Fashion is an industry of rarity, but the news late last week from Mulberry may be the rarest thing we’ve seen in recent memory. On the heels of former CEO Bruno Guillon’s exit, the company has announced it will return to a price structure similar to the one it used before he took the helm of the brand two years ago. In real-world terms, that means one very important thing to bag lovers: Mulberry’s bags are about to become significantly less expensive.

Guillon, who had come to Mulberry from the ultra-luxury environs of Hermes, set about making Mulberry’s bags more exclusive and desirable chiefly by making them more expensive. Not only did that tactic alienate (and eventually drive out) popular and successful creative director Emma Hill, but it also turned off a lot of the brand’s longtime customers, who relished the brand’s position as a mid-market supplier of It Bags for It Girls and grown women alike.

The upmarket move might have worked if Mulberry’s products had moved in an obviously more luxurious direction, but they didn’t – there were few exotics to be found and no more fur than had been present under Hill, and they didn’t have a clearly elevated aesthetic in any other way. Consumers were not impressed.

Under those circumstances, it’s not particularly surprising that the upmarket move simply resulted in declining sales, but what is surprising is that Mulberry has acknowledged and pledged to reverse the price increases. I can’t remember another brand doing that in the half decade I’ve been covering the accessories industry, and that Mulberry seems to be trying to re-win the confidence of previous customers indicates just how disastrous Guillon’s strategy has been for the London leather goods stalwart.

Mulberry’s challenges aren’t exactly over, though; now that the ship has been righted on pricing, the brand still needs to name a permanent CEO replacement and find a new creative director to make customers forget all about this monetary unpleasantness.

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  • Lilly

    I don’t follow mulberry but how much does a typical bag cost now and how much did it used to cost?

    • litta

      Used to be $1500 and jumped to $3000

      • cherryorchard

        I wouldn’t mind some of their bags being in the higher price range, as long as there is also a lower price point to more simplistic everyday bags. I hope they start making a large tote (like the large Dorset) so I can skip the Coach I’ve been thinking about since Mulberry only has the Willows, Bayswaters etc, which are ridiculously expensive, and the medium Dorset which is too small.

  • Alex

    Looking forward to that! I’ll be ordering lots and lots of bags, then!

    It’s a shame that because of the ridiculous prices, even hard-working, good earning women have to resort to e-bay. Of course it is always much nicer to have a new bag, so I’m very excited about this announcement.

    • Gina

      Why is Ebay bad? The main worry is about counterfeited bags which, if you have a good eye can avoid. There are some brands who release bags that are kept in certain markets and do not become more easily avaliable until after season or if you live in an area where the exclusives are not sent. I think for some items there is nothing wrong with buying on Ebay.

  • cherryorchard

    Ooh yes! My prayers were answered! Since Mulberry went the way of Chanel and LV, I haven’t really had anywhere to turn for great quality and convenient prices. Now, I’ll probably return to buying Mulberry. Now, if only they’d get Emma Hill back…

  • Anna

    So when exactly will this be happening?
    I can’t wait! I could never justify paying so much for Mulberry.

  • Edia

    now we wait >:D

  • Daria

    Impressive…it must have been a hard decision but it does seem to be a right one!

  • FashionableLena

    I agree with what you said that they weren’t offering a more luxurious product for the price. It’s nice to see the error of their ways.
    Unfortunately, I don’t think that Louis Vuitton will follow suit. If they do, I would be very surprised.

  • Taki

    Yeah, I love the Mulberry Alexa and the only reason I’m not buying it because for that price it shouldn’t be MADE in CHINA.

    • Jona

      I own an Oversize Alexa in Polished Buffalo and it’s made in Turkey… Might want to check your sources!

      • trins

        Where do you see where it’s made? My Alexa is 3 years old and text might be coming off, but I cannot see it anywhere…

      • Jona

        Trins, mine is in the inside pocket on the left side. I’ve seen some in the store that are on the left side inside the bag.
        Taki, I know some of the bags are made in china, but they’re their own factories and not a sweat shop. Nothing compared to Coach at least their leather is Italian leather. Who know where Coach leather is from!?!? Most of Mulberry’s collection is made in UK, Turkey and Italy.

      • Taki

        On purse forum some of the posters said that some of their Mulberry are maid in China. Mulberry’s are made in UK,Turkey, and China. Your lucky that yours is at least made in Turkey.

      • Lisa

        This is old news. They don’t make in china anymore.

    • Lisa

      They don’t make in china anymore!

  • Simple is the best.

  • trins

    I guess noone would have questioned the prices, if they had always been that high, or if it was only the new styles that were priced high.
    But when it’s all the (old) classic styles that suddenly get so expensive without any changes have been made to design or quality, consumers say no! Easy as that!
    Can’t wait ’til prices drop! Come to me, Willow!

  • Martha.

    Any of you girls know much about Beruccio bags for men? I have seen them in Italy, very exclusive and just got one for my husband. They are $5-10.000 range. But they are delightful. I love the stitching and all the little details.

  • XXL

    Mulberry is learning it’s place! Happy to hear. On that note, the ink that I’ve mentioned in my previous comment in “What’s gone wrong in Mulberry” post, my postman lock is completely scratched up. Anybody else have the same problem? I purchased it used on Ebay (authenticated by purseforum), and I’m not sure if it is real or not. Purseforum won’t let me post a new thread in regards to this issue because I don’t comment frequent enough so I must ask here. But it is so scratched up, entire inner half rim of the lock is a different color. I’m debating whether or not to sand down the rest of the lock so it’s less obvious..

  • Tuijltje

    I have read that the existing models will not become less expensive, but they will introduce a budget friendly line. Do they mean the Cara Delevigne collection? Is this just a rumour? I do hope they will return to their former price structure, as some types of bags have become ridiculously expensive.

  • Annette Edgar

    they are outrageously overpriced, when they first came on the market they were all made in England since then a lot of them have been made abroad even China I believe, so that profit margin must be huge! bearing in mind how many of the basic ones you see about they cannot be called designer bags anymore and are not exclusive and therefore do not warrant such outrageous prices.

    • Lisa

      They have a new factory in England. China production has stopped.

  • Tuijltje

    I live in The Netherlands and I hardly ever see a Mulberry here. There is only one shop in Eindhoven (the fifth largest city of The Netherlands) that sells the brand, and they only have a few Bayswaters and Alexas. When I go shopping, carrying a Del Rey or a Bayswater Double Zip Tote, which I ordered at the Mulberry site, people look at me like I am out of my mind to spend that much money on a bag. I really like the Double Zip Tote, the leather is beautiful, but honestly, I can understand why they look at me like that….


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  • Katyusha

    Well, that was a load of bollocks, wasn’t it?

  • Yes, it’s simple but looking gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the photo.

  • We’re waiting for this again…. :)

  • Really awesome. thanks for such a very nice post.

  • this bag was very popular now a days its not available.

  • Wow!! beautiful bag ….and we are waiting for again see good news

  • Even if it dropped, many people couldn’t afford to buy it. It was too costly.

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