A little less than a month ago, I posted about Handbag Amnesty. This is a great event where Handbag.com and Cancer Research UK have partnered to launch the first ever Handbag Amnesty. Ending in October, this cause will offer the opportunity to bid on one of the many designer handbags donated by a celebrity in order to raise money to help beat cancer. Some of our favorite celebrities are donating some gorgeous handbags to the cause. Want inside information as to how the biding is going? Well, Sharon Osbourne’s Louis Vuitton handbag currently has the most bids and is going for £340. Keira Knightley’s Prada is following at £300 (a bag that retails for £1000). And of course, in typical Hills fashion, the rivalry continues; Lauren Conrad’s handbag is at £200 and Heidi Montag’s at £66. Please visit Handbag.com for complete details and show your support.

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