I’m in the midst of a heated debate and I want to know your thoughts

If you’re an avid PB reader, or you’re one of our followers on Instagram, then you’ve probably seen my fingers adorned in one-too-many rings. Rings are my thing, and if I don’t have at least two on each hand, I feel totally naked! My (very fabulous) grandmother was—and still is—very into jewelry, so from a very young age, I started loving and acquiring lots of jewelry myself. She was always very generous, buying all of her granddaughters earrings, rings and everything else you could imagine, jewelry-wise. I credit her for my love of accessories, purses included! Back in high school, she wouldn’t dream of buying me a piece of jewelry in yellow gold, and in the age of the ever-popular Tiffany & Co bracelets, silver or white gold was all I would wear. However, in the ten years since I graduated high school, I have begun to love yellow gold more and more, and I even had a few old pieces re-dipped in yellow gold instead of the original white gold state I acquired them in.

Because of my wide variety of jewelry, I’m constantly mixing pieces, wearing some yellow gold and some white gold or silver. For my graduation from college, I picked out a silver David Yurman bracelet and ring and chose the stone citrine, which is a deep golden-yellow color, because I love that it ties in well with gold jewelry. That being said, I bet you know where I’m going with this. I have no issues mixing my jewelry, and in turn I don’t pay much attention at all to the hardware of my bags. Even if I’m wearing all gold jewelry, I won’t steer away from taking out a bag that has silver hardware. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

Where I can’t be bothered to be miss matchy-matchy, my roommate is on the fence. One too many times, we’ve been ready to walk out the door for a night out and turned right back around when she’s realized that her Gucci Marmont doesn’t match with her silver jewelry. Time after time, I roll my eyes and proclaim that it doesn’t matter, before humoring her and offering up whatever bags I have with hardware that matches her current bling. So tell me—and my bestie Ro!—do you insist on matching your jewelry to your bags hardware?

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