Two years ago, I asked you all what you thought of designer bags for children. You shared a wide array of comments, and the resounding theme in the responses was that you should get a designer bag for a kid when they are able to appreciate it. In my post, I shared that I wanted to get my goddaughter a bag, but I never did. Fast-forward two years, and I actually did buy her a bag, the yellow Gucci Disco Bag for kids above, that I am going to give to her when I see her in a few weeks, which brought me full circle on this topic.

I’ve seen a lot of photos of kids with designer bags, and I’m not talking tweens–I’m talking toddlers. Mini Louis Vuitton Speedy bags, tiny Chanels and petit Dior bags are being carried by young children whose parents are wealthy enough not to miss the cash. Who am I to judge how people spend their money? I run a designer handbag site, after all.

What I did start to think more about is when you truly appreciate a bag. I’d like to think when I got my first bag, a Coach bag, I appreciated it. But the truth is, as I keep getting older, I appreciate everything more and more. I didn’t appreciate the bags I was able to buy ten years ago, when we started PurseBlog.

So I want to ask you all again, because maybe your stance has changed or you didn’t see the article the first time: what do you think of designer bags for children?

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  • Guest

    I honestly believe people can do what they like with their money. I thinks it’s in the same avenue as buying designer clothing for children like gucci/chanel slippers they’ll outgrow in months. It’s all discretionary, so if they can afford it and it pleases them, then more power to them.

  • laura

    If you can afford it, go for it.

  • Dylan Propst

    It’s really not my place to tell someone what they can and cannot do, but I don’t personally like it. It’s not even the money issue. I just know that it will most likely be ruined fairly quickly because children are messy. It’s just the way they are. So if you’re okay with your kid vomiting on a Chanel mini Flap, go for it.

    • Vomiting on it or stuffing it with dirty stuff, or painting colors on it or… Oh my! The list is endless and it gives me the creeps just to think about it.

  • Sweet baby

    I think children especially toddlers would not appreciate it. When I was a tyke, my father gave me a fake lv wallet. I knew it wasn’t real but I also knew whatever brand it’s supposed to be was expensive. The whole designer phenomenon didn’t mean jack squat to an 8 yr old.

    Just to add to the story but from a different perspective – I have a gf who openly admits that she views her son as her own personal “accessory” and thus decks him out in the finest dudes. That kid has had more toys than any other child I know. The sad part is that the mom is on welfare.

  • Violet

    Oh man if I had the spare cash (and some), I would definitely be buying my 5 year old daughter designer bags and clothes! I like those things for myself, so naturally, it would be nice, by extension, to splurge on these luxuries for her too. Sure, I know she would rather carry her Doc McStuffins bag over a mini Gucci, but it would make me feel good to give her designer options. Haha. I would be picky, though, and try to give her designer things that she might like. A good example is those mini Furla candy bags (the plastic see-through ones in cute colors). I think she would definitely love those. Sigh, maybe one day!!

  • Samantha

    In the end I think it’s wrong and I’m 25. I spent all of high school envying all the designer bags the other girls had coach, Kate spade and the like I didn’t get my first until college and I paid for all of my bags myself. My collection at 25 is small and none of my bags cost me over 210 $ all contemporary brands but I worked for them all I love them. In high school I wouldn’t have truly appreciates them and I wouldn’t have bought them myself and learned how to save or budget. I think if you want fancy bags then you should have to work for them yourself at least in the beginning. If people just hand them to you I think some part of you will always feel some what entitled to them.

  • Yoshi1296

    I don’t mind as long as the parents can afford it. I started my collection when I was 15 with an LV wallet. My first bag at 17 (Celine Cabas) I am 18 now and have accumulated over 30 designer pieces including ready-to-wear. Fashion was just in the family for me. My grandmother worked in the fashion world. My mom is heavily invested in fashion too. It just runs in the family I guess. As long as the child has an appreciation for fashion and knows how to take care of the expensive items then it is totally fine.

  • Daniel Wong

    sure they can do whatever they like with their money but dont you think its in a way robbing the child out of his or her happiness/experience. Remember the first time you worked so hard and finally walk into a boutique and select the bag you wanted and take it home and smell the leather – all these experiences will mean nothing to them esp when they are so young (surely can’t appreciate or understand things) and by the time they are old enough, they are probably immune/desensitized with it. I just think it’s a pity.

