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The holidays are a celebration in many different ways. First and foremost, they’re an opportunity to come together with friends and loved ones to spend time and exchange tokens of affection that will hopefully be used and treasured by their recipients throughout the coming year and beyond. I also think of the holidays as an opportunity to find some time to relax, treat yourself well and reward yourself for the hard work of the previous year. Prada is a brand that thinks about all the different things it means to be a modern woman, so naturally, the brand has bags and accessories that fit both of these dual celebratory purposes.

Prada has expanded its handbag lineup in really impressive ways over the past year, and that includes everything from roomy, functional carryalls to handy, petite crossbodies. Which one will be the best addition to your wardrobe depends on your personal needs, but Prada has a little bit of something for everyone right now.

Prada Bibliothèque Bag - $2,960 via Prada

Prada Bibliothèque Bag – $2,960 via Prada

The Prada Bibliothèque Soft Tote is a perfect office option for a women who wants both practicality and personality in her bag. Both the double tote handles and the optional flat single strap fit easily over the shoulder, and the bag is big enough for files, a small laptop or whatever else your career life requires. The bag doesn’t sacrifice style just because you’re at the office, though, with contrasting bright colors at the gussets and handles to provide a charming deviation from the bag’s black front and rear leather panels.

Prada Paradigme - $2,710 via Prada

Prada Paradigme – $2,710 via Prada

If what you need is something more tailored, the Prada Paradigme Tote is what you want. This bag is an updated take on a classic Prada idea: the structured, durable, sophisticated tote.


Prada Paradigme Detail – $2,710 via Prada

It’s meant to be carried in the crook of the arm, which is a sophisticated look for more formal settings, but that doesn’t mean it lacks for details or fun. The bag also comes with an optional shoulder strap in a cheerful zigzag design that can tone down some of the bag’s formality in more casual situations. It’s the best of both worlds.


Prada Esplanade Bag – $1,600 via Prada

For a weekend look, the Prada Esplanade Shoulder Bag is perfect. The bag is petite but feels significant because Prada doesn’t sacrifice the details that are signatures of its larger bags just because this one isn’t as big. The broad, flat shoulder strap, tall front and rear panels and gleaming side lock make this design look powerful in ways that small shoulder bags rarely do.

Prada Cellphone Sleeve - $480 via Prada

Prada Cellphone Sleeve – $480 via Prada

For an easy bag to throw on when you run to the store or don’t want to carry too much on a night out, look to the Prada Smartphone Sleeve. It’s exactly what it sounds like–a chic, secure way to have your phone by your side while your hands stay free. The gleaming gold-tone chain gives the bag a luxurious feel, and the durable saffiano leather ensures that the bag will look great and protect your phone no matter how many times you throw it on to run out for some quick errands.

Prada Trick Rufus - $285 via Prada + Trick Romeo - $395 via Prada

Prada Trick Rufus – $285 via Prada + Trick Romeo – $395 via Prada

For the friends you’d like to treat to a little bit of Prada this holiday season and beyond, Prada’s iconic Bag Tricks come in. Years before other brands hopped on the bandwagon, Prada originated the accessories trends with these cute, modern keychains, often in the figure of luxe robots or tiny stuffed bears in themed outfits.

Prada Tricks make the perfect final touch to one of the brand’s serious designs by lightening the mood of an outfit and adding a note of humor. That’s what makes them such perfect gifts, too–your friend or loved one can move the Trick from bag to bag, and no matter how they wear it, it serves as an adorable reminder of your friendship.

Prada Robot Trick
Prada Robot Trick

Trick Romeo – $395 via Prada + Prada Trick Rufus – $285 via Prada

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  • Sara

    The Bibliotheque is gorgeous. Quite pricy though for a bag that I would only use for work not play. Personally.

    • I think you could use it for daily use – it’s super functional, so I see why it would make a great work bag!

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  • FashionableLena

    Rufus and Romeo are cute.

  • Fawcett Proust

    I love all of these! I just wish Prada would make things in softer leathers as opposed to Saffiano.

    • I love their soft leather too! But saffiano is so durable which is a major plus as well

      • Fawcett Proust

        True! It just doesn’t feel as luxurious to me.

      • Passerine

        They still make bags in the softer leathers, but for some reason, they don’t display them. You have to ask the SAs for them. Weird.

    • Passerine

      They still do! They just don’t display them for some reason. A friend and I were recently in a Gucci store and I complained that there wasn’t anything in Vitello Daino or Cervo. The SA said, wait just a minute, disappeared in the back, and came out with two beautiful Vitello Daino bags. We loved them. We thought they were prettier and easier to wear. And they were cheaper too!

      • Passerine

        Sorry, meant PRADA store, not Gucci!!!

  • Abby

    Ahhh that white and blue bag and those robot tricks are all kinds of amazing!!!!

  • Janaki Subramanyam

    Lovely bags but still love the saffiano leather. The Bibliotheca looks like a larger version of their classic tote. Have their classic tote so am a bit partial to that leather