I’ve been thinking about handbag life cycles lately, and it occurred to me that most of you likely do not have the space constraints that those of us who live in New York City have. Even in a particularly spacious apartment, storage is at a premium, and that means I can’t keep all the things I might have kept if I still lived in Georgia and had a walk-in closet.

I don’t consider myself a collector of bags; instead, I’m just someone who likes them. I buy things I think I’ll use regularly or that I want to fill a specific gap in my arsenal, and when I get sick of something or it gets too worn out, I’ll either eBay it, give it to a friend or send it to a charity store like Housing Works.

In my old apartment, I was a little spoiled; I had both a real closet and an overhead storage bulkhead in my bedroom, which is the mid-20s New York City apartment storage jackpot. After years in that place, I moved to Brooklyn over the summer. My bedroom is twice as big as it was in my old place, and the apartment has two gorgeous skylights, but there are downsides to living in a brownstone built in the 1800s. Namely, I don’t have a closet. I have a beautiful, heavily detailed, original-to-the-structure fireplace, but no closet. There is always a “but” in NYC apartments.

All of my bags live in roll-under storage under my bed, and it’s perpetually almost full. That’s as many bags as I allow myself to have; when I can’t snap the lid shut anymore, it’s time to edit. My bags (or anything else I own, really) are not doing me any good sitting under my bed forever, and they might as well be out there in the world with people who will cherish their great find on eBay or at a charity store.

There are a few bags that I won’t get rid of, though. The Marc Jacobs Stam I bought for a steal in college is a keeper no matter what, even though I haven’t used it in years. The same goes for my purple Balenciaga Day Bag, which was the star of my very own What’s In Her Bag. I bought it with money earned at my first job out of college, full price, at the Neiman Marcus in Atlanta. I’ll also be holding on to my Proenza Schouler PS1, which I still use with some regularity. It was a Net-a-Porter sale find, and I was so elated to snag it after three months of pining that I paid the extra $25 for same-day Manhattan delivery. A very courteous man in a wool pea coat brought it to my door in a shopping bag.

Pretty much everything else, though, is in the chopping block in one way or another. What’s the rule in your closet?

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  • mspringtown

    Accumulating regardless of how much room there is can become a bad habit, so I do periodic inventory. If I have not used something in 1-2 years, and it is in excellent condition (like my Coach bags), I put it on eBay at a reasonable price or donate it to a charity.
    You are correct in that it is not doing anyone any good sitting in a dark closet/place when someone can enjoy it.

    • Archana

      I agree on that getting rid of it part.

      Its been hard with bags though. I seem to be able to go back to a bag that i have used 4 years ago. I can only let go if the quality isnt on par or i need a previous bag to fund my next purchase.

  • MM

    I always have the mindset that I will keep all my bags, but it’s simply illogical for me to have things that I can’t bring myself to use anymore. I have a hoarding problem with clothes and beauty products and I know how bad it is to have a house full of stuffs that I don’t even know if I need. For bags it is just more reasoning to get rid of unwanted ones to fund new ones. I only keep classic bags such as Dior or Chanel, but others I might let go. My style changes and so does my taste for bags.

  • Daisy

    I’m glad I have a large bag closet (about twice the size of a regular NYC apartment closet) but I do agree with the thought that a bag I’ve had stashed in said closet for 2 years should be let go. If I’m not willing to carry it out for a multitude of reasons, it’s of more value with someone else who would use it more. Then I usually give it to a friend, sell it or to charity.

  • pixiegirlie

    I used to sell my bags on ebay or bonanza a lot but after so many bad experiences I’m leary of it anymore. Mostly had problems with eBay not bonanza buyers. I rather sell to a consignment shop and not have any stress or time wasted. If it’s not something worth selling I’ll give it to a friend or donate it.

  • MMS

    i keep the classics and the unsual bags for my daughter. But anything else is sold through a consignment store or given away to charity.

