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The Prada Re-Edition 1995 Updates a House Classic

Sleek, timeless, and practical, there's a new Prada bag in town. In Collaboration with Prada.

Prada Re-Edition 1995 Bag

Fashion’s cyclical nature allows us to revisit what once was from a brand, delighting us in a mix of past and present. If any brand has perfected this time travel, it’s Prada. Some of the most iconic bags from the House have been modernized to bring touches of historical Prada elements back into the arms of adoring fans, and this newest Re-Edition is no different.

We first saw the Prada Re-Edition 1995 bag on the Spring/Summer 22 Runway, a show which was held simultaneously in Milan and Shanghai, and brand aficionados immediately recognized this shape. The precise engineering and streamlined silhouette date back to this bag’s first release for Fall/Winter 1995. True to the brand’s minimalist ethos, this bag is stripped-back and elegant in a way that immediately denotes its part of the Prada family.

A Prada Classic from the Mid-90s

The Prada Re-Edition 1995 can be described as anything but maximalist, with an elegant geometric shape that is highlighted with minimalist lines. This is a bag meant to be functional, and you can see it in the simplicity of the shape and practicality of the details. The exterior of the bag is crafted from brushed leather, a Prada hallmark, and there is a central zipper closure with three internal compartments to help make this bag as useful as possible. The front and back compartments are open, with the back offering a zipped pocket, though you won’t find your items falling out due to the bag’s overall slim and structured nature. The interior is lined with logo-print lining which keeps the bag light and easy to clean.

Prada Re-Edition 1995 in White | Silk and Wool Miniskirt + Knitwear, Available In-Stores | Brushed Leather Slingback Pumps
Prada Re-Edition 1995 Scarlet
Prada Re-Edition 1995 in Scarlet | Silk and Wool Miniskirt + Knitwear, Available In-Stores | Brushed Leather Slingback Pumps

On the exterior, you’ll find a screen-printed Prada lettering logo and the defining touch, a Prada Re-Edition 1995 keychain. This keychain immediately identifies the bag as one of Prada’s famed Re-Editions that have been met with great success, a true original paying homage to the brand’s history. The leather handles have an ideal shoulder drop, allowing the bag to fit over your shoulder even with a larger coat on. Dimensions for the medium size are 8.2″ high x 11.8″ wide x 3.2″ deep, while the larger version measures 10.2″ by 14″ by 3.75″.

Just as the bag was a coveted design in 1995, this revived and re-editioned new design continues the heritage and allure of this modern timeless luxury.

Discover the Prada Re-Edition 1995 now!

Prada Re-Edition 1995 in White | Silk and Wool Miniskirt + Knitwear, Available In-Stores | Brushed Leather Slingback Pumps

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  1. Sarah Avatar

    It’s beautiful! I was looking for a Prada bag and this might be it! Also, Prada has perfected the “red lipstick” color better than any other fashion house. 💄💋

  2. psny15 Avatar

    Gorgeous ❤️

  3. Sandy Avatar

    I really like this bag! I promised myself I would only invest in truly iconic bags with longevity but this is lovely!

  4. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
    Sajid Bin Mohammad

    I feel like this is one of those bags that would look much better in real life than in pictures – the red version on the GIF looks fabulous! I also like how its shape is similar to the Alexander McQueen Heroine Open Tote, which in my opinion is one of those beautiful, but underrated purses.

    1. Kyle Avatar

      Are you embarrassed or appalled in any way by the Telfar article?

      1. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
        Sajid Bin Mohammad

        By the article, nope, I think we’re all entitled to voicing our opinions and be accepting when met with contrasting views.
        But as for Telfar as a brand, I admire it for supporting the black movement and business and BHM. But I feel like without its backstory, it would appear much like any other fast fashion brand (probably, although I’m by no means an expert on fast fashion).
        I had the opportunity of working with a very sustainably-minded group of people from the UK and they had certain very strong criticisms as to why Telfar is not sustainable (because it’s made of PU), and the brand’s recent collaboration with Ugg wasn’t very “vegan” either.
        At the end of the day, I’m just looking for a nice purse that still manages to look stylish even when stuffed to the brim and used consistently, because I think that’s how you’re being most sustainable. Most street-style photos of Telfar, however, don’t look extremely appealing to me, though I do hope they introduce newer styles at some point (soon).

      2. heightoffashion Avatar

        Try the Kassl coated cotton totes-PUFFY and FAB and NOT made in China

    2. heightoffashion Avatar

      NOTHING compares to the Prada spazzolato box patent leather

  5. Wise Healths Avatar
    Wise Healths

    This is beautiful

  6. Irene Avatar

    This is in no way putting down the bag, but it looks like a Kate Spade dupe.
    Still gorgeous ,but I’m thinking, “I can get an almost identical one from Kate spade at like 1/10th the cost”.

    1. JLJLJ Avatar

      I was about to leave the exact same comment. It looks great in Carolyn Bessette’s pictures but the re-edition looks like Kate Spade / Furla.

      1. Joy Avatar

        Which Kate Spade and Furla bags do you have in mind? I’ve browsed their websites but couldn’t find the exact dupe

      2. Ami Avatar

        Google Kate Spade Sam bag. It’s a vintage design that was so iconic to Kate Spade back in the day. I almost bought one as my first grown up bag after graduating college.

    2. Shaaron Avatar

      Sorry, but I agree.

    3. heightoffashion Avatar

      Not even close-lol. This bag is BEYOND chic and way beyond Kate Spade-

  7. Vanessa Avatar

    Yes please! that red one is dreamy

  8. Cher Avatar

    Don’t really like the straps that are flat and without any hardware, do they fit over the shoulder?

  9. Platinumkate Avatar

    The first thing I thought looking at this one was “Kate Spade bag.” Also, something is bothering me about the handles. Too plain? Too thin? Something about just the handles, specifically, looks low end.

  10. Leo Avatar

    I bought a vintage one online. Way cheaper! I love it because it’s timeless and the spazzolato leather is gorgeous. Carolyn Bessette wore this bag and her style was flawless

  11. Luna Avatar

    The bag is stunning, especially in red – but for $3K, why doesn’t it have FEET to protect the bottom?

  12. DanD Avatar

    Love love LOOOOOVE that red color. Love it. I mean that would make any outfit look like a million bucks. I wish there was a close up on the texture of the leather, it looks stained in one picture but I think its just the light play on the texture. I dont know what they mean by “brushed leather” though without a close up.