  • Maya

    I’m all for “do whatever you please with your money”…but seriously, like kids care…

  • Charlie

    Personally I don’t like it but I am sure it’s a trend for the riches. Just look at the designer childrenswear, they need something to match.
    At the same time, even if they don’t have the children’s range they can always get the mini or micro bags for their kids

  • Yazi

    An absolute waste of money. Let’s be honest, appreciating the finer things in life takes time and maturity. A toddler will throw their toys around without thought. I think this post shares the same idea as the Hermes plushie horse in the previous one.

  • Mya Wilkes

    There is no way I’m buying my child ( much less a young child) a designer bag. They should buy it themselves when they start earning and can afford it. That way, they will definitely appreciate it and take care of it and if they don’t, then oh well, its their money!

  • VeronicaKHillis

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  • dela

    If the bag is meant for use and one can afford it, I don’t think see a problem. Many factors, not just access to materialistic goods, play role in how the child turns out. While the bag should not be treated as a precious and fragile good, the child should be encouraged not to be reckless just like she or he would be with an expensive toy.

    However, a lot of time gifting an expensive article to a child is more symbolic than practical. For example, a jeweler many decide to give her goddaughter a small diamond bracelet not only to show her affection but also to pass a bit of her history to the child. The child can wear it for pictures and special circumstances but, more importantly, the gift will be preserved with fond memories and maybe passed on to the future generations.

    Since you are a purse expert, this could be a milestone in your relationship with your goddaughter whether she uses the purse on regular basis or preserves it. This could eventually lead to the two of you bonding over a common interest that you nurtured. It is no different than a godparent who fosters a godchild’s interest in cars, fishing, culinary art etc. A tangible activity or good is a great way to develop and strengthen the relationship.

  • EdwardTShaw

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  • Smithy

    I can’t find one positive thing about giving a child a designer bag nor do I think it’s possible for a child or tween to appreciate this type of bag.

    It’s overindulgent, unnecessary and materialistic. All things that an adult can choose to engage in, but that shouldn’t be encouraged for a child.

    Conclusion – gross. Just gross.

  • Bridget

    I think some people here may be going out of their personal situation at the moment. If you truly had enough income to do so, would you really care enough about buying your child a designer bag that they may not even recognize its prominence? For instance, you go into a store, a child sees a bag they want or really like, does it matter if its at claires or neimans? I think it all comes down to if you’re constantly buying them everything they want, when they want it, they’ll feel entitled no matter where it is from, and if you’re fine with that, then go for it. I think it’s important to teach them you will have to work for things you want, but to also not spoil or over spend outside your means for such things. Sometimes little girls just want a bag like mommys! Obviously it all comes down to personal opinions, this just happens to be mine. :)

  • I honestly don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong when it comes to how other people spend their money. I got my first designer bag (a blue and white Coach bag) around 20 years and I worked very hard for it from a summer job at Burger King. I have a 14 year old sister and I find myself gifting her my hardly worn Tory Burch and Furla bags. I didn’t have those things at 14 years but I don’t think i’m doing any wrong. If I had more money she would probably be getting Dior hand me downs. I wouldn’t give anyone under 10 years of age a designer bag but that’s just me.

    Some of these people also loan their bags to their kids for cute photos. There’s no way of telling if they really bought the bag for the toddler.

    • cheryl

      I give my 17-year-old daughter my kate spades, Coaches, etc because I’m upgrading. She loves getting my old bags (still in great condition). She looks forward to buying her own bags one day when she is working. Hand-me-downs are a nice compromise.

    • Elisa

      It’s the obligation of an older sister to give her younger sister awesome hand-me-downs to make up for all of the awful stuff they had to wear when they were younger. :)

      You’re an awesome older sister! Cheers to you for giving your sister awesome hand-me-downs.

  • shopper

    I don’t think its right but it’s due to my lifestyle – its a special luxury. For those people for whom flying in private planes is “normal” then a designer bag for kids would be part of their lifestyle.
    Definition of luxury is relative. In a poor country where people don’t have enough to eat, 3 meals a day is a luxury. We all have that.

    • Elisa

      Purse blog people!!! Purse blog!

  • ClaritaCJarrell

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  • ruru

    I remember being about 10-11 and my dad bought me a pair of Prada sunglasses, i was obsessed with them but in hindsight they didn’t suit me at all, but a few years after, i was given holiday money by grandparents and i sneaked away while at the airport and bought myself another pair of Prada’s , i think i was 15 and i lost them 1 week later, i didn’t appreciate them at all and i didn’t understand the privilege of owning them. kids in my opinion should have to wait till their in their late teens and they should have to work for it but thats just me, now at 22 and with a growing designer collection i have learned the joy these items can bring and just how much hard work it takes to be able to buy them.

