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  • Gorgeous bags all around! I like the variety that Louis Vuitton has. Ten people with totally different tastes can walk into an LV store and each get something they love, unlike with Prada where all the bags look the same *yawn*

  • Ruby

    Do you the think the EPI Alma has it’s day or is it still a get? I’m impressed by how clean and decisive it looks in these photos.

    • anon

      The Alma in general is a style that won’t go a away. The Epi leather is also something that is here to stay. Overall it is a get, but it definitely does depend on whether or not you like the look/texture of the Epi for the Alma bag. From what I hear, read, and see (online & in person) the epi leather holds up INCREDIBLY well because it’s such a structured material. The color however, like any other can suffer from color transfer if it is on the lighter side. Unless you’re super careful with it, but that defeats the purpose of getting an Epi leather purse.

      • Aurore de La Gorce

        Yes you’re right Anon. In France we’ve got a lot of Epi leather on the resale market and I’ve seen bags aged 20 or so that looked incredible ! Plus the Alma definitely is a classic !

      • Ruby

        Thanks for your input everyone. I’m going to get one for fall. I’ve decided it’s ageless. ;-)

    • Sara

      Alma is ageless and epi leather is indestructible. Totally worth it.

      • Katy

        I have a black epi Alma from 2001 (the last year they used the gold hardware) that I primarily use for causal occasions. I get comments on it condition (the leather isn’t indestructible, of course but it looks three years old, not 15) and beauty regularly and it goes perfectly with causal outfits though it’s definetly a stately bag. As I’ve gotten older ( I purchased it in college), I’ve enjoyed the style even more. It’s definetly worth the investment!

  • lavinia

    sorry not one of these bags call me to go and buy, they all look so old-fashion…

    • jane

      that’s b/c luxury items are generally made to look timeless and not like a fad. bags that are colorful, vibrant, and all blinged out and modern look fantastic now but won’t in a few years. style needs to be timeless to hold up.

  • Evamlek

    I love the epi Almas and the empreinte speedy ????Alma in vernis is definately my next purchase :) What a gorgeous selection of Louis Vuitton bags. I also like the bag on picture 16 which they called the delighful MM however that’s the Artsy.

  • BabyDietrich

    #16 is definitely not a Delightful, it’s an Artsy.

  • Jacqueline Yee

    Ok you are all very bad influence on me. Now I want all of them they are so darn beautiful and the staging in the car with the beautiful clean leather seats takes it to the next level. Well done!