Prada Nappa Mordore Hobo

I am a lover of metallics, but I am picky about which metallic colors I like. I am much more of a pewter lover than a silver lover and more of a copper lover than a gold lover. The deeper hues are sultry, sexy, and elegant in metallics. Just much more my style. And with the Prada Nappa Mordore Hobo it is as if Prada came to me, asked me what I thought, and then proceeded to carry out my wants and desires. Why thank you Prada for taking my likings into account. And even more of my likings are on this handbag. The overall design is nothing amazing, but the hobo stands out with the leather pieces which are stitched together to create a stripe pattern. But this bag does it for me. I don’t need all the extras on my bags, just a bag that does its job but still stands out and grabs attention. And you know what this bag does, it adds that slight shine and glimmer that makes for a perfect metallic bag. There is a snap closure and two inside pockets. Available in anthracite and copper; if I were buying this bag I would most likely opt for copper. Buy through Saks for $1695.


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