  • Taki

    In my opinion, buying a child a designer purse is more for the happiness/satisfaction of the giver rather than the child. They probably will be more happy with a barbie or disney purse than the designer purse. But if money is not the object then why not.

  • FashionableLena

    I still believe that one doesn’t appreciate a designer bag until they have bought it themselves or earned it.

    • Lori

      I totally agree with you.

    • Aileen Diaz

      Totally agree.

  • Sparkletastic

    Doesn’t this really depend on your wealth level?

    If you are independently wealthy, teaching your child to “save” to buy a designer bag is ludicrous. There are different lessons that child needs to learn. Like how to run a business conglomerate, international politics, how to be a kind royal, how to be a generous benefactor.

    If however, you have a child who will need to learn “the value of a dollar”, then perhaps the doling out of a designer bag once this child has earned an appropriate accomplishments is reasonable.

    But, I think it’s crazy for any of us to decide what is appropriate for someone else’s child. This is a big “mind your own children’s business” area to me.

    • Elisa

      I think it depends on the value system.

  • n.s.

    I think most 5 year olds would choose a FROZEN purse from Target over Gucci. Kids are kids and they like what they like. Suri cruise is always photographed with a little kids bag, not a mini celine and you know her parents could afford anything but she is just a kid. Save the designer handbags experiences for when they are teens and really understand the significance of it. Whether you can afford it or not is irrelevant. Its not practical, kids loose stuff, drag it all over the ground etc.. my oldest filled her sesame street purse up with cake once when she was about 4 LOL! Imagine my reaction if it was a designer bag. That takes all the fun away.

  • RebeccaFHardy

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  • Joana Richard

    Well, I think that if you have the money to spend and if you can see that the children are happy and will take care of it, its no problem, but in my opinion, only after 10 or 11 years old, because I dont beleive that a younger one will take good care of it!

  • Alex

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  • Tiffany

    My 2 cents – I think it’s fine to give toddlers/young children designer bags, as long as you still let them be kids with them and don’t “teach” them about luxury brands or that the bag they have is really expensive…kids should just focus on being kids and if you wouldn’t care if they flung around a $10 purse from TJ Maxx, you should expect they’ll treat a designer bag the same and not get stressed if they’re careless with it.
    My daughter “stole” a small nylon Coach make-up bag from me when she was 14 months (I kid you not!). It’s her favorite purse to carry around (perfect for her shoulder/crook of the arm), it’s nylon (so easy to clean) and aside from the small, discrete leather plaque you can’t tell it’s designer…and it was thrown in as a freebie at a garage sale.
    She also has a mini LV Papillon that she “borrowed” from me (I’m so in trouble once she’s older) and while I don’t mind her playing with it at home and stuffing her plastic food in there, I prefer that she uses the discrete Coach one out and about. It gives me the jollies of it being designer, but without the unnecessary judgement/questions from strangers.
    I have a small collection of designer goods (so can’t afford to spend $$$ on new bags for her on a whim) but I think my personal philosophy is to let kids be kids. My daughter likes to help me carry my Trevi PM to the car, and while I remind her to not let it drag on the ground (same as I would for a $10 bag), when it sometimes accidentally hits the pavement or gets dropped I don’t get too fussed – in the end, it’s just a bag and I’d rather my daughter take pride in helping her mommy than worry about a scratch or two.

    • It’s because I wouldn’t want any scratches on my Chanel tote (even though caviar leather doesn’t get scratched easily..or at all), I do not let my daughter anywhere near it (or near any of my handbags). I would be paranoid if something happened and I would definitely not want to shout at my child for such a reason (and I know I wouldn’t help not to). So ‘Closet of Mom’s Handbags’ is off limit to my beloved 5 yr old Callisto! :)
      She prefers her Hello Kitty crossbody from H&M anyway and, I agree that, it is better for kids to just be kids.

  • No. I wouldn’t buy my 5 year old daughter an expensive designer bag.She cannot appreciate it and probably she will ruin it. It’s not only that I can’t afford a destroyed mini flap (I definitely can’t). It’s also because my heart would be broken.
    I believe I will do that when (and if) she is ready to appreciate what it is all about (like all of us adult designer handbags lovers here). But no sooner.

  • ipek

    I bought my daughter Fendi Micro Peekaboo as a “birthday present” for her first birthday and i’m waitlisted for a LV Nano Noe also for her. Obviously she is not going to use them right now and i will be using the bags in the meantime. By the time she is in her late teens those bags will be vintage and i want her to look back and see them as starter pieces for her own bag collection. My mother is not a big bag person but she loves her jewellery. She gave me some of her pieces through the years (starting from when i was in middle school) and i always cherished them. I still wear some of the pieces every single day and it makes me feel close to my mum and i consider them good luck charm. This is what i imagine to have with my own daughter and why i bought her those bags.

