;)

  • Mya Wilkes

    Its a lovely bag indeed but I just love the addition of the Chanel logo on the Classic flap. More importantly, what a beautiful story, extremely thoughtful of Vlad!

    • Yep, the Reissue has a different vibe from the Classic Flap. Vlad is the sweetest!

  • Dee

    Lovely story Megs, enjoy the bag! I had a stud fall of my Valentino bag on two separate occasions. The shop had it repaired for me within a week both times and it has not happened. I still love my bag and chalk it up to bad luck not bad product especially because the repair was so fast and the service was good.

    • Ya, I know things like this will happen – I also know that with all the bags I own, it’s only happened to this one so I had to be up front about that. I adore this bag but it had a slight problem!

  • kemilia

    Great story, and I learned a lot, as usual, that’s why I love your Purseonals! Vlad–you just rock and are such a sweetie to your Megs. On another note–I had a dress in that same color combo (black, white, yellow) when I was a ‘cool’ teenager a century ago, loved that silly milkmaid-style dress and your outfit’s colors took me back down memory lane for a sec. Keep up the Purseonals :)

    • Glad it’s informative, that’s what I’m hoping for so when you are looking for a new bag if I’ve reviewed it – it helps you make a decision!

      Ha, love that you had a combo like that outfit before!!

  • Jon

    Apologies for being so off topic, but can you ask Vlad if he remembers which car service he used? I’d love to treat my partner in the city to a similar event and would greatly appreciate the tip. Thanks!!!

    • Vlad Dusil

      Hi Jon,

      The car service company is no longer in business, but I would definitely go with an Uber in NYC. You can even pick a nicer, premium Uber ride for the special occasion.

      • Jon

        Thanks soo much for the tip & reply!
        I hope it goes as successfully as your event for Megs!

      • Pamela

        vlad youre the best boyfriend. i feel like that engagement ring is going to be on fleek lol

      • Vlad Dusil

        Well, Megs and I are going on 7 years of being married, so there’s that. ;-)

  • Rashmi

    You’ve actually influenced me to buy this bag and I did that a year ago Megs! I’ve carried it only once briefly and I know I should more often now that i’ve seen such great patina on yours!! What a gentleman that Vlad! :)

    • So glad you got the bag! Do you love it? The leather on mine is still so so amazing!

  • Rhonda

    I love this bag, but had a question about the Chanel boy bags. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion about the Chanel Patent Leather New Medium Boy Bags in Red? I was interested in purchasing, but wondered about color transfer, durability, quality and if they hold their value?

    • Color transfer shouldn’t be bad with that color and patent leather. I prefer ‘flat’ leather over patent leather just for stay power. Do you like any of the ‘plain’ leather versions?

  • Stefanie

    I also love my reissue! Luckily I bought mine about 6 years ago when it was only 2500.. lol I still can’t believe how much prices have increased!

    • Man, that price is so much better than the new prices!!

      • Sweet baby

        I think as long as you love it, that’s all that matters. I purchased my 226 back in 2008 for roughly $2700 and I still love it to pieces. Ironically enough, it’s the only Chanel I own but well worth it imo, even now. :)

        I’m just happy the reissue finally made the “purseonals”, and to have the honor bestowed by the legendary Megs herself – woot! Oh happy day!

  • Pamela

    hoping my hubby will gift me one for my anniversary this year! totally hinting a Chanel. i thought boy bag first but this may be more classic.

  • salma

    Hi Meg
    I think ur bag is calf leather not lamb skin
    Thanks for sharing tho

    • You think? I remember it being lambskin but I bought it a couple years ago. I’ll take a peek at this more

  • Chica

    Could you do a comparison on reissue 227 vs. reissue 225 vs. classic? I am still confused between the difference between the three.

    • The Reissue 227 vs 225 are the same bag, different size. The Reissue vs the Classic is a great comparison – I’ll do something in depth on it for you all soon!

  • Love the bag and the NYC sweatshirt where did you obtain it?

  • Abby

    What is your experience of purchasing Chanel in Paris? Is there a huge price difference from Euros to USD? I am going in 2 weeks and I am trying to decide which is the better option to purchase. I am looking at the reissue vs the classic.

  • Frillylily

    The bag is simply elegant! On the hunt for one in lambskin if Chanel is going to issue this leather combination! Enjoy many healthy years with this Icon.

  • Kater Mikesch

    does the bag still look “puffy” after some wear or will it flatten? thank you!

  • Kater Mikesch

    Hi Megs, do you still like and wear this bag?