All of us here at PurseBlog have a connection to Prada in one way or another. For Megs, her first designer bag was a Prada bag that she lusted over for years. While for me, my introduction to the designer handbag world was in large part due to the myriad of Prada Nylon bags that adorned the backs and arms of the girls at my middle school in Long Island, New York. Since then, Prada has consistently been on my bag radar, and there is always a bag I’m lusting after from Prada’s collection. Like many handbag lovers, I have bags that fit my many different needs. Some I strictly wear for going out and others are larger and mostly for day use, though there is one category that I look to the most when purchasing a new bag—the perfect day to night bag.

My style has changed over the years—a lot—and honestly, it’s changed for the better. I look for pieces that are a little bit classic, a little bit trendy and overall very chic. The Prada Cahier Bag in Leather falls into all of those categories with a big plus—the size is perfect for day to night use. We’ve written about the Cahier Bag in the past, and Prada continues to introduce new and exciting versions of this now iconic bag. For Fall 2018, Prada has introduced a myriad of exciting colors in the bag’s gorgeous leather version, all with contrasting black details.

Prada Cahier in Militare, Inchiostro and Mercurio ($2,950), Prada Multicolored Marocain Dress ($2,980)

The Prada Cahier bag’s iconic shape was inspired by the profile of a notebook, and this version is crafted from soft calf leather, which picks up color beautifully, while the contrasting black trim that adorns the top of the bag is made from Prada’s iconic and durable Saffiano leather. When I pulled the first bag from its duster I immediately was drawn to not only the feel of the calf leather, but the amazing new leather smell. Prada is known for its great leather, and this bag is no different.

This bag is a bit more structured than the previous Cahiers we have written about, and different from both the velvet version as well as the soft Cahier, this version of the Prada Cahier Bag has not only metal corners, but a metal trim along the entire bottom of the bag. I was attracted to this bag the minute I first laid eyes on it, and though I love the overall design and look of the bag, the size and functionality of the bag is what seals the deal for me. The inside of the bag is lined in luxurious leather and an accordion like shape separates this bag into two compartments. There is a slit pocket on the front interior as well as a pocket with a flap on the back interior.

Prada Cahier in Granato, Mercurio and Inchiostro ($2,950 via

The bag is super easy to get in and out of, even on the move, and I love that the strap is adjustable, meaning it not only works as a true shoulder strap or a cross body strap, but it also can be fixed to fit different body shapes and sizes. As I said earlier, the leather on the Cahier not only feels amazing, but it picks up color really, really well, and I have to say that my favorite is definitely the burgundy. It’s the perfect shade for fall, and it’s a color that works so well with many other tones. If you’ve been eyeing the Cahier like I’ve been, than now is the time to snag one, and with so many color options you can either go for a more neutral tone like the Militare Grey we saw, or for a fun pop pick it up in a bright color like the eye-catching Electric Blue.

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