    • Elisa

      Using your daughter as an excuse to buy bags is fine by me.

    • I think that you had a beautiful idea, if you can afford to buy expensive bags, your daughter will already have a precious collection when she will old enough to appreciate it.

  • jazz

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  • Jennifer

    I think, if you have the $$, buy your kid what he or she likes. Some little kids gravitate towards Mom’s bags (taking them from closets to play dress up) to emulate Mom in clothes & accessories. Some kids just want a purse. I wanted a purse. It wasn’t designer, but again,my mother didn’t have designer. If she had, perhaps I’d have wanted to play with it, put my crayola markers & chapstick in it & taken it to school. I didn’t eyeball ‘designer’ until I saw Joan Collins with a Chanel on Dynasty. LOL! Even then I didn’t know it was special, I just liked it (I was 6, after all) I say, let your kids lead. No point in spending big bucks on a designer (even if you have it) if they’re not interested, same as a kid who has her heart set on a Kate Spade or Dooney or older version of a more premier designer would be happy with a kids purse that comes from the kids department. But also, kids are going to be kids. They aren’t going to ‘baby’ their bags -they’re going to play with them. If you can’t stomach that, I’d say stick to actual toy purses.

    • B.

      I have a little boy. He came home in Ralph Lauren and he still wears it. This is all courtesy of his nana, though I could also afford to buy it and I would do so because I think he looks best in RL. I also buy from the Gap, Children’s Place and even Walmart. I know it’s not the same in terms of price, but just as I hope people don’t judge my family (even though I know they do) and should mind their business, I extend moms of girls (whether they can afford it or not is between them and their bank account) the same courtesy.

      I think it’s so judgmental to have a negative opinion on this. Their kid, their money, their business. Period.

    • B.

      Sorry Jennifer that was meant as a general reply. Not a reply to your post at all. :).

  • Shari Wilson

    I commented on this the first time around and my stance is the same I wouldn’t get it until they can appreciate it. That’s what my parents did with me and I really do appreciate and love my handbags. Call me weird but now the I’m 25 I have pride and feel good when I carry a handbag that I worked hard for if that makes sense. At the end of the day people are going to do what they want to with their child so who am I to judge.

  • Jason Jones

    I got a job @ 11 for the sole purpose of being able to afford fashion but there was no fashion for kids in the 80’s except for RL & polo.
    that’s when I learned to sew and I am a hand bag designer today because there was no fashion that fit me, had I been a girl I would of cherished such things and felt very touched that designers thought of me…
    look girls, beyond all the dollars & cents every hand bag starts with a designer that wanted you to stand tall and proud, adorned in something you love.
    bravo for kids!

  • Connie Estes

    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

  • Wendy

    Well it all depends on different perspective. Like what you said, some parents are rich enough to buy their kids designer bags not only that maybe to them that is the brands that they’ll use. We can’t really judge them. Just that they have to make sure that their kids will have such fortune as well when they’ve grown up. Talking of appreciation, I don’t think there’s any kid out there that really know how to appreciate a bag. My first bag was a Coach bag as well and I really do appreciate it though I seldom use it now but still, it’s my first designer bag that I buy on my own after I’ve started working. If you ask me will I buy it for my kids, well depends on how rich I can become when I get one (if I can be that rich, I don’t mind) but do I think they’ll know how to appreciate? For sure NO.

  • Chanel addict

    I just bought my 8 year old Grace’s patisserie (American girl) for 500$ and many other AG furniture for the dolls ranging between 170-250$ , so I really don’t find it weird for me to buy her a designer bag ! I just want her to be at that responsible age where she can really take good care of it !! I value my Chanel and Dior bags because I save so much to get them ! And I want her to know the value of them as well ! As for the people who can afford buying Chanel for their kids, I would tell them go for it , as they have enough money to buy all the designers they want for the child ! It’s nice to match with the child as well! I think it’s adorable and that doesn’t mean the child won’t be caring or loving or has different roles in the society !

    • Elisa

      Your daughter will value them more if she earns the money to buy the bags.

