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  • Or

    Hmm, a small duffel bag is their solution? how naive…

  • kemilia

    The croc gloves are creepy, very Swamp Creature-like. And I don’t get the bag-inside-another-bag look.

  • Monaco

    As much as I love Prada (especially their shoes and small leather goods) I have a hard time justifying saving up to buy their bags because you can find similar bags at a much better price point.

    For example, the Saffiano double zip tote looks just like the Lauren Ralph Lauren’s Newsbury bag. The Newsbury cost about $300 for the medium while the Prada version cost at least $1500.

    If I am going to shell out thousands of dollars for a handbag, I want something that looks completely different then a bag I can find for cheaper at Marshall’s or Macy’s. This is why I believe bags like the Celine Luggage tote and the Balenciaga City bag became so popular.

    • Mel

      100% agree with you

      • GMITALY

        You always pay for what you get. But you should be aware about the quality and can’t say they use the same material.
        Michael Kors for example copied the double zip Galleria bag, but you can see the difference between a Prada and a Michael Kors bag, after few months. Prada comes from a long tradition, uses the best materials (for example the metal is sinked in real gold) and uses the finest leather you can find around the world. Also its bags are handmade in Italy. The costumer service is amazing and if you have any manufactory problem the company always fix you bag for free. Michael Kors… uses leather from very old animals and makes its bags in China. So they are not the same and for sure they don’t use the same materials. Then if you prefer a Micheal Kors because you prefer its style, that’s ok.

    • Yeah, they’ve got to get away from those saffiano totes. EVERYONE makes one of those saffiano totes now. Lauren Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, MICHAEL Michael Kors, all at a fraction of the Prada price for much the same materials.

  • lilyk

    shoulder strap, shoulder strap WERE ART THOU!?!?

    • A lot of runway bags that will eventually have shoulder straps for the consumer market are shown without them to avoid the extra visual clutter, and I’m hoping that’s the case here.

  • Mel

    Not a fan of any of the bags, but glad to see they’re getting out of their saffiano shell.

  • Lola

    I hate that “Milano” inscription! it’s just wrong!
    Let’s face it, the main problem at Prada (along with diversity) is prices. Their nylon bags are expensive as hell and their leather bags too. I’m sorry to say that but those croc or ostrish bags doesn’t looks luxurious at all.
    I think that the nylon and the price dropping can save the brand.

    • chantel

      You are saying prada’s nylon and leather bag is expensive like hell?? Den how about chanel, hermes and lv? Think before u comment

  • T.U. A.

    ???A bag with another bag inside of it?? Am I buying a matryoshka doll?

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  • Moesha75

    The Prada Inception Collection.

  • Melly

    They look like cheap bags…Any chance you think Prada will REDUCE the price on the Saffiano Double Lux Tote? Or will that damage the brand even more?

  • Rashida


  • Ellejays11

    I’m not really feeling these bags, though I do appreciate the new leathers. For some reason they remind me of my travel makeup cases…

  • Mary Smith

    The gloves look like cleaning gloves! Pass.

  • fashion.foward

    whats with the double zippered bags? I hope the insides are removable pouches…it would be pretty annoying unzipping a bag twice….

  • seres

    The unzipped shell looks messy and a little alien (small head within large mouth, especially the exotics)
    Imma let Prada finish but the Peekaboo has one of the best casual slouches of all time…of all time :)

  • klynneann

    I really like them. I’d have to see how big the inside bag is and how functional it really is or whether it just gets in the way, but I like the idea. And some of the color combos are great – I especially like 8 and 14.

  • Mya Wilkes

    Zero appeal to me unfortunately.

  • Lisa

    It will take more than a duffel to reinvigorate the brand. And if you want crocodile options, Nancy Gonzalez has beautiful skins and lots of different shapes and sizes. I’m gonna pass on Prada this time around, too.

  • Lulu

    I think that though the form of this bags is very traditional and not too far out, the blue croco bag is stunning, but I am sure the price tag is probably as high as a birkin.

  • LilC

    I hate how the handle is being attached to the bag for the soft/exotic leather bags… if they want to show the D-ring, show it. Don’t hide it under another piece of leather and create a “I want to be here but don’t want to be here” kind of look. That few patch of leather adds additional visual bulk to the bag somehow, not very pleasing when the bag is soft…

  • Sparkletastic

    Waaaaah! I love Prada. Love! And this is a hard disappointment. I was really hoping the Fall lineup was going to shake up the brand. Give me bags to crave! Stop the Saffiano stranglehold. But these are just a bunch of rectangles in various, colorful materials. Nothing provocative. I really wanted to see some forward thinking shapes and designs.

