Hello, Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans! Emily, your intrepid recapper, is on vacation this week. I intended to recap the show in her stead for your viewing pleasure, but because Time Warner Cable likes to keep New York City residents on its toes, I awoke this morning to no KUWTK on my DVR and no backup plan, because generally the media makes it incredibly easy for us to consume all the Kardashian information that our little hearts might or might not desire. That, of course, is the trickery of my dear cable company.

So, instead of a recap of this week’s Kardashian debauchery, I thought it might be nice to have a little space to discuss all things Kardashian – what did you think of this week’s episode? Do you like how the season is going so far? Surely you have thoughts on little North West, even if you missed the episode too. Oh, and if you want to skip the Kardashians and talk about the Mad Men season finale, I wouldn’t be mad at that either, because Time Warner actually allowed me to watch that. Perhaps TWC is just looking out for my taste level.

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  • Stephanie Barber

    I liked the fact that scott even though he was scared about death and sick people he still went and hung out with that woman and lol sat in her king chair that didnt even go with the room. She had a fun wall everyone should have a wall or a room that makes them smile. kourtney always wearing pajamas is so adoreable. Bruce glad he got his ears checked that is in the way but they did point out it could be selective hearing. no on to kims pregnancy i heard they were naming the chilc north west months ago i know that is not just me. but its good she had a healthy baby girl. congrats. i def know shes going to get in the gym quit or if she isnt already getting lipo i wouldnt blame her image is everything.

  • Silversun

    Mad Men was insane! Where to even start? How’s about Don’s EPIC IMPLOSION of a Hershey’s pitch!? What about Peggy being buffeted around by decisions of other people all season to find herself in the corner office effectively Creative Director for the time being, even though it never seemed to even cross the big boys’ minds that she could be a real contender for the job?! What about Pete and Bud basically just shrugging their shoulders and going “eh” at their mother presumably falling overboard? (And this after dad’s plane went down, no less. The Dyckman-Campbells certainly don’t have a great travel record.) How’s about Bob Benson totally one-upping Campbell in the car-driving department and carving a giant turkey?! I can’t believe I have to wait until NEXT YEAR for my next Mad Men fix. Luckily, I still have the Kardashians for company.

  • Nicolavc86

    I find it despicable that Mason isn’t in this season of the Kardashians, he is the shining start & too cute for words. Not impressed!!