Current color obsession: Gray! Whether it is a crisp blue hue or a true gray, something about this underrated neutral has been calling to me, so this week I decided to highlight some of my favorites. If you’re just tuning in let me be the first to say hello and welcome! Let us break it down for you; these roundups are made from a selection of photos shared by our own tPF members of their own bags that we found while combing through the forum. Every week we round up some of our favorite posts and share them with you here. If you aren’t already a member, now is the time to join as it truly is one of the best places to connect with purse people just like you. So with all of that being said, let’s see what this week had in store for us!

The tPF Scoop

We’re starting the day off with this blue beauty, that was shared by our member Kikitakesphotos in the “Please post your *BLACK & GREY* Chanel items here!” reference thread.

Up next, we have this classic Bottega Veneta that was shared by our member SpeedyJC in the “Bottega Veneta in Action!” thread. This is the most perfect gray!

I have a serious case of Puzzle fever and I love this version that our member phoebe_chen shared in the “May 2021 Purchases!” thread.

Personally, I love the simpler Dionysus bags, and this gray beauty shared by mariliz11 in the “What lovely Gucci are you using today?” thread is a perfect example of why. What a truly gorgeous bag!

We got two for one in this shot shared by our member olibelli in the “Blue Color Family…Pics Only!” thread, wow what a team.

Last, but not least, we have this Turtledove cutie shared by our member LittlemissPeppa in the “The (Pochette) Metis Club” thread.

Want More?

Craving more? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Are you finding yourself a bit bored of the big premiere designers? Well, we have a thread for you! The “What non-“premier” designer are you currently obsessed with?” thread has great suggestions if you’re looking to mix things up.

And if you’ve ever been curious about the bag buying and selling world we have several great resources, including the “eBay, etc. General Question/Answer Thread“, which is great to read through if you’re considering joining the wild world of resale. That’s all for this week, until next time!

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