Fashion is like any other form of creative expression: an opportunity to be publicly clever or publicly inane, depending on your natural predilection. Saint Laurent’s Hedi Slimane generally chooses the latter, even if he makes some damn fine Chelsea boots, and he’s at it again with the Saint Laurent Metallic Gun Clutch.

I imagine that reactions to this clutch will vary widely from person to person, dependent upon an individual’s views on both Hedi Slimane and firearm culture in general. My initial reaction was an eye-roll; Hedi being Hedi, crash-landing into a contentious topic in a decidedly un-artful way.

Slimane likely meant the clutch to coordinate with some western-themed items in his fall collection, including stiletto cowboy boots, but fashion items aren’t sold as part of a dress-up costume with built-in context. Further, Slimane lives in LA and is undoubtedly aware of the raised hackles on both sides of the debate over guns in the US.

Designers are free to make whatever kind of political (or apolitical, as I suspect this is) statements that they wish, of course, but I wish this Saint Laurent piece was simply more attractive, either way.

If you think this clutch is just fine how it is, pick one up for yourself via MATCHESFASHION.COM for $1,098.

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  • anon

    It definitely could have been better looking.

  • Elaine Weiss Whitman

    His choice to design it… but I def wouldn’t buy one.

  • sandy

    I feel like I could make that myself, by going to the the arts and crafts store, draw a gun on a piece of fabric, and then cut it up and sew it all together, all for like $20. on top of that, I don’t find it particularly desirable, because it is glamorizing violence, which simply isn’t cool, chic, desirable, tasteful or fashionable.

  • Linda

    now thats just stupid. I agree with sandy it is glamorizing violence . not cool.

  • PJGambler

    It’s not very attractive let alone useful.

  • Liz

    I like the Faure Le Page ones way better.

    • Liliane

      Yes, I agree. More subtle. But the thing about the Faure le Page ones is that they are a tribute to the brand’s history, as they had started out in the gun and armor business. With that little nod, I can get behind the FLP ones. But what does Saint Laurent have to do with guns? Leave it to Faure le Page!

  • Maice

    I’d rather not comment on the entire handgun debate… Just as a bag/clutch, I do think it could have been so much more attractive and appealing.

  • Rachel

    Wouldn’t want to run into the NYPD wearing that…

  • pleatherone

    Gun imagery can be aesthetically seductive (in a morally bankrupt way), but if you are going to create something controversial, at least make it look worth the thousand+ that it costs! Good news for the bootleggers though, this will be easy to replicate.

  • Cany

    Glamorizing violence my behind. Like knives, guns are used for good and bad. It’s not a gun’s fault that the person possessing it is irresponsible and a lunatic. Are we completely blaming an inanimate object now?

    • louch

      Let’s not go there. Just comment on the bag.

  • disqus_WjKIYzni5a

    IMO whether or not people should be allowed to own guns doesn’t even play a role in pointing out that this glamorizes violence. Regardless of whether or not you find guns necessary, they’re point black not cool and glamorous.

  • louch

    “Man With the Golden Gun” aka James Bond anyone? My immediate thought but probably showing my age. Good for a fancy dress party (a very fancy one at that at this price!!)

  • missarewa

    the clutch isn’t nice to look at but I don’t think they meant any harm. It’s too ugly to even warrant any emotion from me – and that’s never a good thing for a bag.

  • Yazi

    It actually looks cheap and unimaginative. And the message it sends of violence is not to be commended.

  • jacqueline

    maybe you can put the gaudy unimaginative gun clutch in Chanel’s beautiful limited edition holster bag and cause a fashion up-rising!

  • Hierophilic

    I have a lot of feelings about how the opinion about guns tends to shift from one side to the other depending on race, class, and gender.

  • Don’t forget the Vlieger en van Dam bags. Their gun bags are famous for years. But I do not like them either.

  • Bipasha

    Does it provide style? Does it serve a function? Do I just love it? Those are my bag purchasing questions. The answer for this one would be a resounding “No!”

  • The bag looks like something rejected from Beyond Retro in East London.

  • bir


  • Chris

    So it’s in a shape of a handgun, big deal. If it had CHANEL plastered across it, then all of a sudden the crowd will cry ‘genius’ ‘pushing the envelop’. Arg.

  • KatyaV

    Just looks cheap, from a purely aesthetic standpoint. Looking at it from the lens of gun violence, it is so tone deaf that I cannot imagine people looking to this designer for inspiration. This is not inspired at all.

  • sanatty

    Typical of post-Dior Heidi Slimane – trying to generate publicity with shock value instead of beautiful clothes and bags. This is just plain and boring – looks like something done of PVC and given away at the carnival – not that they’d allow that anymore. Mr. Slimane is trying to cash in on controversy without putting any effort into the design!

  • Dylan Propst

    Wouldn’t wear it, but, no, it isn’t over the line. It’s kitschy. Would be super cute for a murder mystery dinner party.