New designs that are affordable and fun all at the same time are hard to find. But with the internet, a few clicks can lead you to a great hidden treasure and that is precisely what I have come up with when I stumbled upon the Diana Eng Fortune Cookie Coin Purses. Aren’t these adorable?

The best part is that Diana Eng decided to make these novelty items while also being socially conscious. The pouch is made in the USA and crafted from recycled leather. The really interesting aspect is that each purse has a unique number on it so you can go to the Diana Eng website and track the origin of the leather your exact pouch is made of. Much of the leather comes from remnant leather from the garment district, so all the scraps some of our other favorite designers left behind are used to create these adorable purses.

And what is a fortune cookie without a fortune? There is a fortune inside each pouch which makes this just as fun as cracking open a fortune cookie (without the sometimes cardboard-like cookie, of course). The shopping season is upon us, and these make great gift ideas. The price is a reasonable $65 via Diana Eng online.

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  • marinaharbour

    A perfect gift! Sooo Cute!!

  • Barbarossa Leather

    Recycle leather?? Great idea.. they are adorable!

  • Hanelisi

    OMG! I want one :)

  • Stills

    How cute! Really adorable

  • J Umm

    a great novelty idea but i can’t imagine them holding much in them


  • LDJ

    Cute, I want one.

  • Liz W

    Does it actually fit any coins? I love it, but it looks like it’d carry maybe 4 quarters.

  • The utility of your change purse can never be overlooked as a necessary item when you’re thinking about all those coins.