Labor Day Weekend will be here far sooner than I’d prefer (only two weeks!), but with that summer-ending cloud, there’s at least one silver lining: the advent of fall dressing, which provides opportunities to both whip out some old favorites and pick up some new pieces to flesh out your wardrobe. Around here, of course, the most important thing to decide on is your fall bag.

Although I’ve got quite a few things on my wish list for the upcoming season, the bag I think I’ll end up using the most is one I already have: the my burgundy Coach Saddle Bag (which, in the interest of full disclosure, was a Christmas gift last year from a friend who works for Coach). I mad the case over the winter that saddle bags are the strongest structural choice you can make for a bag you intend to carry when it’s cold out, and I stick by that now: crossbody carry and a lack of zippers avoid a lot of the potential inconveniences of coats and gloves.

Beyond that, though, Coach’s saddle bags are particularly good. They make smart use of a compact structure with two interior compartments that expand slightly when full, and although the top flap doesn’t fasten, it’s long enough that you don’t have to worry about it shifting and spilling the bag’s contents.

The finish of these bags is also particularly luxurious-feeling (they’re lined in leather), even at the opening price point of $395. For higher prices, you can get versions with coordinating exotic straps ($795), larger sizes ($550), studded details ($450) or calf hair ($895)–a little something for everyone.

So now, you tell use–which bag do you anticipate using a lot this fall and why?

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