File this under “Things That Really Shouldn’t Surprise Anyone, Ever.”

According to Massachusetts Institute of Technology researcher Renee Richardson Gosline (yeah, that’s right, MIT is interested in your handbag), consumers are far more likely to identify a counterfeit bag as real when worn by someone that “looks” rich and a real bag as counterfeit when worn by someone that “looks” poor. I’m not sure why that would come as a huge surprise to anyone, but the fact that its been scientifically confirmed means that we can all congratulate ourselves on being logical, I suppose..

Before you fire up the keyboard and claim in the comments that you don’t care if people think your bag is fake or that it’s shallow for people to assume things about you because you dress a certain way, please slow your roll and read the stuff after the jump.

Inherent in fashion is the desire to create a cohesive personal style and public image, and if we weren’t expecting for it to matter in some way how we portray ourselves to the world, then we’d just all wear sweatpants and Ugg boots like we all really want to, deep down (or maybe I’m projecting). And it’s okay! Caring about public perception is actually a very grown-up thing to do, no matter how many times you told your mom that you didn’t care what people thought of you as a teenager.

As it turns out, the efforts that we make on behalf of our egos are perceived pretty accurately, which is to say that people with money usually do a good job looking like they have money, and others are more likely to assume that the bags of wealthy-looking people are real. On the other hand, most people think a bag is fake if the other contextual clues in the wearer’s appearance don’t project wealth.

The most relevant conclusion of the study for people that love authentic bags is that buying a counterfeits, by itself, isn’t fooling anyone. Carrying a fake bag (one which many people might perceive as expensive in another context) isn’t enough to override everything else about someone’s appearance – instead of making the person look rich by proximity, it just makes everyone think that the bag they’re carrying is fake. That means that the people out there that bought a fake Louis Vuitton and have no other personal style to speak of wasted their money, and most people are able to accurately surmise that their bag isn’t the real thing. As it turns out, you really can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, as they say.

Bloomberg really managed to bury the lede on this article, though. All of the previous stuff seems fairly logical, but what I found most interesting was this little statistic, nestled at the end: Of women that buy counterfeit bags, 46% go on to buy the real thing within two years. People that buy fakes may think that they have one over on the rest of us bag-buying fools, but as it turns out, a lot of them are just at the beginning of a fashion progression that will ultimately turn them into the high-dollar consumers that they thought they could fool with a pleather Gucci.

Original article via Bloomberg.com.

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  • kat

    interesting article. I don’t buy fakes as i would so much prefer something cheap/original or vintage- i spend lots on bags that truly make me feel they are a piece of art, that i can carry everywhere! That being said, I have no problems with people buying fakes.. just like them getting plastic surgeries. i wear beautiful things because deep down I want to and it makes me happy, never because i care about how others see it. i hugely dislike sweat pants and ugg boots… especially when worn together, how much more non-feminine can one be… sorry, but every time i see that combo it looks like elephant legs to me.

  • Anna Cooperberg Gzz.

    Super article, Amanda!!! This was extremely interesting and the perfect study break :) I’d have to say that the last statistic is true… after I got into Coach bags, I got into LV for a very brief period that involved a trip to NYC where my mother got a real Prada and I, in a fit, purchased a small multicolor LV from one of those shady nighttime street vendors. Bad decision- I wore it once, then stashed it in the back of a drawer at home for shame. Less than a month later, I had purchased my first real LV. I keep the fake as a reminder not to deny my true nature… and now I am clearly NOT a proponent of fakes. Ick. I am gagging. And as for sweatpants and Uggs- I wore the two together when I was coxwain for Columbia crew, but otherwise, no for me. I do like experimenting with sweatpants, though, as they can look remarkably stylish at times. The Uggs remain at home in my closet, where they await my return and eagerly look forward to me padding about the house in them. Oh, such a post, such length… this always happens to me. Off to study Plato and Aristotle now, for reals.

