Summer in the city is no joke, and here in Brooklyn we’re experiencing yet another heatwave, so I thought today I’d show you guys some bags that are just as hot as our weather! If you’re new to these roundups, hello and welcome! These roundups are made from a curated selection of photos shared by our very own tPF members of their very own bags. Every week as we read through the many threads, we pick out some of our favorite images and bring them all together in one place just for you. If you aren’t already a member, now is the time to join as it’s a great place to connect with purse people from all over. So with all of that being said, let’s see what this week had going on.

The tPF Scoop

Today were starting off with this cute Fendi 3 jours bag shared by our member Sunshine mama in the “What Handbag/Purse Are You Carrying Today?!” thread. I love the accessorizing you got going on here.

Up next is this super helpful Chanel comparison that was shot by our member jooon that was shared in the “Please post your *RED* Chanel items here!” reference thread. Informative and esthetically pleasing is a win/win in my book!

Someone (me) is feeling some serious bag envy right now. Our member anniek20 shared this evercolor rouge de coeur Kelly in the “Red Color Family…Pics Only!” thread, and it is what dreams are made of.

I’m in love with this classy little lady shared by our member serendipity28 in the “What lovely Gucci are you using today?” thread. What a lovely evening it looks like!

Personally, I’m always here for an Epi moment and this red Noe shared by our member themeanreds in the “The Subtle EPI Club.” thread is really tugging at my heartstrings.

A serious WOW is in order for this Lady Dior that was shared by our member kellyng in the “The Lady Dior (pictures only)” thread! I can’t even imagine how beautiful it is in person.

Want More?

If you’re looking for a fun read I highly recommend the “Who’s Waiting For A New Bag To Be Delivered?” thread! We all know that excited feeling you get while waiting for your next big arrival, and this thread is like a virtual a waiting party!

There is also the “Ramesh Nair’s Designs” thread, which I love because instead of being dedicated to a brand it’s dedicated to a designer and it’s great to see his work across multiple houses. That’s all for this week friends, until next time.

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