Just before I fall asleep at night or when I lay awake in the wee morning hours before my alarm goes off I think about the running to-do list that sits in the back of my notebook. On it is every task under the sun from picking up dog food or my dry-cleaning to ordering a new pair of running sneakers and everything in between. On the very bottom of that list remains tasks I’ve been putting off for a very long time like ordering a print for the empty frame that’s been on my dresser for the last 3 years and getting my Gucci Soho Disco Chain bag cleaned.

Three years ago I opened up my closet to change my bag, pulled out my nude Gucci Soho Disco Chain bag and noticed an odd stain on the front flap. I wracked my brain trying to figure out what it was but I kept coming up short. Ultimately I believe something got spilled on it without my knowledge or I unknowingly rubbed up against something. Regardless of how it happened, it happened and I was unable to remedy the problem on my own. I resorted to getting the bag professionally cleaned but after receiving a high quote from the retailer I decided I would take the bag elsewhere. Well, 3 years later I remain in possession of a stained bag.

The bag has been sitting in the back of my closet virtually untouched (aside from moving into not 1, but 3 different apartments). At this point I clearly haven’t been missing it all that much and it’s silly for me to keep the bag as is, so I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do with it. I could try to sell it as is, but my particular style doesn’t have much resale value as it is, so given the stain I doubt I’d get much of a return. Recently I’ve considered maybe getting it re-dyed or painted in order to give my bag new life and get me excited about using it again, but I’m unsure how successful this would be.

A short search yielded some promising results, like services offered by The Restory, but I’d love to know: have you ever gotten a bag re-dyed?

[featured image via @therestory_]


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