Prada Tessuto Wristlet

Could we go as far as to label this Prada bag a bag deal? I don’t see why not. As much as many Prada bags go a bit too far, are a bit too overpriced, are simply bags with the Prada logo, this wristlet is cute and perfect for so many occasions. The Prada Tessuto Wristlet is a winning design for many reasons, namely the look is chic, the materials will last, and the price is ideal. As much as I prefer leather, the nylon will make this bag perfect for a night out with friends and really ideal for a bar. No worries about party fouls, because you can just wipe this wristlet and move on. And then comes into play the fact that there is a strap, which I adore. There are not many clutches out there with wrist straps anymore, but there should be. Hands free is the way to go and it is hard to come by. There is a zipper closure and Prada jacquard lining. Measurements are 8¾”W X 10″H X 1″D. But the real deal sealer? The price. Buy through Saks for $310.

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  • enshogirl

    I love this! I want the gray one… and maybe the pink one too. <3

    • dwight

      hi mis enshopgirl… i have the gray one, you can follow my ig account tamcyclassycloset.. :)

  • Kara

    OMG I love this thanks fro posting about it but how will I ever decide what color!!!!

  • Anilu Magloire

    Very cute! Love the colors. Very party like :)

  • Kate

    Great bag! Could easily dress up or down, especially the grey.

  • Ellez

    I can’t decide which colors I like more but I know I have to have one!!!

  • MissLoveChanel

    I like the pink…Maybe I’ve been a good girl and Santa will put one in my stocking:-)

  • Merve

    There are many more colours of these out there. I have a peach one that i bought in the beginning of the summer thats satin and then i have pale green nylon one. They are so useful when u go out, especially in the summer. Honestly well worth buying!!!

  • FendiFan

    Love the colors! I only use wristlets when I go out in the evening, they’re big enough for essentials and don’t get in the way. Just bought a beautiful pre-owned Prada at, couldn’t decide between it and the Chanel wristlet on their home page.

  • tia

    these are adorableee =]

  • sksy

    the colours are really cute and wearable… yum!

  • stella

    How can I buy this from here? Thanks

    • Princess23

      I have one i may be interested in selling, it is brand new only been used a couple of times highest offer please

  • Annalisa Comito

    Whilst overseas last year I purchased a Prada Wallet at
    their Space Outlet in Florence. The
    wallet I purchased was Article No. 1M0506, Material VIT.DAINO 1 and the colour was Mimosa.

    I started to use the wallet three months ago and during the normal course of usage the
    wallet soiled so I cleaned it with a damp cloth with water, the colour
    transferred to the cloth.

    I contacted Prada in Melbourne and Sydney and they advised
    that the wallet was dyed naturally and this happens and that when I purchased
    the wallet I should have been advised and I should have been provided with a
    booklet. I advised them that I was not
    told that this might happen nor was I provided with a booklet.

    The Prada Representative
    said that I need to look after my wallet, I told them that I only use it
    as a wallet and it remains in my bag.
    She then told me that I should clean my wallet with a dry cloth, I
    explained that if I tried to clean it with a dried cloth it would not get the
    grim off.

    The Prada Representative contacted the technician in Italy
    who confirm that the wallet was dyed naturally and could not help any further.

    I requested a refund of my money or a replacement wallet,
    none has been forthcoming. I also asked
    them to put something in writing to me and they have refused.

    The wallet retails in their Australian store for