One of my favorite aspects of PurseBlog is the comments readers leave for us. It doesn’t mean I always agree, but I love to hear what people have to say about handbags, and many of our commenters are quite thought-provoking. One subject that tends to come up on different posts, time and time again, is brands that people say they would never carry for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s about the price, where the bags are made, the people who typically carry the bags – the list goes on.

I try to stay open-minded to the possibility of liking new brands. Sometimes a designer sends me a bag to try and I end up falling in love with it, even though it’s from a little-known brand without the luxury appeal of the other things in my collection. Other times, I find myself sick of a certain brand because too many people are carrying it.

I want to open up this discussion with you to hear what’s on your mind. With so many different designers out there, are there brands you would never carry? If so, which brands and why?

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