Picture this: You step outside wearing a brand-new pair of white Chanel sneakers. What’s that around your waist? Oh, you know, just a skinny black Gucci Marmont belt. You wouldn’t dare leave the house without a bag, so before you rushed out, you threw a Louis Vuitton Neverfull over your shoulder.

No judgement, but I personally don’t think I could pull off a multi-designer look — at least not like this. There’s a fine line between tacky and chic, and finding a balance between stylish and ‘Hey! Look at me!’ is actually quite tough. If I was caught wearing what I described above, it would make me feel like a walking billboard swallowed up by almost every designer known to (wo)man. Not cute.

As rampant logos continue to gain momentum by brands (Side note: Can someone please explain this? I always feel uncomfortable wearing huge logos!), when does someone cross the line from trendy to utterly overdone? Does that mean we must limit our outfits to just one logo-bearing item? Can various designer logos be tastefully styled together? (I.e. Fendi sneakers with a Chanel crossbody?)

What’s fascinating is when a multi-designer look (as in wearing multiple items from a single brand or numerous brands) totally works. Take Fendi’s recent collection, where a handful of the brand’s shoes, bags, belts, and clothes are drenched in the iconic double F brown logo. Many of the models and celebrities spotted wearing multiple items from the line come off, at least to me, as cool, fun, and effortless. (Priyanka Chopra is serious #fashiongoals.) If I was wearing anything of the sort, I would look like Fendi threw up all over me. Bleh.

Besides purses, I’m really into sneakers — specifically ones dreamed up by some of my favorite purse-makers. Fendi’s silver and pink slip-ons and Chanel’s retro-looking coral, light blue, and white ones have been on my wishlist for a while now. Then there’s Gucci’s notorious ace embroidered version and Balenciaga’s Triple S. If I want to rock a pair, does that mean putting down my favorite purse, or at least wearing a more discreet one? Decisions, decisions.

So what’s a girl with a thing for all different types of designer items to do? Would you wear a branded outfit with shoes and a bag to match all at the same time? Or would you space it out for a more low-key look? I’m definitely an under-the-radar gal, which is why I don’t think I’d be able to take myself seriously in a multi-branded look. But hey, that’s just me. If you can pull it off, I’ll support you from the sidelines wearing a plain white tee and an understated Chloe bag.

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