When the Céline Luggage Tote hit the scene, it quickly reached It Bag status. The bag became highly coveted and highly carried. To this day, people still respond with enthusiasm when we share Céline bags on our Instagram account. I personally went on a major spree, snatching up three Luggage Totes in the span of a year.

I love my Luggage Totes, but I don’t carry them as much as I used to, and now I’m wondering if the craze for the Luggage Tote is starting to die down. The answer, for me, is yes. I haven’t lost my love for the brand, but I’ve moved on to the Trapeze bag, and I still love the Trio pouch.

This bag will always be a major player in the handbag world because it has become a a staple. We know how loved it is–that’s why we created a comprehensive bag guide to the Céline Luggage Tote. But for as many people as have loved the bag, there are plenty who haven’t–some people have always looked at the bag and seen a face staring back at them.

So now I’m asking you: Are over the Céline Luggage Tote> Has the bag lost it’s appeal for you, or are you still just as obsessed as you once were?

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • BR

    I definitely think this bag was a trend and not a classic. Just my opinion.

  • B

    I still love it!

  • Theo

    Yes because of instagram. But then not at all because seeing them in person still makes me excited.

  • Madelaine

    I was never a fan of Luggage Tote. I like the Trapeze bag better, it has a more classic and lasting style.

  • Sofia

    I bought a pre-owned mini last year in the anthracite color. I like it and think of it as a classic bag that I could carry for years. IMO it’s like a leather, zippered alternative to the LV Neverfull. And I like that I don’t see very many people carrying it where I live (Orange County, CA).

    I don’t think I’d buy another one, though. When I buy an expensive bag, I not only look at the quality, but also it’s reputation and popularity. And it seems like most people are pretty sick of it, so… I think one is good enough for me.

  • AshleyG

    I still love the bag in solid, classic neutrals. I am, however, completely over the color blocked versions.

    • abigail


  • bir

    i think like al héroes it has become a bore but its still one of my héroes

  • justa9url

    I never considered acquiring the Luggage Tote because I thought it would have the same fate as the Fendi Spy bag and I don’t have the funds to follow every bag trend… However, I have considered the Trapeze as I believe that style can last forever because of its simplicity. That being said, I’m basically “over” both bags and haven’t really seen anything else I like from Celine since then.

  • Y Ajayi

    Went through a phase of wanting one a couple of years ago, now I’m glad I didn’t buy one. My tastes have changed.

  • sasfangirl21

    I definitely always saw a robot face when I looked at the bag. I was living in LA at the time the Luggage was at the height of its popularity, and I definitely thought the market was just oversaturated with the bag, which lowered its appeal even more for me.

  • Daisy

    I never liked it on myself as I feel it doesn’t match the style of clothing I usually wear & the price of the bigger versions just kills me. I find it a bit too structured & formal; the Trio or the hobo bags are more my bag. My sister likes the Luggage though, so I think it’s a personal bias.

  • anon

    I think it’s a great bag and definitely not going to loose its status as a staple bag soon, but I’ve just never been into it.

  • PJGambler

    Yes, never liked the “ears” sticking out on the sides of the bag, and don’t like Louis Vuitton’s Soft Lockit for the same reason.

  • ellavanw

    I was never under the Luggage Tote. Sorry, but I don’t get the love – too many bells and whistles, it looks like a face to me, and it is really heavy; people complain about the weight of a Birkin but the Luggage is much heavier.

    • ElainePG

      I’m with you on all counts, @ellavanw:disqus. Especially that it looks like a face. I’ve never been able to get past that. I don’t own one, and I never will.

      • M Green

        HAHA It DOES look like a face!!

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    • Alvin

      I totally agree with you @ellavanw:disqus the luggage tote is very heavy compared to a Birkin. And since you can easily fill the mini for everyday it gets quite unbearable for a long day out in my opinion. Perfect for travelling and work though :)

  • Haniplease

    bag looks like a gremlin. weird. lol

  • Michelle

    I think it still looks good in the neutral colors, like the all black nano Kendal Jenner loves to use so much. But color blocked versions like the one above are starting to look dated.