  • I’m a true hoarder and I can’t part with any of my designer bags, even the ugly ones I bought with a major discount just because they were cheap. They’re my trophies. I’m glad I live in Holland in an apartment with an extra bedroom as a closet otherwise it would be a big problem!

    • Yenskiboo

      im a victim of the final sales too -_- fml

  • ElainePG

    I just consigned nine bags that I had “outgrown”; since joining Purse Forum, I had learned enough about quality that I was no longer satisfied with them and, therefore, never carried them. My local consignment shop was thrilled to have them, I’ll get a (tiny) bit of money back, and I now have more space in my closet. I’ll have a more serious problem some day if/when I find myself running out of room and I need to part with a Fendi or a Balenciaga!

  • T Tara Bagnista

    I typically give unwanted bags to a family member (e.g., sister, mother or aunt). I tried the consignment route once when I wanted to get rid of a Gucci tote. The proprietor was skeptical of the authenticity and wanted to wait until her “Gucci” expert came in for a shift. I was visiting my family, so I couldn’t just pop in at will. I was amused by her skepticism, though, given that I worked at Gucci when I purchased it. I’ve also tried eBay via my sister’s account; however, it was for Gucci shoes. The purchaser swore they were fake (I had purchased them at an employee sale). Inherently, buyers must be wary about buying designer goods online, so I’ve avoided that route. Fortunately, my closet is big enough to hold what I want to keep. Amanda: since you’ve moved long distance with bags, how do you safeguard the valuable ones with the movers?

    • My experience with moving was atypical; I brought my most expensive bags with me in my carry-on when I flew up, and the rest came in a car that a friend just happened to be driving up from Atlanta to NYC a couple weeks later. I moved when I was 25, so most of the furniture I had wasn’t worth the price to put it on a long-distance truck; I bought new stuff. So, no moving truck for me, but Megs can probably elaborate more–she’s done the movers-with-bags thing!

    • Liz

      When I moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco, my professional movers took almost everything from my apartment… except for my handbags. I refused to let those out of my sight! I ended up driving up with them, and I refused to stop for food on the way because I was paranoid that someone would break into my car while I was away. (To be fair, I’ve had a Fendi bag stolen out of my car once even though I had it hidden in the trunk, so I’m more paranoid than most.)

      • T Tara Bagnista

        Driving would be ideal; however, I want to move from the Midwest to northern California. So, the logistics will be a bit challenging because I am also paranoid.

  • Sandy

    Last year I went through my bags and sold any bag that I felt I would not use or did hold any significant emotional tie. After that I promised myself that I would be extremely discriminating in the bags I do purchase. I only purchase bags I feel are iconic and will be relevant for years to come. That eliminates impulse purchases and keeps my bag collection at a reasonable size. I usually only buy one a year, there just is a limit to bags that meet the criteria.

  • Sheena Ernst

    As most PB readers already know, the designer resale market has really ‘taken off’ over the past five years or so..! There are quite a few luxury good re-sale sites out there … but I recommend Yoogi’s Closet the most (I’m not affiliated w/ YC in any way). You have the option to either consign your item (& make a little more $ for waiting for the item to sell..) -or- direct ‘buy out’ for a little less, but you get ‘cash’ right away. With that said, YC & other similar sites.. don’t offer as much as they used to (vs. a few years ago) when there wasn’t so much competition in the re-sale world. You can expect (buy out option) about 40% of what they will actually list the item. For example, I just recently sent in a brand new Givenchy Nightingale Micro to YC (for quick cash -sadly, i never intended to keep the bag) & received just over 40% of the actual list price. You’ll receive the most for in demand/”IT” bags in like new/excellent condition. Don’t expect to get very much for clutches or wallets -even for Chanel. There is also the option to list your items yourself via app platforms such as Poshmark (20% commission, but large potential buyer base), Threadflip (20% commission), Mercari (no commission, but there are so many items that your items can get ‘lost’ in the ‘sea of merch’/smaller audience). [I’m not affiliated w/ any of the above either] Like another PB reader posted, I’d discourage anyone from selling a high-end bag (or really anything for that matter) on eBay.. I had a bad experience w/ a Celine bag that the buyer claimed was fake (it was authentic..!) & eBay & PayPal chose to ‘side’ w/ the buyer & I got ‘screwed over’ big time..! Other people have had similar experiences & I decided to boycott eBay & PayPal. Sorry if it sounds like I’m bashing them, but it’s just a huge word of caution.

