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  • Zameerah

    No, thank you!

  • Khaya

    Wayyyy overpriced for the simplistic design and materials. I’ll pass on this collection.

    • laura


    • Yeah! I just don’t understand how this price point is justifiable. What about this purse makes it $4 grand?

  • Jimmy Lin

    nothing impress at all …

  • EGlez ?

    Well maybe if they were priced in the 1500-3000k range they’d be more attractive, but at this price point… they are very underwhelming…

  • Newyorking

    Yes way overpriced. In general I find Prada overpriced. I saw a gorgeous wallet that was perfectly priced but it was the only one in its color in the only store and got sold out. Instead Prada brings out such crappy bags – why not focus on the real gorgeous stuff and produce more of those? The two Prada wallets I have LOVED have never been in stock, while they have ample stock of the crappy overpriced bags. Although I did give in and bought the Double Bag, even though it is ridiculously over-priced only because my color of choice was getting sold out.

  • klynneann

    I read the comments first and thought, how overpriced can they be? But yeah – I think the flap satchels are beautiful, especially the yellow one, but I won’t be making a purchase at this price point.

  • ami

    I’m shocked with the price points!

  • abigail

    Boring with a capital B

  • Ebun

    As many have mentioned before me – what’s up with the prices?! The price hike they had over summer turned me off a little but this has changed that completely. For those prices, might as well buy Celine. Def will not be purchasing.

  • louch

    Maybe following LV’s strategy of trying to be more exclusive?? I suspect Prada doesn’t want to be seen as the “poor cousin” of LV.

  • Atika NoorMuhammad

    Way overpriced! Coach has better priced and similar options.

    • chantel

      Please don’t compare coach to prada. Why not compare coach to chanel then

  • Anjum Hameed

    Not appealing at all..disappointed

  • PhillipCBaum

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  • dan

    6 years ago I was able to afford a Prada bag without thinking twice about it. I love their quality and still cherish the bags I bought plus one wallet 9also excellent quality). Nowadays, with my paycheck still (almost) there, where it was 6 years ago, but bag prices increasing every year, I don’t even think about buying Prada. I guess their top-customers can keep them in business, while normal folks like me drop out of the luxury market

  • Annalisa Comito

    Whilst overseas last year I purchased a Prada Wallet at
    their Space Outlet in Florence. The
    wallet I purchased was Article No. 1M0506, Material VIT.DAINO 1 and the colour was Mimosa.

    I started to use the wallet three months ago and during the normal course of usage the
    wallet soiled so I cleaned it with a damp cloth with water, the colour
    transferred to the cloth.

    I contacted Prada in Melbourne and Sydney and they advised
    that the wallet was dyed naturally and this happens and that when I purchased
    the wallet I should have been advised and I should have been provided with a
    booklet. I advised them that I was not
    told that this might happen nor was I provided with a booklet.

    The Prada Representative
    said that I need to look after my wallet, I told them that I only use it
    as a wallet and it remains in my bag.
    She then told me that I should clean my wallet with a dry cloth, I
    explained that if I tried to clean it with a dried cloth it would not get the
    grim off.

    The Prada Representative contacted the technician in Italy
    who confirm that the wallet was dyed naturally and could not help any further.

    I requested a refund of my money or a replacement wallet,
    none has been forthcoming. I also asked
    them to put something in writing to me and they have refused.

    The wallet retails in their Australian store for