I talked to you all about purchasing my next bag, a Fendi bag, last week. I’m still going back and forth trying to figure out exactly which bag I want and I’m thinking about it so much I’m starting to think maybe I don’t even want a Fendi bag. I can talk myself into and out of just about any purchase lately, gone are the days of impulse bag buying for me it seems (ok that’s a lie, I bought Karlito so I could just take him around for Karlito pictures!).

I have great handbag discussions and get some the best intel from you all, so I want to hear what’s the last bag you bought and are you happy with your purchase? Also, share a picture of your new bag in the comment below, you can attach an image, so we can all see them!

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  • Yoshi1296

    My last bag I bought was my The Row Sling 15 hobo in black suede. It is SO soft!

  • pinksky777

    Just purchased my periwinkle Givenchy mini Antigona bag last week! Loove her ????????????

    • abigail

      this is so lovely! did you buy it through mytheresa or in-store??

      • pinksky777

        Thank you! Bought it at Holt Renfrew Montreal after searching forever for the same bag but in cherry red… Hope I made the right decision ha ha.. But I am loving the color more and more everyday!

      • Guest

        my neighbor’s ex-wife ;

    • YES! Love your Givenchy!

      • pinksky777

        Thanks Megs! ????

    • Denise

      What a stunner!

    • Millerette

      That is the most dreamy color! Congrats!

  • Kloe F.

    I just purchased a Gucci Jackie Soft shoulder bag and a Bulgari bag (although I forget the exact name of it – the one with a snakehead in the front). So far, I have to say that my Gucci is the best everyday bag I’ve encountered (for my needs of course).

    • I’m telling you, Gucci is killing it with their bags!!!

      • KloeF

        I agree – and that was never a brand on my bag radar either.

  • abigail

    on saturday i bought a white céline knot tote in the pebbly leather at my saks. i’m totally in love with it!! it’s my perfect spring/summer bag ????

  • shanna

    chanel chevron classic.. i call her black beauty. the best bag I could possibly have. i am so in love. if i was a bag, i would look like this <3<3<3

    • LOVE THIS BAG!!!!

    • sasfangirl21

      Mine is arriving in the mail today!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

    • passthetapetest


      • shanna

        here’s my instagram: shanna_bruch

  • Debs

    I bought the Chloe Medium Drew in black – Love it!

  • Givenchy Lover

    I bought the small Chloe Drew in cement pink, and I love it. And I have a medium Tod’s cape in royal blue on the way.

    • I’m thinking about Tod’s lately too, some really good new bags!

      • T Tara Bagnista

        Speaking of Tod’s, this was on the Saks website last week–sold out, though.

  • Maice

    I got these 3 within a few days of each other (I don’t remember which came last anymore, LOL), so sharing all 3 ;)

    1. Prada soft calf

    2. Longchamp Le Pliage Cage Aux Oiseaux

    3. Longchamp x Jeremy Scott “Humpty Dumpty”

    I am extremely happy with all 3! They all appeal to a different side of me. The Prada smells divine, is quite classic and is just gorgeous; the LC Cage Aux Oiseaux is so cute (the heart on the back melts well… my heart!); and the LC x Jeremy Scott “Humpty Dumpty” is so whimsical and fun!

  • bagloverny

    I bought a Bottega Veneta medium Campana in black (Nero). It’s my first Bottega and I am so in love with it! The leather and craftsmanship is amazing!

    • Lina Lee

      Bottega is my number one brand. Wonderful happy for you. I do collect bags from Bottega and I love each one of them. I’m thinking to get the Nappa Olimpia bag or the VN Cross Body Messenger bag or even bot. Hehe. I agree with you about the leather and craftsmanship high quality and even my experience with the sales associates are wonderful.

  • Dylan Propst

    Chanel WOC in grey with silver hardware.

  • RC

    Les Petits Joueurs grace panda clutch!!

  • Lina Lee

    Chanel GST in silver hardware. :) https://www.pinterest.com/pin/504192120759317174/

  • khm

    A mini Fendi Peekaboo – with a bag charm…actually, I bought the bag charm awhile ago…it was just waiting for the bag!

  • FashionableLena

    A pre-loved Gucci Bullet Bag in the monogram print and leather. I just had to have something from the Tom Ford era.