    • Lori

      Great advice about ebay. I sold a Gucci and the buyer changed her mind so she claimed the bag was “not as advertised”. She sent it back and I had to refund her amount and she even asked for me to cover the return shipping. I spoke to PayPal about this and they said that my post claimed the Gucci TAG was missing and that it was actually called a Bag CHARM…they basically used a bs technicality against me. I mentioned that the pictures were very clear and showed the exact condition of the bag and that the price reflected the G Tag missing. Basically they told me that there is such a problem with fakes that they ALWAYS side for the buyer even when they know it’s probably the buyer who isn’t being honest. So what is the point of using them if you have no protection with your sales??? Anyway, thanks for pointing this for others, it’s good advice!

      • Sheena Ernst

        Hi Lori : ) I’m sorry you had a similar bad experience : ( You’re totally correct when you wrote that they always side w/ the buyer & thus, the buyer can make up a totally bogus claim. ‘That site’ (haha) isn’t what it used to be ten years ago when you could pretty much list anything & it would sell & the buyers didn’t take advantage.. But yes, I hope our experiences can help other PB readers avoid the same pit fall..!

  • Lori

    For those that donate to a charity I have a few questions. First, how much of the original bag price do you claim on your taxes? And second, how do you know the charity understands the value of the donation? And third, how do you find the charities to donate to. I love this idea, but I don’t want a $1000 bag ending up for $25 because someone doesn’t understand how much it’s worth. I want the charity to get their moneys worth. :-)

    • Archana

      I wonder about it too. I dont think the sorting department in Goodwill ( say ) would identify a ps1.

    • Depending where you are, there might be a charity shop that’s more high-end. My old apartment was on the Upper East Side, so there was a ton of shops that benefited various organizations that were somewhat used to getting designer donations and knew their value. I’m betting there’s at least one or two of those in most swanky areas of big cities, although it might be more difficult to find suburban or rural areas.

      If you’re in the NYC area, I recommend Housing Works!

      • Lori

        Thanks Amanda. I am in LA so shouldn’t be hard to find.

    • Lulu

      I believe what they will do is if it looks designer, they take it to a second hand designer shop and sell it to them. At least, that would be the smart thing to do for them so they get the most bang for the buck. I have not found a designer bag in any charity stores in at least two years, so I suspect that that’s what they do now.

  • Amazona

    closets! :D
    Finally, after 3 years spent in the big city (=an overpriced small apartment), I now have my home in a new building sitting between a park and a forest, with my sweetheart, with enough room to store all of my bags! SO happy.
    In the old apartment, all I had was one walk-in closet and that was all I had to store shoes, clothes and bags plus everything else I couldn’t keep out in plain view. I had to take a whole bunch of my bags into the basement.
    When I started sorting through my things and packing up my old life a few months ago, I actually took about 50 bags to a flea market and sold them. I asked for abt 20-40% of the original prices for practically pristine bags just so I could get rid of them. They were mostly no brand or low end designer.
    While I had most of my bags stashed away in the cellar, I got into leather and designer stuff so I do have around 30 bags in my new, lovely double closet and with the money I made selling the old ones, I got me a new turquoise Gabs convertible tote – think that settles my quest for both a hobo and a tote. Very happy in every way possible! =)