  • nice shoes, a great bag, and no drama

    This is such a well-written article, Amanda. It’s an exceptional example of smart meets style. Love it…..

    Leigh, NiceShoesNoDrama.com

  • Rae

    I’d rather have a real bag from a no-name designer than a fake aping a big-name designer. Until I have millions to spare, this will be how I roll. In a way, I like the small designers even better, because the bags feel like a secret treasure that no one else has discovered.

  • Sarah

    I think it is a shame that some people think that you cannot look stylish with a vintage or “cheap” bag from a non designer label. Style is style, no matter what the price point.

  • Kjon

    Great and very well written article, you seem to really understand the sociological aspects of fashion, wealth and perception. I personally do not see the appeal in fake handbags because while I love designer handbags (LV damier canvas anyone?), I have no desire to wear outright labels. True fashion lovers want to appeal/speak to other fashion lovers through their style while the people who buy fakes I see as wanting to speak to the public that they are able to afford luxury therefore that makes them “superior”.

    • -kelly

      I completely agree with you… When I see someone well dressed, I do not think they are well dressed because the have labels all over their outfits and accessories (I even think that could come off tacky at times). I appreciate their outfits for their personal style and their capability of pulling off something creative, unique, stylish and trendy. I think that fashion is just like any other art form, it is a passion and a way to express yourself not to show off your bank account. People who purchase knock off bags have a desire to look luxurious because this is what they think is “fashionable” and as you said “superior”. The only attainable way to look like they have sufficient means to purchase premier designers is by exposing their money through their purchases of a spontaneous and clearly fake bags from their nearest flee market.
      And the whole uggs & sweat pants at the same time… I mean living in Canada uggs are a must, I guess the combination could be avoided, I too sincerely believe it’s not the most flattering outfit, but I have to say I’m guilty of pairing the two… it’s just so comfortable for a long day at school & studying!
      Great article Amanda!

  • Michael St. James

    Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing!

  • An4

    great article, Amanda! I hate fakes and don’t support their purchase. if someone likes a particular design they can buy a nice bag that has a design similar to a certain designer bag and which doesn’t pose to be original.

  • 19yearslater

    Interesting article- of course many of us guessed these things, but none of us proved them. I really do think most girls would rather run around in Uggs than anything else. I’m wearing them with a dress right now.

  • luvhautecouture

    It’s true– I was part of the statistic. When I was in middle school/high school I bought a knock-off prada and a fake louis vuitton pochette. Those have been PURGED from my closet, and now I buy only authentic LV and Chanel.

  • RP Jones

    The worst thing in the world is a knock off being sported like it cost thousands of dollars. I admit when I was younger and didn’t know any better I used to carry this white rainbow LV bag. I got it from NY from a booster for 30 dollars, and being that I was from KY, all of my peers went crazy lol.

  • heels

    but is that to say we’re supposed to wear pearls and diamonds to grocery shopping?

    • I almost mentioned this in the article, but it seemed like a bit of a non sequitur. It’s absolutely possible to look rich without being dressed up. At the gym, for instance: someone with name-brand tennis shoes, matching workout gear, the latest iPod, and their perfectly hilighted hair back in a ponytail probably projects more wealthy than someone with worn shoes, paint-stained sweatpants, and an old t-shirt. It may not mean that the first person is ACTUALLY more wealthy, but that they will likely be perceived that way. People that have money are more likely to use it, after all.

  • 19yearslater

    ^^^Not that you’re supposed to, just that people will view your bag as real if you’re dressed nicely and fake if you’re dressed poorly regardless of the authenticity of your bag. I don’t think MIT is making any suggestions, just presenting research.