    Side note – I can’t tell what the bag in bags are. Pouches? Mini bags carried that way for effect on the runway? Other?????

  • Charada

    Uninspiring. These bags should look like a work of art for the price Prada charges for them. The gloves in crocodile don’t work. Why not use Napa leather instead with just a few accents of crocodile leather?

  • Joel Vazquez

    Prada style is timeless, minimalistc, classic, conceptual, not just a trendy brand, of course not for all customers specially the whole new rich population, no offense, plus the new generation of ALL MIGHTY bloggers, so when you have clients looking for studs, glitter, logo and just tendecies of course Prada doesnt fit in their wish list because they dont understand nor appreciate craftmaship, tradition, heritage, retro style, minimalism, the purism of Prada bags, the lack of knowledge just blinds the eyes of those who know nothing about the brand, their are just not bags they are pieces of art. Prada has always been pioneer in the leather goods market and many other fields I just suggest all of you do your research and try to make a difference not just trying to stand out with trivialities and showing off your lack of style, the fact that you’re wearing a Celine, LV, Dior bag for instance doesnt make you stylish AT ALL…

  • Marvis

    I really like the double bag & the color combo ‘s.
    I’m always a season or 2 behind because I buy so many I have to wait to hunt them on sale or consignment –but–I still love to have great bags!!
    My next one will be a Peekaboo

  • Wesley Thomas
  • shopper

    the double bag is funny! like the outer crocodile bag ate the other bag!!!

  • hello there

    Prada is hoping to hit it big with the “Inside” bag, but I do not think they will receive the response they are hoping for. In fact, the Inside looks like pared down, dowdy version of Fendi’s magnificent Peekaboo. We’ll take a pass on this one.

    Yes, we love bags that are timeless and can be worn for years, but we do not like non-descript. These offerings are basically banal with no luxe factor. Where is the innovation?

    With the shifts occurring in the lux market, it takes distinct and/or dream worthy product to yield purchases. People tend to buy fewer expensive bags now than they did in the past. RTW is gaining more and more traction. People do not just want a closet full of bags they now realize that clothing makes even more of an impact so the allocations to bags are dwindling – shoes are an exception somewhat. So bags have to really speak to someone.

    Prada also needs to address their sourcing issues. Are Prada bags made entirely in China, partially in China and then finished in Italy or entirely in Italy? No one knows, but the quality is often lacking no matter where it is made: inconsistent stitching, poor glue jobs, cracking sealants that look sloppy.

    The group was very bullish on moving production to China because they quality is “so good” but what happens is that people also start to question value, heritage and brand identity. If the bag is mainly produced in China and the price point reflects it then that might be one thing, but you cannot keep raising prices.

    Prada has many factories and also relationships with many manufactures so I suspect the bags could be made any number of places, but the difficulty in verifying their “Made in” label is concerning. As an aside, their Saffiano leather and bags shapes look very similar to Serapian so I would not be surprised if Serapian supplies at least some of their bags and those would in fact be made in Italy.

    Oversaturation can kill any brand and they are wise to limit store openings. Yes, you need growth but it has to be selective. It is also a shame they insist on the shop-in-shop model – every selling space is the same even in dept stores. I think it is much more romantic to have some difference in your selling space. They severed a large part of their relationship with Barneys because of this, but it is sometimes better to let
    the product be experienced from another point of view.

    Prada’s golden years were 1999 to about 2006. Since that time the RTW for men at least has been lackluster and the only bag that really delivered was the Galleria. It is time for a change.

    If I remember correctly, Prada had a stake in Fendi before LVMH bought it. I have to believe under Prada’s direction Fendi would have never achieved the success that they have today. Prada’s track record for nourishing brands is not so great – Jil Sander,
    Helmut Lang etc. And now it seems they cannot even nurture the namesake label. It
    could be that a cultural shift is needed to move the needle for the brand. Sometimes
    a shopworn bag of old tricks is just that — old tricks.

  • Robin M.

    I just stopped in the SoHo store, and I saw the leather ones in 3 sizes. The bag comes with a thin shoulder strap that attaches to small rings and the base of the handles on a diagonal.

  • Robin M.

    Also, The bag inside is not removable. The bag is meant to be worn as shown on the runway, with the inside bag zipped and the outside bag open. There are “side pockets” between the 2 bags for items.