    • Amazona

      I have no idea what happened to the first chapter of my post, here is the whole thing in one bundle…
      Last weekend I finally moved into a new, bigger apartment with le BF. Our new home has 2 bedrooms and since my parrots got the extra bedroom I called dibs on the closets! :D
      Finally, after 3 years spent in the big city (=an overpriced small apartment), I now have my home in a new building sitting between a park and a forest, with my sweetheart, with enough room to store all of my bags! SO happy.
      In the old apartment, all I had was one walk-in closet and that was all I had to store shoes, clothes and bags plus everything else I couldn’t keep out in plain view. I had to take a whole bunch of my bags into the basement.
      When I started sorting through my things and packing up my old life a few months ago, I actually took about 50 bags to a flea market and sold them. I asked for abt 20-40% of the original prices for practically pristine bags just so I could get rid of them. They were mostly no brand or low end designer.
      While I had most of my bags stashed away in the cellar, I got into leather and designer stuff so I do have around 30 bags in my new, lovely double closet and with the money I made selling the old ones, I got me a new turquoise Gabs convertible tote – think that settles my quest for both a hobo and a tote. Very happy in every way possible! =)

  • Wilma

    If I don’t feel the love anymore, I sell my bags on Tradesy. I have a couple up right now if you’re interested:))

    • Archana

      Hope you know they charge you 3% to transfer to your bank.

      • Wilma

        True, but I’ve always found a way to spend my credit on a new treasure

    • zusha

      Interested ;)

  • Wilma

    PS Tradesy only takes 9 percent of your sale price.

    • Lulu

      Thanks for mentioning Tradesy – I was wondering about selling on there

  • FashionableLena

    I have some bags that I don’t use but keep for sentimental reasons. The others will either be put up for sale, given to relatives, or donated to Goodwill. I have shelves at the top of my closet which is where I store them. Right now, my closet is pretty edited after a huge winter purge.

  • Archana

    Thank you guys for posting your horror stories over ebay. I sold a rag and bone, 2 ps1’s on ebay in the last two months. Its been a good experience so far. But wow, i am so sorry to hear the bad stories. I will be cautious in the future.

    I am waiting for PurseBlog to start a sales website for just bags. And an ability for members to link back to their past interaction on the forum. I would really trust a service like that to sell or buy. And i would post more too.

    The amount of time it took to outgrow a bag was a lesson for me. In my habits. And i now am very very careful about what i buy. Also, i have been going the artisan handstitched route. I doubt if such bags will even sell on the second hand market. But i guess i gotta do what i gotta do. Rejecting made in china which left me with absolutely no options.

    • Daisy

      A Purseblog sale site for used bags is an awesome idea ????

      • uncertain

        i second this idea!! Sounds great

      • Mead

        What a brilliant idea – a Purseblog sale site! I’ve avoided eBay for any major purchases but Tradesy has worked out for me.

    • Lulu

      Purseblog sale site would be amazing – I would totally trust it! Great idea!!!

  • Karisma

    I take them to my consignment shop or give them away.

  • I have an extra bedroom that I turned into a walk in closet with an entire wall of purses. Unless it worn, I keep it. If I ever have a daughter, she will have an amazing collection.

  • I like to consign with http://www.labellov.com, which is a high-end luxury eshop. Totally recommend!

  • Dylan

    My grey Chanel Jumbo is a keeper. Its 5 years old, the lambskin is scratched up, but it was a 17th birthday present from my parents and I adore it. I’ll most likely keep my PS1 because its a great everyday bag. I might sell my Lady Dior. When I bought it, I was hoping to use it as a substitute for the Céline Nano. I’ll now be using the money from my LD sale to fund a Nano purchase. I have a few other bags (Minkoff, Miu Miu, Prada) that I don’t use as often but I won’t sell them because the resale value would be pretty low.

