The PurseBlog team took the day off yesterday to celebrate Memorial Day with family and friends, and because of a very pressing nice-weather-on-a-patio situation, I missed last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County. If you had already finished your day-off revelry and made it inside in time to watch the episode, we’d like to provide you with a spot to talk amongst yourselves about what transpired.

Frankly, I’m surprised that Bravo aired a new episode last night – in general, the network runs repeats when a popular series bumps up against a holiday that takes people away from their televisions. If you watched the episode, please weigh in as to why that might be: was it a particularly boring episode that the powers that be were trying to burn, or is this entire season doomed to bore us, causing the network to try and speed through it? Or maybe, possibly, it was a solid episode and I’m a conspiracy theorist. I feel like it’s a longshot, but stranger things have happened.

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  • SB artist

    You didn’t miss anything – it WAS somewhat boring: Yet ANOTHER agonizing scene of how Lydia doesn’t like that her mother smoked (and still does smoke) pot… does anyone really care? Is anyone shocked by this?

    As for why they didn’t do a rerun – who watches TV in real time anymore? Even if I’m home I DVR everything so I don’t have to endure the commercials. Maybe they figured everyone will still want to watch it on Tuesday after they tape it, since we are officially into the summer schedule (aka there is NOTHING on TV…)

  • Paris8

    Agree it was agonizing to hear Lydia in her little girl voice drone on and on about her mother, the pot smoker. I’d much rather hear her talk about her mother, the actress – she looks familiar.

    I’ve never seen anyone get as gussied up for an ultrasound as Gretchen.


  • Monique

    It was utterly annoying. I get tired of watching Vicky and Brooks sneak behind her DAUGHTERS back. You are the adult, if you want to be with him then be with him because one day ryan and brianna will move out and get a house and have a life and you will be alone, I may be the minority but I’m extremely annoyed that her daughter can run off to vegas and get married and vicky just HAS to except it but then they say its either us or your boyfriend, what happened to trying to except him? They need to go to family cousenling because the only thing that I can see (that was showed and talked about) is brooks is a tad creepy. Moving along I also find it so annoying that Lydia is complaining that her mom smokes weed, when she is rich has an amazing life and quite frankly who gives a flying fadoodle. There are kids out there with parents on hardcore drugs that go without food and shelter. She sounds so ungreatful for her life “oh my mom was so high I just did whatever I wanted and we would go shopping” GET OVER IT. I’m tired of tamra being a bitch and realizing she is one and things in her past have lead her to be one but doing nothing to change it. I’m tired of hearing about gretchen and her weird “semi poor yet I have so many jobs and i want a kid with someone who doesn’t pay child support but i wont marry him” life. I don’t care about Alexis and her over use of the world bullying and Heather was a breathe of fresh air last season and she had some funny one liners but now she is almost like a character of hersel, she over plays her role and she clearly thinks she is a star on this show, I’m not surprised that her marriage is kidn of rocky I don’t buy for one second that terry just all the sudden became like this, shes been married for a long time and I believe that she is only an extreme bitch this season to stay relevant. I’m tired of this franchise.

  • Guest

    People like Slade should have to undergo compulsory sterilization and be prohibited from having children through any means whatsoever. Take care of the ones you already have, idiot!

    Speaking of idiots: Gretchen.

    Lydia and Brianna are supremely ungrateful brats and both of them need to shut up and sit down.

    The “Manhunt” documentary on CNN was much more interesting than any of this drivel. If you are interested in the serious events of the day and have HBO, you can still see it there. I highly recommend it.

  • Yerani_km

    1. Vicki is still a trolling idiot going behind her daughter’s back to see the carpet bagger du jour Brooks. If you have to sneak around than you’re probably in the wrong and the guy you’re seeing is a creep. Seriously CREEP!
    2. Terry should’ve just given Heather a damn Hallmark card 3 episodes ago so we all could have moved on from the fake fight and the fake Heather fury.
    3. Alexis is a workout fiend but has a hard time jumping around on a trampoline. I can see the headlines now: Country Flocks to New Excercise Craze: Trampolining
    4. Tamra’s had some hardships in her life (she must be the only one I say as I roll my eyes so hard I give myself a headache) so everyone should give her a pass for being a bitch. Which reminds me, does she not realize her children will see this as they become adults, I would be mortified.
    5. Poor Lidia, I think she has a passport to the land of the bunnies where her mother resides. Bottom line: the apple doesn’t fall from the tree.
    6. I had to save the best/worst for last. Gretchen who needs so much attention that nothing is sacred including going to the gyno and having an ultra-sound wand stuck in your hoo-haw on camera! NO ONE needs to see that! Seriously, just no and perhaps reproducing is not the best idea for these two! Stick to dogs, although I feel bad for the dogs as well.

    • SB artist

      I must respectfully disagree with your #3 point – I just tried a trampoline class and it is much harder than it looks. (I don’t look like Alexis but I do work out 5-6 days a week). Your feet and calves start aching in about 10 minutes. I DO think it will be the next exercise craze and they are smart to open that trampoline “park”. Ours in Santa Barbara is just one small room with wall to wall trampolines…no fun pits or bouncy walls.

    • Donna

      I love your point about Heather and Terry! Your point about Tamra is well taken. Many other people have suffered far worse and still manage to be polite and professional when in public. Grow up Tamra and try to act like you have some class.
      Lydia just needs to get over it. As long as her mom isn’t under the influence while with Lydia’s kids, it’s really none of Lydia’s business what she does in the privacy of her own home to relax. A zillion people have a nightcap or a margarita by the pool and I guarantee Lydia wouldn’t have a problem with that. If Lydia’s mom respects her wishes and abstains from weed while around Lydia and her family there shouldn’t be an issue.
      Gretchen and Slade reproducing is a horrible horrible idea. How low can this show sink? She really is dumb and he really is skeevy. Support the children you have Slade and Gretchen honey, if you can’t comprehend that someone increasing your monthly car payment isn’t exactly a ‘gift’ but instead an imposition and an insult, then you are too stupid to parent.

  • Jeloi

    Thanks for the recaps ladies, I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! Amanda this is off topic, but have you watched XOX Betsey Johnson or Resale Royalty, both are great shows about fashion and especially handbags!!!

  • Alena

    Did anyone else notice how Gretchen’s bags change their position according to the camera angle? They always face the camera, even when sitting on a table at the waiting room in doc’s office… They must have a mind and legs of their own…

  • Karen

    The one thing I did get about the whole Vicky/Brianna/Ryan/Brooks mess, although I’m not sure it was from this episode or from an earlier episode, was that part of the agreement for Brianna and Ryan to move in with Vicky was for Brooks to stay away, especially after the baby was born. I have to give it to Ryan for standing his ground – he has good instincts about Brooks, the guy is serious bad news. Last season, he was proclaiming his undying love for Vicky’s kids before he’d ever even met them. This season, as soon as Brianna doesn’t want him around the house, Brooks is not-so-subtly giving Vicky an ultimatum to kick out your daughter and grandson or die alone. Vicky is charging Ryan and Brianna rent to live in her house, she doesn’t get to change the agreed upon terms just because she stomps her foot and throws a tantrum.