  • rdrdrdop1

    When we say children how young???? It wouldn’t make sense for 1-8 years old. At most maybe for that young perhaps a small louis vuitton piece.
    But I have a friend in her teens a long with her sisters who have Birkin & Chanel collections to match their mother. 17, 18, 22. lol

  • Elisa

    When I was 12 years old, I used money Earned babysitting to buy a Coach bag, a Papagallo purse, an Etienne Aigner bag, matching loafers and a canvas Papagallo monogrammed tote. Yes all at once, I’d my first bag binge. My love affair with bags and shoes has only grown deeper with age. I prefer my labels on the inside now. I search for unique and original designs. You’re never too young to start if you earn the money yourself.

    • jenjen1964

      Oh, the memories! I loved my Papagallo, and Bass loafers too!

      • Elisa

        Mine were Etienne Aigner because Bass Wejuns weren’t made for my instep. I still felt gloriously grown-up in my EA tassle loaffers (no pennies for me).

  • Elisa

    I young child will appreciate Hello Kitty more than an LV bag

  • Dwightinha

    This does not have to do with money, but the principle. Although one can afford it does not necessarily mean it is a smart thing to do. I also feel that it reflects poorly on the values of the giver of such an expensive piece for a toddler.

  • Elisa

    Go Megs! Strong women, strong opinions! The PB is chattering today!!!

  • kaly

    Personally, I wouldn’t buy an expensive designer bag for child –as in anyone under 15-16. I have given my 7 year old granddaughter an old LAMB by Gwen Stefani LeSport Sac that was in my closet because, well, it was old, but also because she LOVES it. Believe me, there are MUCH better choice in my closet; from LV up to Hermes, but those simply wouldn’t interest her (thank goodness!!) nor would they be an option! I’ve also given both my daughters less expensive designer bags such as Dooney & Bourke, Longchamps Le Pliage, etc., but not until they were at least 17 and could understand and be responsible for a $300 bag! To each their own! :)

  • We all know that mothers (because usually fathers are not particularly interested in their children’s clothes) love to spend money for children’s clothes. Mine told me more than once that when my sister and then I were born, she would have spent a fortune for our clothes, and she often did. At that time (but I’m not old!) children used to dress like children so we didn’t need a bag, because my mother or anyone else I used to go out with, had all that I needed.

    I think that children designers bags are made for fashion addict mothers, who want their children to look as stylish as they do. Two Gucci bags are better than one, according to them.

    I honestly think that children shouldn’t carry a bag, no matter its price, because it’s not healthy. Years ago I saw a woman with her child, they were dressed the same, I’m sure the little girl wasn’t older than 5 and she was wearing 2-3 cm heeled sandals and a bag. She was carrying a little bag which seemed to be quite heavy because the poor child walked bent.

    Children will have all the time to carry a bag, being it a designer one or not, so why don’t let them be children? I know that some (well, many) little girls want to dress like women, but children would like to eat ice creams and candies all the times and stay up till midnight but that doesn’t mean that parents must please them.

  • dspacek

    my best friend got my toddler a balenciaga city mini. very cute and I’m sure it will match a lot of her outfits in years to come. who knows… it might even be the only designer purse she’ll own till she buys her own or inherits mine. so being that I’m not going to lavish her with these…to me its a start of appreciation and learning the value of beautiful things.

  • Amy Buckner Reichbind

    I happen to design a line of bags just for kids. The prices are reasonable for kids. The looks are taken from straight off the runways. All mini sized. Customers love our bags

  • Jenny Nguyen

    I got my first hand me down Gucci canvas bag at 14 years old and I adored it! I kept it impeccable and cried when someone got a speck of marker on the leather bottom. I am now 26 and my collection has grown with more premier brands of lamb and calfskin leathers; not one of which I have purchased on my own because I have spent 21 years in school as a broke student. Although I never worked or sweat for these handbags I still appreciate and nearly cry every time I’m gifted with a new bag. Just because I have yet to feel what it is like to spend my own earned money on handbags doesn’t mean I do not cherish and appreciate my amazing gifts. I will be done with school this may and my first handbag purchase will come with the very first paycheck I make. It’s been over ten years of being gifted for working hard at school and I don’t believe I have turned into a spoiled rotten unappreciative designer junkie. I think every young individual is different and if you’re buying for a young fashion lover who adores the bag for its finery the spoiled rotten brat will never peak their head. There’s a difference between kids who love and appreciate fashion and those who just expect nice things out of a sense of entitlement; I’ll judge my own kids later in life and figure out which one they are and decide…

  • Unknown

    As long as the parents have the money, it should be okay. People shouldn’t be judged for what they buy for their children. In the end, it’s their child.

  • Anna

    I am 11 years old and my single mum who’s a nurse can afford to buy me 3 Gucci bags 1ted baker and 4 mk. U think this is wrong…