Prada Pitone Pietre Shoulder BagPrada, haven’t we had this discussion before? The one about sticking random crap on bags? I feel like we have. And I just saw the Prada Pitone Pietre Shoulder Bag, so it looks like we’re going to have to have it again. I won’t say that I would have loved the bag without the random stones affixed to it; it would have been a fairly boring, small snakeskin handbag, and one that wouldn’t have been worth the money that I’m sure you would have been asking for it. At 16″ wide, you could have done so many more interesting things with that much python. It creates a beautiful pattern on its own, and there’s no need for you to obscure it with some ill-advised bedazzling. So, Prada, please stop and think the next time the urge to glue stuff to your bag strikes. Buy through Saks for $1895.

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  • Cherie L.

    Oooo the Prada S/S09 bag collection with the sew-on jumbo beads. Yeah, pure stupidity.

  • ErininOregon

    It could work, if I were magenta red-headed, wearing a low-cut, leopard-print bodystocking, with some 5-inch patent red heels, in Reno, working at the Bunny Ranch…

    Sorry, it just screams for someone to raise the tacky anté.

  • lilyj.

    When I see all of these “bejeweled” bags, I am reminded of the crafts that my 7 year old has made at birthday parties.

  • luvhautecouture

    ick! Who allowed this bag to be produced??

  • CJ

    Gross. It looks like a European went crazy with a be-dazzler.

  • Thumbelina Fashionista

    Ha ha, I also wrote about how hideous I thought these were. Glad to know that other people share my opinion! LOL.

  • shara

    Kinda makes you wonder who the designer is…..? Agree. Beautiful bag, but scrap the beads. Ugh.

  • Kelly

    Prada’s been so disappointing lately! Miu Miu is way better.

  • Merve

    wow, the only thing that eclipses the vulgarity of this bag is another prada collection ive seen which is bright different coloured nylon bags with matching bright stones randomly stuck on them. Our local prada boutique looked like a multicoloured candy store.

  • Kimberly

    the stones make the bag look soo tacky! although some “bling” can be nice on bags, the evenness and strategic placement look ugly. is it even a semi precious stone?! because in these pics it looks like (fug) plastic

  • tony

    why so ugly

  • J

    OH MY GOD. This has been out forever now. At least TRY to stay on top of things

  • funkylola

    THe WORST part is that the stones are “PLASTIC” not even Glass so they all look like knockoffs. But I heard they are selling very well YUCK

  • Stephanie

    i think that it looks like a dumb craft selling at a way overpriced amount! I LOVE SNAKES!!!!! Why cant people just find a different material?!?!?!? I like vera bradley because they make it out of cloth! NOT SKIN

  • madalitso

    im thinking of putting that in the next show. ( in fasion) you may make lots of cash$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • elle

    i think the black phyton with black stones is a stunning bag love the size still can go from day to nite

  • izzabella

    hello my fellow fasionistas were is your daring side with the right outfit the prada stone bags can make a fabulous statement i personally like tone on tone black on black purple on purple etc just need to keep outfit simple think prada was using this design to be your focal point i totally get think outside the box girlfriends handbags are like our men varity makes the world go round