Sometimes, the little things count. A handbag, after all, is a utilitarian creation made beautiful because of its utter necessity – a bag that was difficult to carry would be useless to most women. As such, there are only so many design alteration that you can make to a bag, and I often think that making a beautiful bag with minimal design innovations is much more difficult than making a bag that’s art first and useful second. Which is why I love the Prada Cervo Lux Shoulder Bag – because, at it’s heart, it’s just a purse. It’s a tote that would hold everything you need with two straps long enough to toss it over your shoulder. Its magnetic closure is easy to fasten and unfasten, and its corners and strap attachments are reinforced for durability. It’s a bag that’s meant to be used instead of gazed upon. There’s a rivet here and a chain detail there (I love the straps), but it’s almost unnerving in it’s simplicity. Prada makes some gimmicky bags, for sure, but I think it’s probably bags like this one that earn them such devoted fans. Buy through Saks for $1,995.

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  • gitwenty5

    i beg to differ. for $1995 USD, you are buying a boring bag with a prada nameplate, nothing else. I will justify $1995 for a bag with design innovations or a bag that has made a fashion statement, like the Jimmy Choo Ramona, Anya Hindmarch cooper, Prada fairy bag, etc. etc. But… $1995USD for a Chanel Cabas-lookalike? you must be kidding me.

  • Jahpson

    wow, that is surprisingly cute.

  • mj

    Lovely bag! Bought this last year on sale! Off Fifth had both the brown and black versions. This style is definitely a HUGE tote bag!

  • mette

    This looks surprisingly ageless. Also a very easy bag to use, but the price has been set too high.

  • Merve

    Although its a really nice bag, i do agree that it is a bit of a chanel knock off…and for $2k i think i’ll go for the original thx.

  • may

    It does look a little like chanel’s cabas, but i still like it because it is functional and classic looking. A little pricey though…

  • patti

    This bag, in a very beautiful metallic brown, is on sale at

  • sbnm

    Everybody says it is nice and classy but noone mentions how heavy the strap is. I have the bowler style with same straps and find it heavy all the time.

  • tracy

    Gorgeous, and definately practical, but really, I can’t stand that pricetag! For that much money, I agree with the others, I’ll go for the original! Frankly, for that much money, I’d better have my bag stared at!

  • puma1955

    I agree with gitwenty5

    you are buying a boring bag with a prada nameplate, nothing else.

  • WOW!!
    This bag, in a very beautiful metallic brown, is on sale at