  • A

    Even though I do like the look of the mini luggage, I always felt the design is not classic enough to make it into the chanel classic flap, birkin, speedy category. And since it was so over carried by pretty much all celebrities, it lost it’s exclusive status as quickly as it become the it bag. Also since Celine hasn’t come out with any mind blowing colors, the mini luggage is starting to feel outdated. Even a couple of friends of mine who have been eyeing the mini luggage has now started to loose interest on the bag.

    • Dylan Propst

      I know the Speedy is a classic, but I think this bag is so much classier. The speedy has been carried to death and it looks so tacky now, in my opinion.

  • Sparkletastic

    I have always been puzzled by this bag’s popularity – I can’t stand it. It’s big, blocky, kinda tacky and looks like a robot.

    Because of it and a few others, I avoid all bags with extended gussets. Not because I don’t like the look on some bags but because that look will be soooo dated when the trend dies down.  Fendi 3 jours, Michael Kors Selma and all the bags like them are dead to me. Even the RL Ricky bag. I really like that one but am scared off by those gussets. 

    • Guest

      my co-worker’s sister-in-law ;

  • kemilia

    It was never my kind of bag–too structured and to have a bag with a face, nope for me. Also, seeing the same bags over and over on the celebs (and this was one of those) sort of diminishes the appeal for me.

  • I feel like it’s so 2013… like Isabel Marant’s wedge sneakers.

    I loved it at one point but now it screams tacky.

  • Ellejays11

    I’m still endeared to the luggage, though I do feel the buzz around it has died down. Structured bags are my thing, and I bought a plain black pebbled mini-lugagge so it fits well with my wardrobe; I foresee using it for many years. I won’t buy another though. I definitely saw the robot/face from the get-go, but that was part of the appeal for me, in a weird way :)

  • Polly

    It´s funny how people´s opinions are so different…
    I was in love with the Celine Luggage since I had my eyes on it for the 1st time. And the main reason that made me love it was exactly the “robot face”.
    Maybe it´s weird, but, I just look at the “face” and feel like it´s not just a bag, but it´s a dear, dear, friend, who´s always walking hand in hand with me!
    I bought mine in red in 2013, and I´m still absolutely in love with it. I´m not the kind of person that spends thousands of euros in a bag and then stops wearing it just because it´s not so trendy anymore.
    And I really don´t think that something “screams tacky” just because was popular in 2013. I think that I work really hard for my money and buying something so expensive to leave it in the closet two years later just because it´s not trendy is just not smart. But that´s just my opinion!

    • JM

      Bravooo Polly

  • Sandy

    I have thought about purchasing the Luggage Tote several times, in fact just last week. In the end I passed on it once again. I think it is the face, not sure. If I ever purchase the bag I think the nano in a solid color.

  • LuxBagLVr

    Personally was never a fan. As other purse enthusiasts have pointed out, the lack of “classic” appeal- that is, the impression that the bag wouldn’t stay as relevant as a Birkin or Classic Flap, deterred me. i also was not a fan of the aesthetic. It always screamed “trendy” to me.

  • Jacquie Storch

    I never noticed the face until now. LOL, I stayed away due to the weight of the bag.

  • adguru

    And a creepy face at that! The tag looks like a tongue sticking out. Never got this one. And not to quibble, ladies, but it’s “its”. The apostrophe is for “it is”, not the possessive.

  • jannie

    I just bought a pebbled black nano and am in love… it is my first and probably my last Celine though!

  • _petitprince_

    Their quality is exceptional. #NEVERFORGET so many designers still copy this design overall structure and details since it came out. This is truly a great bag because there are guys out there that have it too…like the BIRKIN and BOY BAG.

    btw regarding the color block, this is just a trend that everyone is doing as well. Try neutrals or black and they will remain timeless. Even this burnt orange is spectacular.
    I personally still find it very attractive; there’s enough design to not be boring but not too much such as studs or dangly “shitz” (like that Balenciaga City bag from 2000s – which they STILL produce).

  • beatak

    I love the look of this bag in solid colors and in some tricolor combo. But I don’t own any, mainly because of the price and lack of shoulder strap. Last 2 weeks I have been thinking about how to spend my birthday money. I haven’t make my decision yet. I like Celine micro luggage in indigo, Fendi petite 2jours in blue and purple Prada saffiano.