  • SueMid

    The last bag I purchased is quite low keyed and casual but fits my new life style (retired!). Proenza Schouler Courier cross body bag in New Navy. Roomy enough and very comfortable to wear.

  • anon

    Oooh what a fun question! For a high end bag, I bought a Givenchy Mini Pandora in the tricolor with the 2 different greens and black. I’ve always wanted a green bag, so coupled with the fact that it was a bag I had my eye on-it seemed like a great opportunity. It was also on sale! Got it from the fall sales at NM. I never noticed before, but green seems to be a hard color to find in handbags, especially in a shade that you like. It took me awhile to find one that I really liked. For a more casual purchase, I recently bought a longchamp le pliage bag. Sometimes its nice to just get a bag that you need rather than want. Maybe try thinking about a bag that you just might need? Even like a luggage, case, etc. :)

  • Laura

    I wanted a red bag lately, however I don’t like red bags when they are too big. So I was looking for a small red bag, still roomy enough to fit my daily essentials. On Friday, I spoilt myself and got a Gucci Soho Disco bag in red leather. I think it’s perfect.

    • Mya Wilkes

      That’s just gorgeous!

    • Sparkletastic

      I want / need a red bag too! Your bag is gorgeous!!! Hope I find the one waiting for me!

    • jizhang

      love it

  • Ushma

    My wonderful husband just bought me a gorgeous mini peekaboo to celebrate the anniversary of the day we started dating – it’s the most perfect tan!

  • My latest purchase was this dark olive PS11 that I got a good price on from an Italian boutique on Farfetch. It was definitely cheaper than if I purchased a PS11 from a US site or straight from Proenza Schouler. And yes, I love it. :)

    • Mya Wilkes

      Oh my, such a lovely colour!

  • Maya

    A Rick Owens bag for the Summer….

  • PrettyMeka08

    Last week I purchased an LV Pochette NM in damier azur. It’s my first piece in azur.

  • Stefanie

    Fun post!! My last bag purchase was a black Balenziaga City with regular hardware, but of course I know that you already own one! ;) I have the same problem with the Celine Phantom, I have been loving it since the day it came out but I am just so unsure because of its weight and structure (slouchiness over time, I hate that!). Aaaahhhh!!!

    • Stefanie


  • Amanda

    My Mansur Gavriel mini bucket bag. It’s gorgeous.

  • Nini Kaferle

    My last purchases are pretty whimsical: Kate Spade Spring forward wicker snail and Anya Hindmarch Bags have feelings too pont tote :-)

    • Sparkletastic

      Very nice! Everyone should have some happy whimsy in their life! Enjoy!!!!

      • Nini Kaferle

        “What’s life without whimsy?” (Sheldon Cooper :-P)
        Thanks :-)

  • Yazi

    Last purchase was a Modalu Pippa bag in blush. It’s a great bag for work.

  • Smithy

    The Row Sling bag in black leather with rose gold hardware.

  • Smithy

    The Row Sling in black leather with rose gold hardware. I also just bought their classic carryall tote on sale from LaGarconne. I love any and all bags from The Row.

  • HfromT

    The last bag I purchased was the Hermes Halzan in Alezan, a purchase that I can blame on tpb, as you featured it a while ago!! I am sooo in love with this bag, which can be carried four different ways and is so incredibly under the radar. My other bags are getting jealous of the air time this one is getting!

  • Livia1

    Just bought the Gucci Jackie Soft Leather Flap bag and I adore it. Fantastic quality and so easy and comfortable to use.

  • gpc

    Chloe Faye croc-embossed – just gorgeous!

  • MCSarah

    Last night I purchased the (new to me!) Givenchy medium Antigona in this tricolor olive green, the logo portion is made of wood. I’ve been eyeing Antigonas for a while and this seemed so unique, I can’t wait to try her on!

  • last purse purchase was a nude medium Lady Dior in patent. I love that bag!

  • Carn Waxler

    Loro Piana Lune bag in a deep, dark green. (shown here in brown). Found it on sale for 50% off :-) Next on my list: the Chloe Faye bag in the light grey color (already pre-ordered) and a Bottega Veneta Olimpia bag in Nero.

  • laura

    A Balenciaga Papier in black and I love it. I like big bags for everyday use and it was time to give my Neverfull damier a break so I decided to purchase this one instead of a black Neverfull. Love it!