  • buruburu

    What’s wrong with sweat pants and ugg?! I love both of them and wear them at the same time (only combination that I can rely on for this horrible winter in east coast!! Of course, only for grocery shopping or something I don’t have to look too stylish, but cute!! I feel sorry when I see someone not wearing boots in this weather) Anyway…I agree that you need to be matched with the bag you are bringing….little respect for the bag if you love it :)

  • Jylian

    I agree with this article 100%

  • mary s

    i was wondering what that says about women like – i spend a lot on bags and not nearly as much on clothes, because i am a house wife, i like the quality of costco clothes and lesser known, not because we cant afford it, but because clothes shopping doesnt bring me joy. i am neat and matched, with light make up but my clothes are rarely new or trendy, just clean, crisp, classic, simple clothes…

    and yes i do wear uggs, maybe i choose a gooy style because i always get compliments on them.


  • Just for the record, I wear Uggs. And sweatpants. Often together. I am a blogger, after all. I’m not ashamed.

  • Leanne

    As much as I’d like to believe I don’t care what others think, I do, and I think we all do deep down. I don’t spend as much on clothes as I do on bags, but all of my clothes fit right, are neat, my hair is always done, my make up is always done–unless I wasn’t feeling well and needed to run to the drugstore, I can’t remember the last time I left the house without make up on! Even when I’m dressed down, I put thought into my outfit. It just makes me feel better, more confident. But it’s not only what you are wearing, but how you wear it. How you hold yourself makes all of the difference.

    • dangster

      You are absolutely correct! How a person is perceived and treated depends a lot on their appearance. Many people insist that they don’t care about their appearance, and that if others judge them by their appearances, they aren’t worth dealing with. I always want to smack those people upside in the head, because as it turns out, to get what you want in life, whether it be small (getting help in a store) or big (getting a job), people will ALWAYS judge you by how you project yourself.

  • Lauren

    People that have real wealth don’t dress flashy or find it necessary to “look” wealthy. I find that most people who try to “look” wealthy are doing just that; looking the part without having anything to back it up. I am by no means old money wealthy, but I am very comfortable and am just a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl. Jeans and t-shirt with an LV bag of course. I really don’t care if people perceive me as rich or my bag as real. Those who know LV will know it’s real and those who don’t are just judging bc they are jealous. And just for the record, I know pretty wealthy women that would NEVER spend money on a very expensive bag and think I’m crazy. Everyone has priorities; cars, clothes, jewels, homes, vacations, it depends on what yours is.

    • Cherie

      Very well said!!! I feel the same way too!!!

    • Oyinade

      Oh my! you read my thots!

  • Handbag Lover

    Very well written. I will never buy a fake bag. I will just save up and get the one I really want. If someone else chooses to buy a fake handbag then they can but it’s not for me.

  • birkel

    o the fake industry such a horrible point the nature of something as low as this just defines the way ethics are in the world , the article is so very interesting thankyou for posting it ! and i do wish fakes stop at some point

  • Eli Rothz

    I had to put this in my blog (linking you, obviously) because I think is really interesting. I love handbags, wether if they are from a designer or not, making them to look good depends on me not in the label. I loved the quote from kelly “I think that fashion is just like any other art form, it is a passion and a way to express yourself not to show off your bank account”, yes, fashion is more than a statement, is a way of life.

    Thanks for sharing!!


  • Amie

    Im fine with fakes alot of people (with hard times now)cant afford a real LV bag or whatever they like,so whats wrong with buying a fake to make yourself happy.Ive had a friend who went out and some girl yelled at her to buy the real thing,full time student who cant get a job with the hard times we all are having.

    • dangster

      If you can’t afford a real expensive bag, why bother getting the fake one? No offense, but if your friend is willing to support an illegal trade just to look good, shame on her. Being a “full time student who can’t get a job” is no excuse for buying a fake bag.

      There isn’t anything wrong at all with buying a cheaper authentic bag.

    • Oyinade

      I’m a FT student with a Pt job & 2 kids. I love handbags but would NEVER buy a fake if I can’t afford the real thing. What I started doing is to treat myself at the end of every semester… if I get all A’s I buy a nice bag I’ve been watching & saving up for. In the end I always get good grades cus I want me a designer bag.

