The Allure of the Prada Triangle Bag

Plus the intriguing dimensions of the Raffia iteration

As specific colorways and designs are synonymous with different brands, the triangle is integral to the House of Prada. The iconic Prada Triangle Logo can be seen on most items, both understated and recognizable simultaneously.

Prada took it one step further by creating a triangle-shaped bag, aptly named the Prada Triangle Bag, and while some may have felt it was too on the nose, I found this bag to be one of the most exciting releases from Prada this past year.

Prada Triangle Bag Full View

The Prada Triangle bag was released to much fanfare, and I’ve seen the various different iterations across my discover pages on social media. I found this summer to be the summer of raffia – of course, warm weather calls for raffia accessories – but it was the material du jour this summer. The Prada Raffia Totes reigned supreme, but if you ask me, this Prada Raffia Triangle Bag is a strong contender.

The Prada Triangle Reimagined

The historic symbol of the brand was first introduced on tunks by Mario Prada, and this geometric and modern take on the Houses code translates extremely well in the shape of this bag. From the textures of the raffia itself to the elevated embroidered triangle logo on the front of the bag, this bag is one of those exciting bags you run into.

Prada Triangle Bag Side View
Prada Triangle Bag Zipper

Prada also has leaned into the multi-pouch bags, so there is a zipped removable pouch that integrates seamlessly with the detachable and adjustable logo-webbed shoulder strap. The strap allows for various carrying methods, you could even just use this bag as a clutch, but I find it a highly cool model off-duty look with the strap on. The iconic enameled-metal triangle logo also sits on the bag’s side, and there is metal hardware to finish the design.

Prada Triangle Bag Strap Pouch

The interior features a logo nylon lining, and the dimensions are 14cm H x 10.5 cm L x 26 cm W. The shape of the bag doesn’t make for the most usable interior space-wise, but the bag fits your phone, and the smaller items like your lipgloss will slide to the bottom, more narrow part of the bag, while your phone still fits fine and kind of sits at the top.

Prada Triangle Bag Pouch

While the leather version is lovely and has no seasonal expiration, this raffia version is the bag I keep returning to. It’s dimensionally interesting and intriguing, plus it makes me think I need another warm weather getaway soon, which isn’t bad.

Price is $2,250 via

Complete the Look

Also, while I am at it, I would finish the look with these two items because these shoes continue to follow me around, and as much as I thought I hated bucket hats, Prada made me love them. I will tell you what, it’s a danger doing what I do (for my bank account)!

Prada Drill Bucket Hat

Prada Foam Rubber Sandals

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1 year ago

It make finding coins at the bottom of your bag easy.

1 year ago

I love the idea of all of this, and the design, but I am not a fan of materials that will not last.

Prada has had so many recent tiny prices increase, that have really added up. When I purchased the small nylon bucket bag a few years ago, it was just under $1000, a friend liked it, & looked it up… its now just under $1800… it’s a great bag, but once these fabric, straw, cloth bags age, they can’t be repaired as a leather bag can.

It’s just sad to see, that not even the highest end designer pieces are made to last anymore. I know it sounds like a broken record but, more releases, lesser quality materials, higher prices…