  • Amazona

    I think I’m over the hype and can’t wait for the preloved bags to flood the market. It’s a pretty bag and good for lugging a lot of stuff around but def not worth the price it’s been going for lately.

  • D

    I would still love my mini luggage if it didn’t loose its shape. I think it happened after a year and a half of pretty frequent use…but considering the price I expected it to last me much longer :( such a disapointment. If it wasn’t for this I would still enjoy carrying it even though it is the heaviest bag I own…
    p.s. mine is some kind of pebbled leather, one of the first that came out

  • FashionableLena

    I have never gotten over the fact that this bag is over designed and too heavy not to have a shoulder strap. It was just big and clunky, and I felt like a clutzy mess when I tried it out. I have never ever gotten the appeal.

  • Vientje

    I have luggage in micro & nano, trapeze & box. But I used nano & trapeze more compare the others. Nano is the best mini bag, its roomy even mini. trapeze is one of the best shoulder bag. Its roomy & the strap feel very comfortable for my daily wear. But yes, my feeling on celine is not as exciting as it was. I dont wear luggage much since it doesnt any strap unless nano size. Since I pick black color on my luggage, it helps keep the bag still up date to wear.

  • DB

    Still in love with this classic…it screams elegance and luxury to me…

  • JJp

    The mini luggage transcends, this style will always invoke some type emotion in my opinion.

  • M Green

    YES!! It needs to go away!

  • khm

    I also don’t use the larger version as much – good to travel with for a carry-on, but just a little heavy. I always use the mini luggage all the time – I have two so far and I love them because they can hold a full size wallet and then some.

    • khm

      sorry, I meant my NANO!

  • rodzep17

    Now I can’t stop seeing the weird face! Why would you do this to me??

  • Olivia J.

    Too big for me!

  • It’s still a classic, it’s not a bag you see everywhere you go, is it? Definitely still a head turner and the many different colour combos out there mean you might find the three colours which match you personality perfectly. In my opinion, still got it!
    I like some control over colour and metal hardware when buying bags. Check out BeauSansLogo from Switzerland, they have a Tailor Made range of Birkin style bags can pick colour, stitching, metal hardware and lining.

  • Annie

    I still love my celine luggage totes. I have 2, one in hot pink from a few years ago and the other in dark burgundy which I received last year that I’m carry now…. I agree they are big and not for everyone but I love the look, the leather and structure of them, plus they can carry a lot and since I like big bags it’s ideal! But to each their own…. There are so many beautifuls bags available it’s really hard for a woman to choose but when you find the one…. I’ll bet you’ll get others in differnt sizes or colors like I do.
    PS I would buy another I’m still loving this bag!

  • MACourt82

    I still love this bag so much! Don’t care that its no longer “It”.

  • Yael

    Over it, but never was into it….

  • I just pulled one out to use today and sold my last Trapeze bag last month so it seems I’m still okay with them

  • Dylan Propst

    I love the Luggage Tote!
    I just bought a black Nano.
    I have 3 Minis in black, dune, and poppy. They’re so useful.

  • Smithy

    This bag has never appealed to me. There is just way too much going on. I like clean lines and the wings and robot face don’t work for my style. Not surprised the hype is dying.

  • beastlybeauty

    I can’t say I’ve ever coveted this bag. I was interested in one of the smallest sizes for a while but as many have already said, the ‘face’ is mainly what put me off this bag. I just couldn’t unsee it. It’s especially noticeable in the colour block styles.

  • PollyP

    I really love the Celine Mini Luggage Tote and I have one in smooth calf leather. However, living in ultra humid conditions in Singapore, the structure of my bag seemed to have flopped. The shape of the bag which I was first so in love with is no longer there… The base of the bag went soft as well and the bag got too heavy to be carried on my arm for too long a period… Really upset with how the bag turned out after a period of time. Did anyone of you experienced the same?

  • This bag is beautiful as it ever was, but the mass appeal that it held for several seasons now, took its toll cause now i just don’t get excited when I see one or get jealous on the girl carrying it. Strangely enough, I still adore the trapeze, maybe because it has never reached the hype of the luggage.
    Anyhow, my thought is that new it bags came to town and it is their turn to shine. For me, it is the Chloe Drew bag in a metallic shade ( adorable!)

