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  • But velvet is such a dust magnet!

    • Aurore de La Gorce

      And velvet does not age well…

  • Sandy

    That velvet Givency backpack is amazing!!!

  • Lori

    Chanel has a gorgeous velvet bag this season too. And I found a great priced Calvin Klein on Amazon that is super cute. I am going to check out the Gucci this weekend.

    • Passerine

      Oooh, I love velvet bags and I would be very happy to own a Chanel camera bag in a rich jewel-toned color or black with gold trim. Or maybe a velvet Boy. Of the selection here, the Gucci is the most appealing. I like the Jimmy Choo bag too, but have found the Lockett a PIA to open and close.

      Thinking of the earlier LV thread on that awful new bag, if LV’s going to experiment, they should do a small collection of really beautiful ELEGANT bags in velvet. Not oversized bags — maybe the Croisette, the Capucines BB, the Eva, Favorite, or St. Germain. And not go OTT with design elements — just a beautiful velvet fabric, top quality workmanship and some subtle sparkles or gold hardware.

      But FWIW, I have yet to see a velvet bag I like better than this gorgeous D&G velvet beauty I saw last December in Milan. The quality of the velvet was amazing and the detailing was exquisite. By the time I’d made up my mind to splurge for it, they were already sold out :-(

  • abigail

    i’m feeling pretty excited about having bought a chanel velvet flap earlier this year! hopefully i’m all set for fall!

  • Yoshi1296

    I love all of these so much but it is such a waste of money in my opinion because velvet does not age well and always looks kinda bad after a while.

  • Sara

    I can do patches of velvet but not the whole thing.

  • Susan

    I can’t imagine spending 2k on a velvet bag. They may be “in” now; but they will soon be over.
    That said, I totally love that D&G leopard—would wear much better than a solid colour, and would always look stylish.


  • kristin

    LOVE LOVE LOVE velvet bags, but would never pay these prices. Way too expensive for something that isn’t top-of-the-line, actual leather. While I agree that they can be dust magnets/etc even while wearing them (which IS annoying), they can be really luxe looking – and a dust roll brush can easily pick off a lint to take care of a less expensive velvet bag.