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Have Denim Bags Become a Spring/Summer Staple?

Once a major trend, denim has returned year after year

At what point does something move past a trend to become a closet staple? It’s a question we often ask ourselves at PurseBlog, and today we’re diving in once again. This time, the subject in question is denim. Denim bags, to be exact. Once a seasonal trend that would ebb and flow, depending on the year, since the turn of the decade it seems that the denim bag boom is no longer dependent on the trend flow.

Rather, each spring and summer, denim bags come back into rotation. So, have they become a closet staple that you can actually invest in, knowing you’ll use it year after year, versus a trendy piece that you’d rather not buy heavily into and instead opt for a contemporary or indie version? Let’s discuss this.

To Denim or Not to Denim

Whether you love, hate, or have mixed feelings about it, denim bags are not going anywhere. Not now, and maybe not ever. Thanks to fashion’s ever-present obsession with nostalgia and archival fashion right now, denim is extremely relevant. This is all thanks to the return of styles from the early aughts, like Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram denim bags, which upon their release, spawned a sort of denim accessory revolution.

Then, there’s the Dior Saddle bag, which remains a favorite among the fashion set 5 years after its re-release. Its denim iterations of the early 2000s were some of the most coveted among shoppers — both then and now. Even brands like Prada and Miu Miu were in on the trend back then.

What’s old continues to become new again, and if fashion’s cyclical nature has taught us anything, it’s that nothing truly ever goes out of style, at least not for good. Denim is one of those novelty materials that remains relevant despite the odds, and, like a great-fitting pair of jeans, why shouldn’t a denim bag be a staple?

So go ahead and buy that Bottega Denim Cassette or Chanel Denim Mini Flap because there’s a place in every collector’s closet for the perfect denim bag.

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