    • Docema

      Iv oredi purchased d Chloe drew..i ordered online since we dont hav a Chloe boutique here.Plz go n try d bag first at ur nearest store,i sold off mine after 2 mths.Another Celine Trapeze bag clasp..impossible!

  • Wellhellothere

    It has lost its appeal to me a long time ago when I tried it at Bergdorf. It is so heavy! So I decided against it. At the same time, I think it’s still a great bag. No, I don’t see a face on it but even if I did, I would still think it looks great. I can understand if a lot of people lose interest in it since almost every fashion type has one.

  • Scottsdale Kim

    I believe that I purchased my mini luggage tote in 2012 for $1800 – Sound right? Great thing is that I could probably sell it for close to what I paid for it since the price has skyrocketed and it is in pristine shape. Gotta like that.

    In AZ we don’t have as many floating around as NYC so I am not burnt out per se. I agree with the other comments – done with blocked versions, still absolutely love my Nano. I do hate that Michael Kors has a copycat version.

  • Ricky Margan

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  • Lucinda

    The story of the Céline Luggage Tote to me is a bit similar to the story of the Chloé Paddington. Back then, I was so in love with the Paddington. When I look at it now it is just a bag with an oversized and heavy lock. The luggage tote is a nice bag, it stands out, however I don’t think that I will still like it when I will look at it in 5 years. To me it is not a classic bag like a Classic Flap, a Birkin or a Kelly. If I would go for Céline, then it would definitely be a Classic Box Bag which is timeless.

  • Aoedele

    Was never “on it.” Always though it was overrated.

  • lavinia

    I really love this bag, it’s nice to look at, but for me is too heavy to carry. It remains in my mind as the best bag ever for “new creation” it gave an impulse to the fashion world, Celine really created a “new” bag. Not easy. not at all :)

  • i was obsessssssssed with this bag for so long!!!!!!! but now i look at it and its so saturated that i’m over it. i agree with whoever below said that it just dates itself when the trend fades. im liking the more boxy bags, like the Ryder by 3.1 Phillip Lim

  • Docema

    So OVER it!I bought a mini luggage in Paris years ago wen it cost €1300..it is an elegant bag,perfect for work.
    Later got a Phantom,Micro n a Trapeze.
    SOLD DEM ALL OFF!If its not jez for d slowly fading Mini Luggage Fever, d bags r jez too heavy,and with ni shoulder straps,inconvenient to use especially with d running around with kids dat i hav to do.
    The Trapeze is lighter n more practical,but d front buckle/clasp is jez impossible.

  • Fashdash

    When i see this bag I roll my eyes so hard people might think that i’m having a seizure! Too many Basic girls carrying it…No Thanks!

  • Halim Amin

    I think the women who use this bag would have gotten some arm muscle. It is too heavy for me even empty! A pass and much like some Chloe bags! I want to love a Celine, the trapeze is a classic and the small Chloe Drew is more like up my alley

  • _petitprince_
  • Ghi

    I love my Celine luggage tote, but I won’t buy another one. I still wear it and I don’t have plans on selling it. I was on a waiting list for 3 months in 2012 so it’s still special to me. I do still love the Celine box bag.

  • Kim

    I am quite fond of mainly the Nano Luggage, super cute and i feel a lot more functional and handsfree, Luggage is going to still be around and popular for sure but lately I’ve been completely dying over the Trapeze, Tie, Knot and Box :D

  • Vicu

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  • Nanthana Marcus

    High quality material bag inside and out! And high quality leather comes with weight. Love my luggage more than my tie tote. The look is one of my biggest love affair! I can’t see that it will ever go out of style.

  • I love the Trapeze but I just don’t like this bag! Anytime someone tells me they love it or want it I am so confused! I just hate the base of the handles. Very tacky.

  • Rachelle Kebaili

    I actually love the fact that the bag looks like a face. I think that’s why it became popular in the first place. The fact that people aren’t carrying it around as much doesn’t really mean a damned thing to me cuz to me the bag is well made and beautiful. It’s also a great size. I still love Céline Luggage Leather tote. Also the bag is unique because it can come in multicolors and python. I think it’s gorgeous and when I see one I always think “Damn, nice bag…I love Céline!”