  • Heidi

    I saw a girl sporting an authentic LV I was impressed by how much she looks fabulous wearing old worn sweatpants! I dont think fashion rules out jeans or sweatpants or shorts, rubber shoes, flip flop or uggs. I think what makes you look like an TRUE BLUE FASHIONISTA that will give justice to their authentic bags is by wearing appropriate get up from hair, make up, outfit, down to shoes. Less is still more!

  • Ali

    Once you’ve had your fake, and you get the balls to check out the real bags, you can see the difference in quality and then the fakes are just embarrassing to own. And when it comes to going outside of the house with sweatpants on, I always think of this book where this Australian woman was living in Paris, and her boyfriend was appalled that she would go out in sweatpants to run errands – he said, “but what about the baker?” Basically saying, everyone out there has to look at you, why not make it enjoyable for them? I love that!

  • MizzJ

    Great article and reading all these comments was really interesting too! The research itself is just to confirm and end the debate of whether it’s actually true or not, which is fine.

    About the sweats and Uggs, I’ve never worn it and I always like to look presentable, even if it’s just in my makeup. I wouldn’t judge those who don’t though, like this Parisian man in the previous comment. Sometimes you just feel too lazy to be dressed up for every little occasion! That being said, there’s a difference between wearing comfy clothes, and just looking like a tired slob!

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  • Dayzley

    I completely agree with you Lauren,u just told everything i wanna say. I think bottomline is wheter its real or fake if it makes you happy then theres nothing wrong with that. Anyway those who have the “real” thing can spot a fake one..As For me i would rather save even for years just to buy the real thing than carry a fake LV.

  • lilobubbletea

    I have to unfortunately admit, that I am one of the 46% statistic. I was really young though. I have always loved handbags and one day I didn’t realize it but I had fallen in love with the Burberry pattern. While I could not afford the real thing, I bought a bag that looked similar – which turned out to be a counterfeit. Then that bag started to die on me (low quality), so I went ahead and started buying the real stuff. That infatuation has lead me into far greater things than handbags though, it had lead me into the world of fashion! The shoes, the clothes, the accessories, and most importantly, the ability to self define myself. :)

  • Blake Renton

    Love this article. Well done. I know girls who just love to show off their fakes. I think it makes them feel like they got a steal or something. I do not buy fakes and I don’t give my opinion on those who do. I side I hate it but what ever. But these girls are always looking for my approval. Why?! such a pain. So thank you. I will be sending this to them. Maybe they will get the hint.

  • Katie

    how does someone look ‘poor’, persay?

    • The Girl in Grey

      I suppose bad quality clothing is one way to do it-or possibly it’s the way women throw an outfit together. Not ‘poor’, but as if they don’t try and aren’t high class.

    • dangster

      Hehe, the “People of Walmart” blog is a good place to start ;)

  • Mochababe73

    I am glad that someone has written about what I have noticed for years. I bought, unknowingly, a fake Christian Dior. It fell apart the first time I wore it while shopping at NM. It was so embarassing. Right then and there, I vowed to educate myself on the difference between fake and the real thing/leather vs. pleather vs. pvc. Now, I can spot a fake from a mile away.
    I think most purchase fakes are trying to be someone that they’re not. Do I want a Chanel or a Birkin? Heck yeah! Can I afford one? Absolutely not. Will I buy a fake one? No way. If I can’t afford to pay cash and not go into debt to get one, then it’s not meant for me to have.

    • MissG

      Amen to that!

  • april_kuwait

    wooow that`s great , and yes i never buy fake bag , it`s ok for me to get a bag with no label or small designers and never wear a fake bag

    • Oyinade

      Me tooooo

  • 19yearslater

    It’s probably more likely that we readers of this blog can tell a fake from an authentic designer bag whether the person holding it is wearing a Chanel suit or sweats. Most people can’t tell the difference by looking at the bag, so they have to use the clothes as a clue.