  • Ty

    The timing of this post couldn’t be more perfect. I’ve noticed that I don’t switch between my bags as often as I used to. So I’ve really been thinking it might be time to do a purge and sell off some of my bags. I’ve been going back and forth with myself because my bag collection is very colorful it’s not like 20 black bags. So I tell myself I need to keep it because I love the color but I think I need to get tough on myself and really part with some bags that haven’t been used for awhile.

  • Dania Esterman

    I use Poshmark, and have had a great experience. It may not be the highest return for high end bags, but there is a huge buyer base there.

  • kindled

    I am the worst. I have an absolutely giant closet and I just push bags to the back of it, where they vanish forever.

  • Lulu

    All my life I spent in a northern, unfashionable city where Coach was an extravagance, but then again, as a vet, I was used to one outfit all the time. Anyway, when I moved to the big city, it was so much fun buying and wearing great stuff, I started a collection that is really becoming pretty awesome! My closet is walk-in with lots of shelf space, but I had to buy one of those standalone wood closet things for more storage. That helps big time, but I am finding that I am getting a little squeezed now, but I love everything I have. So, with the spring, I bought five new bags, all of them sitting nicely on my bed waiting for “processing” into their permanent spot. And, I am sleeping on the couch. Uh oh.

  • Guest

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  • Guest

    I try very hard to keep my bag collection to 7 bags I love. 1 fair trade African no name tote that is lovely leather and well made for when I don’t want to carry a designer bag. 2 Bottega Venettas, 2 LVs, and a Kate Spade. It’s hard to keep it so small but I have a “one in one out” rule and I do currently love love all my bags (yes I realize right now this is 6. I may add something soon :-) ). I have had good experience buying and selling on Tradesy. I know all my bags are authentic and on the rare occasion (once in 100’s of transactions) someone questioned the authenticity of one of my bags Tradesy authenticated it and I was paid (buyer got a credit). A couple times I’ve felt I didn’t get an authentic piece and again Tradesy confirmed it and I got all my money back including return shipping and if I just didn’t like a bag I could return it for a site credit. It’s a bit addictive :-).

  • ValleyO

    I can’t say enough positive things about selling to Yoogi’s Closet: their quotes are fair and they pay quickly. They need to make a profit, of course, so they won’t offer full market value; on a few occasions I’ve sold on eBay instead for twice their stated offer. After receiving quotes for a couple items last year, I emailed them back to say their offers were too low (and provided justification for why they were.) They actually ended up upping their offer prices a solid 15-20%.

  • kaly

    Wow, this is PERFECT timing for this article! I’ve got about 50-60 bags currently and fortunately (UNfortuantely??) I do have the space for them so I tend not to “thin the herd” as often as I should. Taking a look as I type this I see several I haven’t used for a while and although a few a ones I won’t part with just for sentiment (Gucci Pelhman, Chloe Paddington, Dior SaddleBag) there are definitely some I know I won’t use again. I LOVE this idea of a PurseBlog sale site! I use eBay but not thrilled with it, same with PoshMark, but haven’t tried Tradesy so I’m off to check them out NOW! :)

  • Imgoingbroke

    Once a year I have a “purse party” where I invite 4 of my best friends over and they get to go thru my handbag closet and pick one bag each. Much to their disliking, I don’t include my Chanel’s, but I let them pick from my collections of Louis Vuitton, Celine, Chloe, Bottega Veneta, Nancy Gonzalez and Jimmy Choo and they walk away with extremely well cared for and beautiful designer bags that I know I will no longer be using. The remaining bags are sent for consignment to TheRealReal where I earn a store credit of 75%. I then accrue all my store credit and purchase a lovely new Chanel or beautiful jewelry from that site.

    • shueaddict

      very elegantly done !!!

  • Babskidoodles

    Yes, this is a great idea. But hopefully once this has materialized, no one would sell a fake bag and claim that it is authentic. I just recently started out my bag collection but I already want to sell my MK Hamilton. I realized it’s not my style. And I have been too skeptical on selling it in ebay because I feel I might not get the right amount for it.

