Some trends, like studs or neon leather, are easy to spot from a mile away. They represent an obvious departure from what had been happening a previous season, and they usually only last six months or a year before they’re replaced by something else. Structural trends, on the other hand, are a little trickier, and usually arrive little by little and stay for several years, which makes it harder to spot exactly when they start to shift. Which is to say: have you noticed shoulder straps getting shorter?

For years, crossbody straps have reigned supreme in the bag market, spurred on by both consumers’ desire for functionality and minibag trends with which they paired well. Bags are starting to get bigger once again, though, and with that shift has come a crop of shorter straps more appropriate for single-shoulder carry. While some of these are still fairly long or adjustable, I’ve noticed plenty recently that call back to the tucked-under-your-arm length of bags like the Fendi Baguette and Dior Saddle.

While these straps may work better with current bag trends, I’m still a crossbody girl at heart; the industry let me get used to having my hands free for too long, and carrying something up under my arm seems like kind of a hassle with coat season quickly approaching. But we want to hear from you: are you glad to see crossbody bags start to fall out of favor, or would you rather stick with what you’ve got?

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