  • WANIE1


    Read the above article, you probably will never buy another fake again if that’s what you do. When I was younger I bought a few fake bags on Canal Street in NY, they are now trash. As I got older and could afford real bags I bought them and would NEVER by a fake bag again. I dress nice but I am a pretty casual dresser and I do spend more on my designer handbags than I do clothes, in this economy the sales are great and you can buy an whole clothing wardrobe for what we sometimes spend on one handbag. So you can dress real nice for fairly cheap these days. I sell and buy on Ebay. I have found great deals on authentic designer bags on Ebay, just do your homework, I’m pretty good at spotting a fake, but I take everything I buy off Ebay directly to the store for them to authenticate and so far so good, everything has come up authentic. So you don’t have to go broke buying a nice authentic designer handbag.

  • birkel

    it took MIT to work this out i mean really interesting article but a bit dull and logical so anyway i just think that the investigation in this scale could have gone a bit further and perhaps investigated the nature of luxury purchase or the psyc behind the consumer patterns

  • Jane Doe

    I’m in the minority because I don’t care a rap if someone thinks my bag is fake. I wear jeans and t-shirts and nothing but. No Uggs though — I think Ugg boots are hideous.

  • Mario

    I find that great indicators of wealth are confidence, poise, restraint, and speech patterns. From a sociological perspective, the upper-middle-class culture of mass affluence maintains their status with degrees and pursue jobs with high levels of autonomy. On somebody with these attributes an unbranded purse may look more expensive and a Louis Vuitton may appear fake.

    Personally when I see someone with a Louis Vuitton bag I generally imagine that person spending 1/40 of their gross personal income with a credit card, a middle-class (40-60k annually) individual infatuated with the intrinsic value of the label and not a discerning jet-set aristocrat.

    I live in the suburbs and I presume most U.S. citizens do, so I really don’t assume anybody I see – no matter how well-attired – is a multimillionaire. Perhaps they could be a millionaire in total assets, but not someone with millions of dollars worth of fluid discretionary income.

  • Maire

    Mario, I disagree with your comment about indicators of wealth. I’ve known many people who possess a great deal of wealth, and do not possess one ounce of good taste or social grace. Education is not equated with wealth.
    Although I could afford some very expensive designer items, I prefer to invest that money in other ways. When I do buy designer items, they are usually pre-owned, or vintage. They need to fit certain criteria as to what I consider quality items, worth spending my money on. Yes, I do like designer handbags, but, I would never consider buying a fake item just to display to the world that I own one.
    I have worked in the field of appraisal, to include designer items. I must stress that price tag does not mean quality in many cases. I do agree that many non-designer items are of much better quality then many expensive labels.
    One can always dress casually, one does not have to look like a slob. Just me.

  • The Girl in Grey

    100% agree with Maire.
    Just because you’re rich does NOT mean you have good taste. I have watched plenty of wealthy people buy expensive homes and fill them with gaudy or ugly items that were expensive. Same goes for a body. I have watched wealthy women dress disgustingly because A. “they don’t care” and B. clothes aren’t fun for them because they aren’t proud of their bodies or are just self-conscious.

  • the guy in blue

    its 100 percent true even obvious fakes seem real for those people who look rich . but buying the real thing makes us people feel better . the fakes won’t feel like the real thing because you know its fake though . if you are just a fashionista then fakes are advisable

  • HandbagReport

    Great article!! I work with a woman who I consider a label whore. She prides herself on wearing designer clothes and handbags although they’re ill-fitting and unflattering. She name drops constantly which is clearly a sign of insecurity. After a trip to NYC, she came back with fake Chanel bags & jewelry purchased on the lovely Canal Street. It was totally obvious and while she was initially proud of her knockoff Chanel, I let it be known that FAKES ARE NEVER IN FASHION!

  • belgiumdutchgirl

    Uggs and sweatpants are the worst fashion trends of this decade. These 2 items are not meant to be worn outside to go groceryshopping, to school and obviously to work. There are other ways you can be comfortable without looking tacky.
    Sweats are only and only meant for working out, jogging etc.

