Welcome to July’s last PurseForum Roundup. Today we visit ChanelSaint Laurent and Hermès, for starters. We found some interesting conversations on customer service, the fine art of scarf wearing and more. Thanks for stopping by!

First up, in Chanel, this delicous caramel tote found an appreciative home with Jereni, whose reveal is a bit of a family affair! There are lots of photos here, as well as modeling shots that will get you lusting after a new tote.

There is a new WOC in town, and we have the intel for you right here. The WOC (wallet on a chain) is an iconic bag from Chanel, and this new, smaller, square version has a lot of us curious. Thanks to CZN in this informative thread, we have photos, modeling shots and a pretty good idea of what fits inside this little gem of a bag. If you are curious and like to travel light, stop in and see if this is for you.

Alliiccee shared two lovely mini flaps this week, plus quite a story of a third that has been back and forth for repairs. Service is a big deal with luxury brands, and we always appreciate when members share their experiences. Our members chime in with advice and comments, and we hope Alliiccee finds resolution soon! These two, however are perfect so far.

In Saint Laurent, Collector11 recently shared a great find from vacation (that happens a lot!), and our members love the deal almost as much as the new bag.

Manpursefan got a pretty chevron wallet from Saint Laurent, too. This is a first purchase from the brand for manpursefan, and it certainly is a great start. We also stumbled into another customer service thread, this time in Saint Laurent. Chimicki is having issues with a new tote and shared her story here. We are hoping, as always, for a speedy resolution.

How do you feel about scarves? We found a couple of interesting discussions on one of our favorite accessories this week and thought you all might enjoy reading along. First up, in Hermès, the topic is Power Scarves. Some styles, colors and ways of wearing them really make a scarf into a statement, and our members lay it all out for us in this thread. Lvlifer wonders if wearing silk scarves makes a woman look older. Our members have mixed feelings on the matter, but mostly, the answer is no!

You can visit the venerable the Scarf of the Day thread in Hermès for lots of inspiration on how to wear scarves. We feature a detail from Hermès’ whimsical and amusing new Space Shopping silk carré here—thanks to Angelian for sharing! We love that Hermès knows how to have a little fun, too. Special thanks to Croisette7 for showing us how beautiful this scarf looks in action, too.

Oh justeen, we just love your ring! Have you visited the Jewelry Box lately? It is full of treasures, like this gorgeous piece from the Antique & Vintage Jewelry thread. This thread got a bump lately, so if you are a fan of vintage jewelry, you will find lots for appreciate.

Keeping along with the ring-in-flower theme, please enjoy amaretti’s fabulous ring from our Van Cleef & Arpels in Action thread. Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co. and Cartier each have dedicated subforums at the PurseForum, so if you enjoy armchair shopping, we are right where you need us.

A few quick reveals:

These great Bottega Veneta rose gold sneakers from tenKrat!

Pincurls went to a sale recently at Coach and got quite a few new treasures! 

Aalinne72’s new Balenciaga First, a new-to-her bag in terrific condition; what a great find!

Not exactly a new reveal, but we found this great shot of mollylope’s Balenciaga Cabas Tote in the her discussion thread dedicated to this ultra-useful bag.

We missed Cicci783’s new Céline Nano Luggage last month! This eye-catching color combination looks wonderful. You can find lots more Celine in the Post Your Latest Purchases thread.

Thank you for visiting with us today. We hope you will spend more time exploring the PurseForum—we have just skimmed the surface, and there is lots more happening in every subforum!

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