Everything is fixed! Please let us know if you experience any more problems logging onto the forum.

We have been dealing with an ongoing problem with PurseForum members having troubles logging onto the forum. Apparently the forum is not remembering user names, passwords, and frankly not letting people in. Not sure what we all did to make the forum software mad, but it sure is giving us and many a hard time!

Vlad has been trying to work on this for a long time, seeing ways to help people out. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to fix the issue for everyone every time. But now a member of tPF tried something and it worked, not just for her, but also for quite a few other members. If you too were having a hard time with the forum, try the suggestion below and let us know if it works. We hope it does, and hopefully somehow it will resolve the headache and problems for everyone!

If you are having problems logging on, even trying Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, try the suggestion here: Scroll all the way to the bottom of the main page of the PurseForum. Change the display from tPF Liquid to tPF Mobile. Log in on the mobile version with your user name and password. Then scroll back to the bottom of the page and change back to the tPF Liquid version.

Let us know if this works or if you are still having problems. Also, check in on this thread of the forum to post comments or questions.

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