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Has Velvet Transitioned from Trend to a Fall/Winter Staple?

Velvet continues to appear seasonally in some capacity, but will it stay forever?

A few years ago (2016 to be exact), an influx of velvet bags hit the scene after a few seasons of false alarms. By the late 2010s, velvet was finally getting its moment in the limelight, appearing on small leather goods, shoes, and bags.

There are a few reasons why the velvet trend finally picked up. The soft, luscious material really does work when done right. For starters, the fall and winter months are all about rich colors and textures, and velvet so effortlessly nails that look.

The Velvet Appeal

Consumers also took to velvet, presumably because it’s just as luxe-looking as many of their leather bag counterparts but is usually a fair bit less pricey than a leather bag of its kind. Though luxurious in both feel and aesthetic, it can be a hard sell due to its seasonal feel and delicate nature, which could explain why the trend took a few tries to get off the ground.

Though the velvet trend took a few swings before it became a hit, it surprised us with how long it stuck around. It was not a one season won; rather, it remained extremely relevant for the following few years. And in the years that followed though the selection waned, each and every year, if you wanted a velvet bag, you could find one. This season, velvet is back if you look for it, with Chanel offering up a stunning selection of velvet, and even Bottega Veneta releasing a velvet Jodie bag.

Do you think velvet bags will ever disappear, or have they become a staple of the fall/winter season?

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