  • Yenskiboo

    Wow thanks for the article, super great timing (dejavu?!) I am not so much a “shoes” girl, but definitely a HUGE collector of bags – you name it, from gelareh mizrahi smiley face, heart, weed (lol!), lips bags, to Judith Leibers yellow duck, polar bear, foo dog, gift box, countless Le-Tans and of course Charlotte Olympia ;-) I also have a ton of classic bags including a few Balenciaga Cities, 2.55s, boys, Birkins (not so much a Kellys fan), Cabas Chycs, Valentino Rockstud, Celine Luggges, Prada Saffianos, P. Lim Pashlis, Zac Posens and the list goes on…. Needless to say, there’s barely any space left for clothing :'( I’m thinking of starting a high-end online 2nd-hand store for people who just don’t have the space to hoard all their guilty fashion buys – because frankly speaking all the current second hand stores online don’t really do such beautiful bags or clothing justice…! When I launch later this year, you girls should come check it out :)!

  • M Green

    I have sold a lot of bags on eBay and never had any problems. I do keep some older bags I don’t wear often because I have the storage capacity. I love to re-discover bags – it’s like they are new again!

  • Gigi

    Since I retired from work , I have dispose my bag collections either thru eBay or friends . I have limited my collections to one of each brand and if something comes up that I would love to buy , I dispose one to make way for a new purchase .

  • Sparkletastic

    Awesome article and love the comments!

    This is timely for me as I realized recently I had a lot of bags I never used. So, the last 18 months has been a major purge / new purchase effort with my handbags. I sold / am selling the ones I don’t want on eBay and haven’t had any problems (except for a few non paying bidders which is to be expected if you sell enough.) I’m not sentimental about my handbags. If it isn’t something I LOVE to carry TODAY, it’s outta here!

    The proceeds from those sales, including some extra ;-), have gone towards me purchasing fewer bags in newer styles and of much higher quality. Gone are the hordes of Coach, Michael Kors, etc. In have come bags from Prada, Chanel and Gucci. When I look at my new rainbow of gorgeous, luxury bags, I feel like a new woman. LOL!

    My new line up of bags is perfect – tightly edited, appropriate for my wardrobe and life, and full of items that make me happy every time they are on my arm.

  • polly33

    I’m ok with space. I have a small walkin in my nyc apartment and all the bags are stored on the top shelf. I had the renovators leave that space for my bags. So the fancier ones sit up there though… they’re sometime two levels high. Then the middle range bags I lay flat one on top another. Then random bags shoved into nook and crannies. Lol.

    I can’t part with them only because I don’t want to bother with eBay. I won’t get much for my items and so I end up thinking it’s more effort than it’s worth especially so since ebay sides with buyers more than sellers.

    So they sit around. Hopefully my daughter will use them when she’s older! Ha.

  • Lara

    I am like you Amanda that I give up what I don’t use – I am not a collector. But I don’t see myself giving up my Hermes bags – I will keep them to give them to my daughters, and that may be my rationale for not giving up any bags. Truly used bags (with no resale value) either go to charity or my daughters’ play closet :)

  • Liz

    I would certainly use a bags-only sale site at purseBlog to sell my old (but still beautiful) Mulberry. I was going to put it on e-Bay but my friend told me that they demand proof of authenticity of designer bags, so I still have it. Do you know how to prove authenticity of a bag if you no longer have the receipt or the storage bag?

