Prada Spring 2023 Focuses On Different Realities

From bright colors to antiqued leather and more

Prada Spring 2023 women’s collection by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons is intended to mirror the reflections, refractions, and observations of a sequence of realities. Rather than honing in on a single idea, this collection was filled with different bodies of work within a single body of work.

When it comes to the bags, the same interrelationship can be seen. For starters, there is the continuation of the Supernova (more on that bag soon) and the Re-Edition 1995 which both share spazzolato leather, modern finishes, and an overall very clean look. These bags are starkly different from the new antique nappa leather shown on archetypal and classical handbag silhouettes, further showing the collection’s dichotomy.

The New Spring 2023 Bags of Prada

Prada SS23 backstage4

Emulating our personal realities, a shift can be seen – one that mixes delicacy and roughness and these contrasts bring the bags to life with bold colors and appliqués.

There are two very different visions for the bags within a single collection. The Prada Triangle Bag is also shown with clean lines and polished leather. These bags are inherently part of the Prada brand DNA and offer the classicly elegant look Prada is known for.

The new shape that will be the standout addition of the season is less about the shape and more about the bag’s texture. A handful of bag shapes are shown with an antique Nappa leather finished with a pressed and wrinkled appearance. This finish was given to classic Prada handbag silhouettes, like an easy everyday tote, duffle bag, and cool trapezoidal-shaped bag. This worn-in leather will be delightful to touch, supremely soft and malleable, which ties back to past collections. There are also floral appliqués added to totes which add a feminine and artfully crafted finish.

The fashion world looks to Prada to see what everyone will be wearing and carrying next season, and this collection is one that shows the actuality of our lives, as each of our lives is ever-changing daily, and this allows for that fluidity and movement from the bags to the clothing and beyond.

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Prada SS 2023 Bags

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