I feel like going picture crazy today. And with all these wonderful bag creations for fall floating around at the online stores, there is plenty of reason to do so. In my opinion, anyhow. Prada comes back this fall with lots of warm autumn colors, plenty of suede and simplicity. I like them, and so will you!

Prada Daino Grommet Box Bag
Leather box bag with grommet details and removable ID tag. Inside zipper pocket. For $1,825 via Saks.
Prada handbag

Prada Shearling Tote
Gold colored shearling tote bag with mink fur trim and crocodile handles. For $1,825 via Saks.
Prada handbag

Prada Antique Buckle Tote
Antique leather tote with signature lock closure and buckle detail. Detachable ID tag and inside zipper pocket. In back or brown for $1,395 via Saks Fifth.
Prada handbag

Prada Suede Push Lock Bag
Suede flap top bag with gold pushlock and buckle details. $1,195 via Saks Fifth.
Prada handbag

Prada Suede Logo Box Bag
Suede logo print box bag with buckle detailed handles, removable ID tag, and inside zipper pocket. For $1,295 via Saks, yet again.
Prada handbag

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  • I love this bag it is the coolest ting I ever seen in my life thank youvery much love sachel r.

  • chemlex

    I know it’s fall – but would it kill them to use any other color than rusty brown? Hopefully their high quality will make up for how boring they are. I can’t see any under 50 wanting to buy these things. Practically everyone has a bland brown bag, the only appeal these have is their label.

    And the last bag with the giant PRADA branded on it is beyond tacky. If I didn’t know it was an authentic bag and saw it in the street, a little voice in my head would scream “Knock Off!”

  • billyjoe

    the prada daino grommet box bag is ugly and so is the shearling tote and the suede logo box bag are retarded

  • vixen

    I LIKE dusty brown, “boring” bags, and I’m under 50. But, I agree that a lot of their bags this fall haven’t been given much thought too- I still like some of them. Like the one above.

  • lori d

    UGH!!!! This ones a klunker! What is UP with Prada these days? HUGE prada emblem is SOOOOOOOOOOOO tacky. Somebody tell Miss Prada (miuccia or however you spell her name) that logos are not that desireable when magnified to 50X on the side of a bag! YIKES!

  • Susan L

    Actually I love the large Prada logo they’re using these days. In the picture of the suede logo box (especially in that color) it’s not very flattering. Nieman Marcus sells one in dark chocolate brown that is gorgeous. Go see one of these bags up close, there’s no way you’d think it was a knock off. The small triangles – now those are the ones that you can’t tell the difference between anymore.

  • esma

    i would like to buy this bag can i buy it in any of prada stores????can i buy it online????

  • hana

    :smile: gorgeos!

  • Alexa

    :shock: :sad:

  • Naggy

    The fourth one is the only one remotely pretty. (ipad)

  • KY

    The fourth one looks nice, but I think it looks better when it was a little bigger. (ipad)