2020. It was a year unlike that of any other, but looking back the year had started off with so much promise. I was training to run the New York City half marathon, I was happy, healthy and my friends were all experiencing milestones of their own. The world seemed to be at my fingertips and even though things seemed quiet in my New York City neighborhood when I attended my friends would be not-so-going-away party in early March pending her move to Israel, I naively felt a sense of peace. At that very party I remember carrying one of my newer bags, my Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires, which I had just purchased in November of 2019. Little did I know that it would be months before I would carry that bag (or any bag for that matter) again.

In the wiping down our groceries phase of the pandemic (remember that?), I would head to the store with my phone in one pocket and keys and credit card in the other. After arriving home I would promptly wipe down everything, and I mean everything with Lysol wipes. I didn’t dare dream of packing an actual bag to go anywhere—how would I clean it?—and the reality was that beyond the bare necessities, I didn’t need much to leave the house for a couple of errands.

Fast forward to the summer in New York City—outdoor dining had began and my friends and I slowly began to reunite in the great masked-up outdoors. At this time there was sufficient evidence that COVID-19 was rarely spread through surfaces making carrying my bags again feel safe. Though by then life was insanely different, and spending more time outdoors meant a lot of walking and movement. For that reason I opted for my smaller bags that weighed less and were hands-free like crossbody bags or belt bags. My dressier bags and top handle carry-alls stayed in storage throughout the summer, fall and winter, and now even as life returns to a sort of normal, I’ve noticed how much my purse habits have really changed.

I still prefer easy to wear bags that air more on the side of casual. I can tolerate a lot less fuss than I used to, and I ponder the thought of streamlining my collection. Though to be honest I’m unsure if my purse carrying habits are forever changed or if as life eases back to normal so will I, but I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar? Have you noticed your purse habits changing throughout the last year?

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