  • laia

    This is jus to say ppl need to do more research. someones purse or outfit will not determine your wealth period. I personally hate knockoffs. I love fashion and love name brand if its not i dnt buy. but there are ppl who have mercedz with no gas or money in there pocket. soo because they have the mercedez they are rich? I know plenty of ppl who have coach handbag but are broke and still dress nice you would never know if there rich or poor. I hate uggs they are soo ugly especially with sweats had to say that.

  • canadiangal

    Those who buy on ebay and think that they are buying authentic bags may be fooling themselves. I travel to China on a regular basis, and you would not believe the quality available to those who know where to look. I truly believe that these bags are sold as authentic on ebay and that those ‘in the business, and in the know’ are not able to distinguish the difference.

  • Mrs. Y

    I think this is temperament problem, i wear jeans, t-shirt and carry my LV denim Xs as well… but i hate fake stuff! I won’t carry my premier designer bag to wet market is for sure.
    If can’t afford to buy a Premier designer bag then go and buy cheaper line k… Why buy a fake bag to replace? Fake thing can’t turn to real, right?
    Please give some respect to those designer and brand :)

  • Soho Doll

    I don’t see the necessity of publicly hating on those who cannot afford the real thing and decide to buy a knockoff! It’s a personal choice and you just have to respect other people’s decisions! Whether they’re supporting an illegal trade or looking ridiculous, that is their problem! If I like the Stephen Sprouse LV and want to buy one just like it and pay a fraction of the price, I am free to do that, and I take full responsibility in looking ridiculous if I chose to ;)
    I have bought authentic small clutches for over $600 and I admit the quality is by far better and they’ve lasted me over 6 years now, nonetheless I can still rock the fake Gucci and I care less if I’m hurting Frida Giannini’s bottom line, or your eyes if you’re offended by knockoffs! I don’t complain about people sporting sweatshop garments or fur or python purses, if that is the statement you want to project kudos to you, and if you care to hear my opinion then I will give you my two cents.

    • Mrs. Y

      Ya, you are right… But Cannot afford Means CANNOT AFFORD :)
      Because some people couldn’t afford but they want to show off.

  • ganar online

    I cannot believe this is true!

  • Roxy

    I think it’s a very personal choice buying an authentic or a fake designers bag, I understand that exist people who can’t afford an authentic and they get a fake to fulfill….this is a fact!
    when I disagree is when I see people wearing an awful fake… for example, when the bag has G’s intead of C’s for the coach bags or when the bag has their logos right but the design of the bag doesn’t exists in the collection, or even worse when the bag is PVC instead of leather material!!! This makes me angry!!

    Buying an authentic or a fake is a matter of pure personal satisfaction… I don’t get much angry if people use a nice good replica. I realize much people this days of crisis can’t afford authentic designer bag so they buy a nice replica that looks exactly as the good ones…
    They know designers very well and like them a lot, but their economic situation don’t bring them much money to satisfied their ego and find an opportunity to fulfill it.
    This situation exists all over the world and I’m not saying I’m a fake buyer, I just feel that marketing is getting in every house, every mind and every body…. and designers are aware of it and they appreciate this people beacuse they are wearing their brand everywhere in parks, at the mall, in the cinema, at restaurants, in gas stations or even walking in the streets… this FACT makes brands known, they turn popular and in fashion market when a brand turns popular for everyone the people start to buy and buy and buy this accesories…
    Everybody including me like this pieces of art, designers handbags are now one of the most important accesories that complete what you wear everyday!…
    In my point of view, if you want to buy a designer bag buy a real one, if you can’t, earn the money and buy it!!!!……- But if you decide to buy a fake, buy a bag that looks and feels like a good one. Don’t be the ones that make experts angry when they see your fake, better be the ones that put us in doubt or even better make us happy to see your acquisition!

