Prada Vitellino Mordore’A Clutch

I swear when I first looked at this clutch there was a silver metallic version available as well as the purple metallic. But now the only option left is the purple metallic, which of course, me being me, I love. There has been my long post on purple clutches along with my Miu Miu Clutch love. So I have a slight obsession. But this clutch, this sexy option from Prada, has my heart palpitating. It is overall simple. There are no bells or whistles. Nothing amazing. But the simplicity of the design is what grabs me, what makes me give the bag a second glance and think to myself, “this is so me”. The Prada Vitellino Mordore’A Clutch shows off richly gathered calfskin with a signature metal Prada logo in the center. Dimensions are just right, about 9½”W X 4″H X ½”D. The purple metallic will look stunning with fall and winter greys. It is my new purple clutch obsession for the day. Now I promise to lay off the purple (but it may be hard!). Buy through Saks for $520.

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  • Graciella

    Now this is one I’m sure to love! The colour is divine, the shape is perfect and the size is just what you need for a night out. And it’s Prada :roll:

  • Is it just me or do they look like diapers!

    • Ellez

      hhahahahahahaha I kind of agree. I love the color but the shape I can’t quite figure out. It’s lovely but you’re right alittle diaper looking.

    • Yuuka

      Are you my husband?
      I can`t even look at this anymore!

  • I love how plush the leather looks. Beautiful colors too.

    • Plush – that is the perfect way to put it. The purple is marvelously decadent looking; it has just a touch of brown to it.

  • beth001

    Haha… yeah, they do look a little poochy like diapers, but I never would have thought that myself. I think they’re GORGEOUS. (That’d be some price poop in there for $520!)

  • Lulu

    This over the Miu Miu in a heartbeat.

  • fabulous

    I absolutely love……….totally FABULOUS :grin:

  • :lol: now I can’t get that diaper image out of my head! That being said, I think I prefer the gray, which I think is more a classic colour. Just imagine it with some dark denim skinnies during the day, and a heather gray silk sheath at night!

  • Well I can see that diaper image a bit, but I don’t feel like it looks like that too much. I think this clutch is stunning, and price is really right!

  • Lisa

    I can’t help but think of Lord of the Rings when I read that. Mordor, Mordore, almost the same

    • Merve

      In Turkish Mor means purple and dore means like a golden shine hence mordore. Chanel also have makeup range called mordore.

  • Oh dear, diapers and monsters from LOTR!

    Love how the plum one looks anyway.

  • mette

    No, no-to me these bags lack design totally. Just a piece of leather sewed together. But, alas, Prada managed to stamp it´s logo despite the hurry.

  • Miranda

    My goodness,,,, your writing sucks. You need to take classes on grammar. And maybe taste. Because you are seriously lacking both. It amuses me that random people with bad taste and lack of education are calling themselves fashion experts. Is that what we have come to? Reading the incomprehensible ramblings of a greasy haired ugly girl?

    Obviously I need to stop. So I will. Good day.

    • lumidee

      now that’s completely uncalled for…nobody forces you to read these blogs, so if you feel that strongly you really should not be on this forum…get a life

    • Who exactly are you referring to Miranda? Me?

      If so, I will attempt to keep my hair looking nicer when writing on the computer :roll:

    • JamieH

      Which is worse- lacking in grammar skills or lacking in manners?

  • mette

    Miranda: I have assumed that everyone can comment on the articles pictured on this blog. But judging by the way you write, I realize that I have assumed wrong. Your writing is utterly cruel-you are judging the people who write,without ever even having had a chance to meet them. If this is the way this blog works-I will quit my comments. Please enjoy your day.

    • Mette, I am assuming she is speaking about me (not you). Not sure if there was confusion there.

      Either way, there will always be some that decide to speak negatively to everyone else, just because they can.

  • Heh, it can’t be a blog without the occasional crackpot commenter. That’s just how Teh Internets work. Somewhat of an occupational hazard.

  • hawaii2484

    i received my gray vito clutch today! the diaper is gorgeous!!!! i’ll wear it proud.

  • Lyns

    firt looking at the picture, I was oohh-ing and ahhh-ing thinking this clutch is gorgeous, then I read someone say it looked like a diaper.. then i looked again and totaly laughed, then I kind of agreed. Then I read further and saw that abuser-person attacking one of the members, then I was just sad. I’m worn out – I need a nap now.

    • Merve

      Lyns you are so funny, i totally agree. You mirrored my feelings exactly.

  • Miss Marina

    LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • :grin: I loved them!

  • Alvira Khan

    I love the purple bag. It’s very elegant and will never go out of style.

    Alvira Khan
    Florida Atlantic University
    FAU Alumna

  • pursefan

    I´d prefere the grey/gray (BE/AE). And I agree, the price seems quite reasonable. I might be late again, but since there´s been a little discussion about grammar and spelling I just wanted to add, that I´m neither british or american. I just happened to spend some time in both countries (a long, long time ago). So please forgive me (Miranda), if you happen to find mistakes in my comments.

  • pursefan

    PS: And Miranda, I assume you must have had real bad pms on August 5th. Either that or you´re just a really frustrated character… While Megs (I guess you ment her) taste and mine often seems to be similar, I still don´t agree with all of her choices. But there is no point in insulting the host of this place and if you don´t like some of the things or comments shown here, then leave. As written before, I´m rather late with my comment, but things like this bug me and so I decided to say, how I felt.

  • annie

    I purchased two prada purses from , they are nice, but i don’t know if they are authentic? can anyone help?