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If You Had to Describe Your Handbag Collection Using One Word, What Would It Be?

This lighthearted question is actually a practical one for collectors to consider

For many of us, the journey of collecting is a windy road leading to unchartered territories. Few collectors can say that their mindset of collecting is the very same as it was back when it all started (if you can, more power to you!), which means that how you view shopping for handbags and curating a collection often changes over time. With that in mind, checking in with yourself occasionally is important.

Have your tastes changed? Does your current collection fit your sense of self and your style? Are you at peace and happy with how your collection is progressing? These are all important questions to remember, whether you’re a serious collector or an avid handbag lover. After all, this passion for handbags is meant to be fun and spark joy, and your collection should make you feel good.

A Word of Advice

Have you ever thought about describing your handbag collection in one word? Maybe not, but it’s actually one of the best pieces of handbag advice you can give or take. By categorizing your collection under a streamlined umbrella, you can use this word to make sure purchases will fit with how you see your collection progressing.

Personally, I would describe my collection as fun. While I have some pieces that are more classic (think my Louis Vuitton Speedy or my Dior Saddle Pochette), I also have some really unique and eclectic ones like my Louis Vuitton Urs Fischer Pochette Accessoires or my new Bottega Veneta Metallic Silver Cassette. Recently, I added an orange bag to my collection, which falls nicely under the fun umbrella (more on that soon!).

Colorful and Eclectic

As I curate my collection to fit my style, which has evolved greatly over the last decade, I want my bags to be fun and different. I’m having a blast creating a collection that makes me happy and tossing aside the notion that I need a classic black bag or that bold colors are impractical.

This is what works for me, and feels joyful at the moment. Many years ago, I never would have imagined I would feel this way about bags, but here I am, dreaming about purchasing my first Chanel Flap Bag that is knit and full of color instead of the black Classic Flap that I once pined for.

What about you? What word describes your collection best?



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