  • Audrina

    I just bought this Céline trapeze last week!!! Love her! Love the crinkle patent leather, very unique !!! :)

  • melvel

    Gucci Disco Bag in black! I am currently on a black bag phase, new planned purchases are Chanel Boy and a Mini Antigona (in a nice color)

  • Linda_Toyat

    Just bought Prada, Long Champ and Cath Kidston. But Prada is my baby…

  • Candace

    I bought a Chanel GST in black with gold hardware. I bought it b4 it’s gone forever. Love the bag!!!

    • Lina Lee

      Hi! Love your bag. I have received mine I think it was April the 2nd. So happy to have. Mine is in Silver hardware. :)

    • Giselle

      Beautiful! I bought a blue one for same reasons and it turned out so practical.

  • Mya Wilkes

    My grey grainy leather Sac Du Jour, courtesy of my hubby.

  • T Tara Bagnista

    Last means just one right? The last bag I purchased two weeks ago was a Bottega Veneta cabat in ebano. I’ve coveted this bag for a decade (recently I was cleaning out some files and saw some pics of the bag I had clipped in 2004). I carried it all last week, except when it rained last Thursday. Last month I also bought a GST in black and silver.

    • Lina Lee

      Hi! Love your bag. Bottega is my top fav brand, my number one. I have a collection from BV and love every each of one of them. I think I will add to my collection, I hope so this summer. :)

    • That is beautiful! The Cabat will always be my ultimate dream bag, I think. Maybe some day…

  • MissKim

    The last bag I purchased was the Rebecca Minkoff Love Crossbody. I love it & I’ve received so many compliments. I needed a small classic black purse.

  • Lori

    Here is my 6 month old LV bag that I have carried every day. It is so amazingly tough and I love the color. Looks as good today as the day I bought it! And it holds everything including my MacBook Air (well sorta). The shoulder strap is super helpful too!

  • Lori

    Well the picture didn’t work..but it ls a great bag! <3

  • Alexa

    Snagged this She + Lo bag from Bloomingdales during F+F. I actually saw the black version on here during your NYFW coverage and knew I had to have it. Found the pink version instead and knew it would be perfect for spring/summer!

  • M.C.

    Recently bought two A.L.C. bags. Love the lack of branding.

  • Harker303

    VBH Trevi in sueded Ocelet – on Ebay! New with tags at a great price.

  • Phiomega

    Bottega Veneta Olimpia in chocolate brown…. Really amazing leather and luxurious feel inside out, I love it for its great classic look… My first BV as an early bday gift…

  • McGee Jennifer

    Tory Burch Marion Chain Shoulder Slouchy Tote…great every day bag. I like to save the Chanel and vintage Gucci for weekends.

  • Amanda

    The last bag would be a ferragamo top handle bag, but the last purchase would be my prada wallet.

  • Kathyjazz

    A teeny Fendi Peekaboo mini in black! I really love it! I’ve worn it cross body out in the evening to a concert and out to lunch as well. It holds the iPhone 5S (can’t upgrade with this bag!) lipstick, cash, cards, keys. Later I’ll attach it to a tote. Ridiculously cute and liberating.

  • Olivia J.

    I wish I had something to contribute. My birthday is this upcoming Monday, and the hubby and I are heading to NYC (there’s no Saks, Bloomingdales or anything around for a 50+ mile radius) the following week in search of the “BIRTHDAY BAG” as I call it… Some of you have gave me many ideas

  • Pam

    I’m waiting for my Fashionphile order to arrive Monday. I bought the Chanel aged calfskin 2.55 reissue 227 flap in dark purple. I’m so excited…I can’t wait!

  • Sue

    I bought a Dolce Miss Sicily cut out bag… I was debating between the black and nudish pink but I went with the pink.

    • Nini Kaferle

      So lucky! Enjoy!

  • irene8866

    Latest addition was the Dior Solf small in red lamb skin. Loving it.

  • Fjärilar i magen

    This Dolce & Gabbana bag <3 more pics at my blog http://italianleather.blogg.se

  • Luluhalabaloo

    My most recent purchase was this Fierce Fendi. My son picked it in red, although I have the black one as well, and I love it, really love it. It’s a great red!

  • Lulu

    I recently bought this Fierce Fendi – my son loves the red and the red is super nice – tons of compliments!