    • syrenitytoo

      They do not demand proof of authenticity on EBay. They simply ask that your word be truthful. If you have tags, that always increases the value to the buyer because it speaks for how the bag has been cared for especially if its being sold new with tags. However when it comes to high end, people will often compromise tags for price. I have had good luck selling my high end bags there. I just started on Tradesy for buying high end but I have met a lot of high end sellers on EBay who sell some very fine bags including Hermes. You get to name your price so it’s really up to how long you want to take to sell it. The ads reach many countries so it works for me. I’m made a lot of good friends on this site. Of course, there is always the $%#*& that insisted my LV was not the size I stated simply because her husband ultimately gave it and said he’d buy her a new bag once she had purchased mine was was in perfect and I mean perfect condition. I just think she felt it was too small once she got it on and did not have a store nearby to try it. I had the original sales receipt and tags and still (to save my ratings) had to return the bag. The worst part was EBay sided with her. It truly hurt my feelings as a reputable seller more than anything to know of people like that out there. So whatever you try, good luck. It allows me to upgrade the level of my collection.

  • shueaddict

    Much like the shoes … I give them away to my (friends and assitants) who have come to look forward to my spring cleaning. I live in EU – Ebay is not so popular but I would not consider it anyway.
    I keep the top shelf stuff for myself (while I still have space) and ocasionally exchange high end bags with 2 close friends who live in different countries. Each one of us has bought a bag or two that somehow did not get that much use – one friend’s mistake is another’s gain. It’s always a super fun get together – kind of like a private sale event – we all travel extensively and once a year we bring together some of our spoils .

  • syrenitytoo

    I’m in a major purge moment too as I wanted to step up a level so it means that I have to purge of some of my lower end bags. I have a nice walk in so I’m lucky but I’m at the point where I feel as if if I’m not wearing them, they need to go. So I’m looking to part with about 20 in total (entire collection is about 48). Once I upgraded I found that I really only want to use the nicer ones except for factors such as color to match outfits. It’s fun but time consuming to sell them on EBay, Tradesy or Mercari but worth it in the long run. It has allowed me to gain a nice collection and stay a bit current. Plus I meet a lot of nice people. Occasionally, I let family choose from the collection when they come to visit and that’s always fun too! Our girls and our vices, what can I say! They are actually in my will. Haha!

  • Passerine

    This is a great question! At the moment, I am trying to put all my bags in rotation so that none of them go unused. I did sell a Ferragamo W bag (https://www.purseblog.com/ferragamo/salvatore-ferragamo-launches-the-w-bag/ ) at a designer second-hand store, but I really didn’t get much for it. My niece is setting up a vintage clothing and accessories business, so I will give her any future bags in great shape that I simply don’t use anymore. I have one bag that I’m trying to decide whether to keep — it’s a Lancel Premier Flirt bucket bag (I bought it before the bucket bag craze) in a beautiful deep forest green mockcroc (a color you could only get in France — I bought it at their Strasbourg store).

    “Lesser” brands or bags that have minor damage (like a leather Longchamp backpack with a few scratches), I give to a charity shop.

  • Keren

    A Purseblog sales website is a great idea. I have a closet full of designer handbags in good to pristine condition. My tastes changed the past few years. Consignment shops take a large percentage (understandable considering their overhead) and I am wary about selling on ebay.

  • nicole s

    If I have not reached for a particular bag, even if I choose something else, I sell it. I obviously have zero love for it. Nowadays with 2 kiddos in college I only buy what I love not just like. I’m trying to teach my kids the important lesson of impulse control. Just because its a great deal does not mean you will use it or even need it and thats a waste of time and money. Hoarding bags or anything for that matter is NOT cute. Its downright unhealthy.

  • Cristina

    I’ve consigned my bags with a Designer Consignment Boutique in South Tampa called Mosh Posh! They are very reliable and have given me great cash offers! I was able to sell my items directly to them through their website as well! You guys should check it out! http://www.mymoshposh.com

  • Paula

    I do sell my bags. Some of the ones that I know they do not keep their value, and I still got them, cause I love bags. BUT the Chanel, Celine and Fendi’s are always a keepers for me. What I do is taking them to Consigner Stores. Here where I lived we have some very good and gave us 60/40 or 50/50 of the price. It’s not as much as you can get on ebay, but for sure, you avoid all the headaches of selling them through ebay. I hate that place. Hope I could have help you!