  • Erin

    What an entertaining article to read! I loved reading everyone’s opinions here, quite interesting. while i don’t “hate” the women that i see carrying fake bags, they do make me shake my head, and i just prefer not to buy a fake myself. my opinion is that its better to buy an authentic bag from a label that you CAN afford, instead of a fake one pretending to be something that you CANNOT afford. i’ll use myself as an example: i love chanel but can’t afford it, (at least not for now) and there’s no shame in that. most people can’t afford a $2,200.00 bag. but instead of buying a fake chanel, i’ve bought authentic coach bags, makowsky bags, a marc by marc jacobs bag and a via spiga bag, all of which i really like. they may not be anywhere near as expensive as chanel, but at least they are REAL, and i carry them with dignity, whether i’m at the mall, out to dinner or on the bus! and i know that i own good quality, well made items that are nice leather, will last for years and were NOT made in a sweat-shop by some poor child chained to a sewing machine for 12 hours a day.

  • theresa

    I think a persons fame and position determines whether of not someone believes their bag is real or not. My sister in law is a teacher and only carries authentic bags( a real birkin on her salary even can you say credit card debt…which to me is crazy) and drives a car far to expensive for her means (so people who see her think she is fairly well to do). On the other hand I have a friend from college who is shall we say loaded she could afford originals but she buys well made fakes and everyone thinks they are real. Lets face it if Victoria Beckham threw on a fake one day everyone would assume it was real. I have my mom’s vintage Kelly Bag and I know when I get out of my 10 year old Toyota people assume it is fake.

  • sees

    Why do we want to look rich? For what purpose. I can understand we don’t want to look cheap, but I don’t get it why we want to look rich. Should clothes wear human or human wear clothes? I don’t like it that one dresses to look rich for being proud and snobbish, that is also trashy. Fake or authentic, just a choice of making ourselves happy, stop misleading the readers!

  • Pfft

    I don’t care whether your bag is fake or real. I have never in my life ever eyeballed anyone else’s things and tried to figure out whether they’re authentic or not. To me, THAT’S trashy, not that someone wants a certain kind of purse. If I’m buying something, it’s because I like the look of it, not because some designer stamped their logo all over it. I can’t believe the self entitlement of the people commenting here, thinking that whomever buys a designer bag, knockoff or not, is doing it to “show off.” Like the only reason they’d buy anything is to please not themselves, but to please a society of stuck up, materialistic morons. Please. No one has to prove anything to you, least of all what’s in their bank accounts, because that’s none of your business.

    People are misunderstanding copyright in this thread, too. You can’t hold a copyright over a bag design. Same thing for clothes, shoes, etc. The thing that is copyrighted is the logo. That’s it! I would gladly pay 80% less for a purse that looked the same but lacked the logo.

  • EPOC

    Often people think everything i own is counterfeit – even in airport security – though it is all real! People make contextual judgements. I am glad actually, means that I am theoretically less prone to theft… but then we will never know.

  • Jerri R

    With the emergence of the super-fakes, it is not always easy to tell whether a bag is real or fake. I personally saw a fake bag that was bought about the same time I bought my real one. I honestly could not tell the difference in quality or craftsmanship. It has been almost a decade since then, and I see that the fake is holding up as nice as my real one. I think the only difference is knowing that I am carrying a real one, and the person with a fake one perhaps hopes that people will think she is carrying a real one.

  • Graham MacFarlane

    For something like a bag, I think you should buy what you can afford( there are plenty of nice bags in the 300-1000 range)… a fake Birkin or Kelly is kind of tacky.. Louis vuitton bags and the Chanel flap even is very hard to tell real from fake, but with Hermes it’s too easy. With jewelry and little trinkets I think it’s less tacky to wear fakes, but stuff like bags and designer buckle belts are worn as statements, and if they are fake it’s making a false statement, even worse if it’s painfully obvious that they are counterfeit.

  • adorita

    How interesting. When my parents were rich, Rolls-Royce rich, my mom would only buy fake bags to demonstrate her power. She could buy any real bags she wanted, but getting compliments from that fake LV Murakami bag really tells her she made it.